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THE DIGITAL AGE AND THE LIBRARY OF EDUARD PETIŠKA 2014, October 2-5 Gödöllö Mgr. Věra Krajíčková Mgr. Jaroslava Fialová.

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Presentation on theme: "THE DIGITAL AGE AND THE LIBRARY OF EDUARD PETIŠKA 2014, October 2-5 Gödöllö Mgr. Věra Krajíčková Mgr. Jaroslava Fialová."— Presentation transcript:

1 THE DIGITAL AGE AND THE LIBRARY OF EDUARD PETIŠKA 2014, October 2-5 Gödöllö Mgr. Věra Krajíčková Mgr. Jaroslava Fialová

2  Public libraries – almost 6 000 institutions  Concept of Czech Libraries Development in the years 2011–2015 content/uploads/2013/09/Trends-in-the-Czechlibrarianship.pdf content/uploads/2013/09/Trends-in-the-Czechlibrarianship.pdf Client says: In the beautiful, friendly and comfortable library quickly served by pleasant, qualified, apparently satisfied and motivated staff I will obtain required quality service free of charge even from the comfort of home, regardless of nationality or handicap, anytime day or night.  Central portal of Czech libraries via the portal it will be possible to obtain desired documents in the traditional printed or digital form as well as to receive prompt, comprehensive information anywhere and anytime  Other documents: Library Act - Law No. 257/2001 Coll. of 29 June, The Standard for a Good Library, The methodical instruction on securing regional functions

3  Department  Adult Department  Children’s department  Study room and playroom  Branch Stará Boleslav  Processing department  10 professional librarians  Free library services  103,000 loans, 3,011 readers, 43,000 visitors, 11,000 on-line visitors  Events  Cooperations  Regional function Web presentation of the Library of Eduard Petiška can be found on

4  Some photos from our library:  Staff  Library

5  The library must be informational, educational, cultural, community centre of the village, city and region  Library activities :  collecting, long term preservation and ensuring accessibility to emerging digital wealth and traditional cultural heritage  services that guarantee equal access to information and knowledge available in printed and digital documents focused on electronic information services  building a comfortable and neutral space for leisure activities, meetings and informal education that connects people and groups or organizations  increasing the level of library staff skills  Answer: Libraries in the digital age must become a mediator between information and its users and at the same time a pleasant, friendly, comfortable place to mutual meetings of people.

6  Vision of our library „ Library of Eduard Petiška as a pleasant place to study and rest for all.“  New services:  lending of e-books, board games  providing remote access to digitized documents especially from regional collection libraries  use of the Central Portal of Czech Libraries,  possibility of on-line payments for library services  Electronic Document Delivery  development of a library community functions through greater cooperation with organizations in the locality or region  offer of special leisure activities for specific target groups  involvement of public in the library activities  involvement of volunteers (students, seniors,...)  Answer: The new services which respond to requirements of users in the locality and region or to society-wide situation and are focused on ensuring access to information available in printed and electronic documents and offering a pleasant, positive place to meet.

7  most challenging  survey of town population opinion on the library not yet performed  the respondents of other surveys evaluated libraries as positive and useful institutions  Answer: The answer to this question is unknown, we can only assume. Due to the continuing interest in library services and increased interest of organizations, clubs and associations to cooperate with the library, it is perceived as an institution providing diverse, high quality and valuable services.

8  It is difficult to determine the age limit of the target group  Survey for teens in our library  According to your opinion, which area should not be missing?  Books, magazines, board games, listening to music, computers, high-speed WiFi connection, comfortable seating and refreshments  How would this area be called  „Den”, “Cushy job”  Answer: To help young people create a public space that offers an opportunity to do what the users like - to study, have fun, be together and feel good.

9 The opening words of The UNESCO Public Library Manifesto: "The public library, the local gateway to world of knowledge provides..." - the basic idea of ​​public libraries function, now and in the future. Thank you for your attention

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