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SS8H11 SNCC, Sibley Commission, Hamilton Holmes, Charlayne Hunter, Albany Movement, March on Washington, Civil Rights Act, Maynard Jackson, Lester Maddox,

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1 SS8H11 SNCC, Sibley Commission, Hamilton Holmes, Charlayne Hunter, Albany Movement, March on Washington, Civil Rights Act, Maynard Jackson, Lester Maddox, Andrew Young

2 SNCC (“snick”) Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee
Early student sit-ins led to this organization When people enter a public building and refuse to leave until they are served or their demands are met April 1960 Shaw University Raleigh, North Carolina



5 John Lewis of Georgia – 1st president of SNCC
Worked in southern states/helped blacks to register to vote, led protests, sit-ins at lunch counters, & boycotts (of business that wouldn’t serve blacks) John Lewis of Georgia – 1st president of SNCC

6 Sibley Commission- Created to study problem of integration (1960)
Sibley Commission headed by Atlanta attorney & banker John Sibley (14 members) Held hearings all over Georgia to see how public felt about integration Georgia’s school systems mostly refused desegregation

7 3 to 2 margin, Georgians said they would rather close schools rather than desegregate
General Assemble voted to cut off state funds to systems that desegregated (1955) Ernest Vandiver, elected governor (1959) on promise of keeping schools segregated Commission decided to allow local school systems to decide if they would abide by a probable court order to integrate schools OR if they would close them. Many private schools opened to avoid issue.

8 Hamilton Holmes & Charlayne Hunter
Jan 6, 1961 first two black students to attend University of Georgia were escorted into the school by state patrol officers

9 University alumni/Georgia politicians pleaded with Governor Vandiver to close UGA rather than allow Holmes & Hunter in Governor instructed president of UGA to allow them in/shocked, angered many Georgians based on his pledge NOT to allow integration Vandiver admitted he was wrong not to allow for integration, asked legislature to repeal other segregation laws

10 Charlayne Hunter-graduated from Henry W. Grady School of Journalism
Became nationally known newspaper & public television reporter Hamilton Holmes- Phi Beta Kappa, graduated with honors, became orthopedic surgeon in Atlanta (died 1995) 1st African America to attend Emory School of Medicine


12 Albany Movement Started in Albany, Georgia (1960)
Center of civil rights activity 40% were African Americans Schools segregated Few African Americans allowed to register to vote

13 1955- Interstate Commerce Commission prohibited segregation in interstate bus & train stations
1961- SNCC & NAACP tested ruling Sat in “Whites Only” waiting room at Albany’s city bus station Arrested Albany Movement started from this

14 Black & white “freedom riders” came to Albany/ were arrested at train station
Next day/ SNCC led march of African American high school student back to train station Students arrested/jailed 500 people arrested/jailed/out on bond at one time

15 March on Washington, 1963 President Kennedy sent civil rights bill to Congress June 19, 1963 Congress slow to act Result, over 250,000 people of all races, creeds, and nationalities gathered at Washington Monument to demonstrate-August 28,1963 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr “I Have A Dream Speech”

16 Civil Rights Act President Kennedy-segregation moral crisis for country Sent to Congress strongest civil rights bill in history Assassinated 11/22/63 before bill became law Vice President Johnson took over Most far reaching & important civil rights legislation since Reconstruction

17 Civil Rights Act Included:
The equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment given greater influence Made integration of all public facilities legal: Restaurants, theaters, hotels, public recreational areas, schools, & libraries Federal government had power to withhold federal funds from schools that refused to integrate Prohibited discrimination in businesses & labor unions

18 Maynard Jackson Youngest & first African American mayor of Atlanta
Graduate of Morehouse College Attorney “ultimate mayor” Created “neighborhood planning units” to give local community citizens voice in city politics

19 Tackled police brutality/made changes in police & fire departments and city government
Led development & expansion of MARTA Expanded Hartsfield International Airport into one of largest, busiest airports in world Belief that expanding economic opportunities for more people increased prosperity of all people Led efforts to secure Atlanta as host city of 1996 Olympic Games

20 Supporter of the ARTS MARTA stations, Hartsfield, City Hall noted for art displays Restoration of Cyclorama Died 2003 Hartsfield Jackson International Airport

21 Lester Maddox Segregationist restaurant owner-Pickrick Cafeteria
Governor of Georgia 1967 closed restaurant rather than desegregate it (wielded axe handles against 3 black activists)



24 Maddox appointed more African Americans to state boards and commissions than ALL prior governors combined. Named the 1st black member of the Board of Pardons and Paroles Reformed state prisons Integrated Georgia State Patrol Increased spending on teacher salaries Established “People’s Days”- bi-monthly Ran for lieutenant governor in 1970, won

25 Andrew Young Pastor Civil rights activist
Southern Christian Leadership Conference (member & executive director) U. S. House of Representatives 1972 1st African American since Reconstruction Twice re-elected

26 Jimmy Carter named Young as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations
Twice elected as mayor of Atlanta Co-chairman of effort to bring 1996 Olympic Games to Atlanta Professor at Georgia State University

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