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Library for the Future. Contents 1. Introduction of Geumjeong-gu, Busan 2. Overview of Geumjeong Library 3. Projects 4. Best Practices for Services Future.

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1 Library for the Future

2 Contents 1. Introduction of Geumjeong-gu, Busan 2. Overview of Geumjeong Library 3. Projects 4. Best Practices for Services Future Vision 5.

3 1. Introduction of Geumjeong-gu, Busan Metropolitan City

4 Introduction of Geumjeong-gu District Education and Culture Schools: 4 universities, 52 primary, middle and high schools, 26 kindergartens and 1 school for special needs Culture: 15 culture-related facilities including the Seongbo Museum and Cultural Center Library: 2 public libraries, 16 small libraries Characteristics Culture and Education Special Zone (2012) UNICEF Partner City(2012) Lifelong Learning City(2013) Geography and Administration Location: far northern area of city Area: 65.17 ㎢ 1of 16 districts in Busan 17 dongs under its jurisdiction Demographics Population: 251,185 (Male: 123,791 / Female: 127,791) No. of foreign residents: 2,718 No. of those aged 65 and above: 35,197 Friendly City of Culture and Art

5 2. Overview of Geumjeong Library

6 Geumjeong Library 1996 Opening of Geumjeong Library 1998 Received award of excellence 2002 Opening of digital library 2005 Opening of children’s library 2005 Received President’s Award for reading culture prize 2008 Received Culture and Tourism Minister’s Award for a ‘Night Opening’ project 2011 Received Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister’s Award for reading culture prize 2011 Opening of library for multi-cultural data 2011 Opening of library for the blind and visually impaired History Organization Facilities 2 teams and 1 committee for library management 10 librarians and 10 administrative staff (20 in total) No. of stored books: 181,800 / No. of non-book materials: 13,984 No. of users: 276,556 / No. of books read: 827,580 No. of users / books read a day on average: 1,336 / 3,998 Book 8,466 ㎢ (4 story building with 2 additional underground floors), seating for 1,252 persons Main library, library for children, English library, library for multi- cultural data, digital library, auditorium, cultural and lecture rooms, etc.

7 Vision and Targets Offering as many materials as possible for the realization of global knowledge and information societies Encouraging citizens’ reading activities to establishment a strong educational and cultural environment Providing the community with reading services for the realization of reading welfare Future-Oriented, People-Oriented Library Strengthening the library’s role as a center for reading, education and culture

8 3. Projects

9 Project 1··· Provision of Knowledge Information Services Systematic management of books TEXT Set-up of a policy for book collection and purchase Improvement of the quality of books through systematic purchase and donation Providing e-book services through operating the Busan e-library Analyzing users, user satisfaction, claims and requests for improvement and others for the betterment of services Provision of on-line services and an original text database from the National Assembly and National Library of Korea The City of Busan will issue one library membership per person Operation of integrated reading service Operation of various themed book corners, e.g. corner for newly-published books, corner for recommended books for youth, corner for this month’s theme books and many others Monthly provision of a recommended books list and mailing service to users who have requested specific books Provision of multi-cultural books to support library for multi- cultural data opened in 2012 Collection and provision of databases from 10 countries including China, Japan and Vietnam Provision of knowledge information services Special books’ corner Provision of multicultural books

10 Project 2··· Reading Culture Promotion Various Cultural Programs Joined by Citizens Literature tour, history and culture exploration, eco experience programs, etc. Book concerts, book talks, music concerts, plays for children, and others Book discussions, cinema talks, ‘Wednesday Cinema Paradise’ program, etc. Lifelong Education Classes Reading guidance for children, youth library school, parent education, classes for the elderly, etc. Night and weekend classes for office workers and university students Talent-sharing programs run by those who want to donate their time Various Reading Cultural Events Library Week, Book Day, Book Month, Reading Festival, Lifelong Education Fair ‘One Book One Busan’ Campaign (reading relay, book discussions, book report events, writer lectures) Reading king and queen contests, reading quiz contests, reading classes and others

11 Project 3··· Providing Local Community Reading Services Reading culture program for children, the elderly, migrants, and the disabled Mentor-mentee program Free book delivery service Provides material costs, staff, and organizes reading program, cultural event Educates professional operators and provides field trips to benchmark Meetings, consultations, information Reading support for underprivileged people Reading support for underprivileged people MOU signing on cooperation with related organizations Generate interest in humanities among local universities and support multi-cultural community Host reading cultural event Meeting and information exchange Support Support Small Library Cooperation with other organizations

12 4. Best Practices for services

13 Best Practices 1··· Human Library A new type of reading program: the story of a person becomes a book. Invite human books to share stories with small group in place of book readings. Human book Special experiences and jobs of those who are easily prejudiced against, those who talk about their own lives Subscribers Those who worry about their lives, who like to meet various people, who are part of vulnerable social groups or depressed Started from Ronnie Abergel’s Non-violence youth movement Idea from ‘Ignorance makes prejudice’, working as a means of communication among people Human Library Anticipated effects Share the experiences of human books Enhance the self-esteem and motivate people through advice and encouragement

14 Human Library, together with Small Library Program Choose a person who has a special story and enjoy the ‘Human Book’ experience while also having a chance to talk to visitors Choi Ji-A’s book resume Cho Sang-won, Living with history and philosophy I So-ui, A story of parents and children Pet Song Jin, My life through poems Book talk with members of the reading community

15 Best Practices 2··· Multi-Cultural Community Support Services A multi-cultural library to make dreams come true Rainbow Festival Multi-cultural community support services Talent sharing Provide items from various countries 2012 opening of multi-cultural hall 2014 opening of Taiwan section Collected items from more than ten countries including China, Japan, and Vietnam made available ‘Nation of the Year’ cultural festival : select one country every year, performances and culture experiences Multi-cultural book fair Cooperation among related organizations Multi-cultural language center – married migrants teach their history, culture and language Korean language center - teach migrants Korean history, culture and language ‘Together’ group - information exchange on life in Korea, volunteering for free meals Selected for national project targeting multi-cultural community support services in 2012-2014 -reading play, cultural experiences Job creation project for migrants

16 Multi-Cultural Community Support Services Multi-cultural festival Rainbow storytellerKorean language center Multi-cultural language center Indonesia Day ‘Together’ group activity

17 Best Practices 3 ··· Happy Together Reading Service Visit local children’s centers and children’s welfare centers to provide reading guidance and book loans Call for public integrated reading game, ‘Reading together with the library’ Call for public project, ‘Dispatch Library Author’ to operate children’s literature class Literature and nature trips, and performances to promote the healthy growth of youth Visit senior welfare centers and provide lectures regarding free exercise, laughter therapy, reading to seniors IT lectures for seniors and competitions Provide items including printed and audio books Implement reading therapy and humanities reading academy Reading with children in need Information center for the disabled Invitational ‘Cultural Day’ - movies and performances Reading program for the disabled - Physically challenged: free book delivery service, operate reading game - Visually impaired: braille, digital talking, and reading books Healthy reading for seniors Healthy reading for seniors Reading for the disabled

18 Happy together, Reading service All! together! Enjoy! Geumjeong Library After-school daycare center for elementary students Reading together with the libarary Reading services for seniors Free exercise for seniors

19 5. Future Vision

20 Library Heading Toward the Future Library with people By the people Of For

21 A library is, a place for people, and a place to think of the future.

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