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Rotary International Web Site Tour A Global Network of Community Volunteers.

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1 Rotary International Web Site Tour A Global Network of Community Volunteers

2 Contents include: Discussion forums Publications for order or free download Member Access Online training The RI Web site includes up-to-date information about events, programs, and general RI and Rotary Foundation information.

3 E-Learning Tour of This tour will help you familiarize yourself with the RI Web site’s contents and features. Throughout this tour, you can enter the live Web site. To return to this tour, click the Back button in your Web navigation toolbar.

4 RI Home Page The RI home page,, is the starting point to navigate the RI Web site. The Web site is continuously evolving and Each year, over seven million people visit the site, and about 10 million files are downloaded. On average, over 600,000 visitors come to every month.

5 RI Home Page Features Polio eradication Learn more about the RI president’s emphases for the year. RI president’s Rotary highlights News highlights Press center

6 Rotary Language Communities The Web site serves all nine Rotary language communities. The original English Web site is partly translated in eight languages. English French German Italian Japanese Korean Portuguese Spanish Swedish

7 Activity Links The Web site has five activity links and an advanced search option. Contribute Shop Club Locator Discuss Contact Us Search Activity Links

8 Contribute This activity link allows you to make an online contribution to help Rotary and its Foundation realize their dreams for the next 100 years.contribution For Rotarians and non-RotariansRotariansnon-Rotarians

9 Shop Browse the RI Catalog for books, audiovisual programs, official club forms and supplies, RI publications, promotional materials, and more.RI Catalog This activity link allows you to shop from the RI Catalog and the virtual shopping mall. Certain purchases benefit The Rotary Purchase RI emblem merchandise from licensed suppliers.RI emblem merchandise

10 Club Locator Visit an e-clube-club Club Locator informationinformation Search the Club Locator activity link to find the meeting time and place of any Rotary club. The database is updated weekly.Club Locator Narrow your search or search by city, club, or district.

11 Discuss This activity link allows you to visit RI Discussion Rooms. This international forum, to share knowledge and ideas, links Rotarians.RI Discussion Rooms Register by entering a user name and password.

12 Contact Us Administration Membership Development RI Programs Web, Publications, or Public Relations Scholarships Training This activity link allows you to contact RI and Foundation staff if you have any questions / comments or need support in these areas:contact

13 Search The search feature allows you to use key words such as “Rotary training” to search the RI Web

14 Ten Main Rotary Sections The RI Web site’s main navigation bar features ten main Rotary sections.

15 About Rotary About Rotary navigation options are displayed along the left-hand side of the screen. View the latest Rotary news. About Rotary highlights The About Rotary section features RI information, including the mission statement, strategic plan, calendar, and other highlights.About Rotary

16 Membership Membership navigation options are displayed along the left-hand side of the screen. Membership highlights Subscribe online to the Membership Minute e-mail newsletter. The Membership section features information and resources for prospective, new, and continuing members.Membership

17 The Rotary Foundation The Rotary Foundation navigation options are displayed along the left- hand side of the screen. View the latest news on The Rotary Foundation. Support the Rotary Foundation through the Every Rotarian Every Year effort. The Rotary FoundationThe Rotary Foundation section links to local, national, and international humanitarian, educational, and cultural programs.

18 RI Programs Many RI programs have an e-mail newsletter. Click on a program and subscribe online. Access the World Community Service (WCS) Projects Exchange Database. The RI Programs section links to the nine structured programs and service opportunities that help clubs and districts achieve their service goals.RI Programs

19 Newsroom The Newsroom section features publications, downloads, and press center features, as well as advertising information. This page is updated daily. Access the latest news onNewsroom Polio and Foundation Programs RI Programs and Service Projects Events Announcements View Rotary feature stories.

20 Events Events navigation options are displayed along the left- hand side of the screen. Link to RI Convention’s 2006 Host Organization Committee Web site and research events in advance.2006 Host Organization RegisterRegister for the 2006 convention. The Events section features the latest information about RI events, such as the annual RI Convention. Register online and download forms and promotional materials.Events

21 Club-District Support Navigation options are displayed along the left-hand side of the screen. Access updated Board information. Club-District Support highlights The Club-District Support section provides resources for officers and all Rotarians.Club-District Support

22 The Training section provides support for those who lead Rotary as well as those who train Rotary leaders. AccessTraining RI manuals for free download Training tips Training Talk e-mail newsletter Training Best Practices Database Club Leadership Plan Training Visit the Rotary E-Learning Center for independent study of RI information. Training updates

23 Downloads Access language downloads This section contains the many RI publications and forms are available for download in the following categories:download Presidential Materials Membership The Rotary Foundation RI Programs Newsroom Events Club-District Support Training Graphics The appropriate software is needed to open downloaded files.

24 Member Access Member Access is a tool for Rotarians to make contributions, register for the annual RI Convention, and manage e-mail subscriptions. Club and district officers have access to additional records and reports. To register, you will need Your district’s number Your club’s number Your membership ID number A valid e-mail address Member Access A Tool for Club Presidents and Secretaries

25 For more information on the RI Web site: Go to Contact RI staff.RI staff Visit the Rotary E-Learning Center.Rotary E-Learning Center Resources

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