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2 INDEX About Us microsys solutions Support Operations Disaster Recovery
HR and Admin Initiative Quality Assurance Span of Control Management Flowchart Policies And Norms Disaster Recovery Recruitment Process Contact Us About Us microsys solutions Support Operations Disaster Recovery Inbound/Outbound voice and non-voice

3 About Us MicrosysSolutions is paying attention on providing better services to all our clients across the globe. Microsys Solutions team members have varied experience in Customer Service, Retention, Inbound and outbound, selling and up-selling, support and help desk operations, in voice and non-voice both enhancement and maintenance of programs to help its customers reach their business goals.

4 Microsys Solutions We realize that despite having excellent manpower, a world class service only possible with advanced & reliable IT and infrastructure support . We at Microsys Solutions are using core2 duo server which can support 10 computer systems at a time. Creative dialer are there in the centre which are very much compatible so as to have all type of reports. Best data entry operator having ability of 60 wpm. Call recording facility is there and live barging facility is also available. Highly reliable IT and network infrastructure with multiple redundancies .

5 Microsys Solutions Power back up management with 40kb genset and online u.p.s un interrupted power supply. 24/7 in house expert technical support staff to tackle any technical issues. Access control management . Network security & Application security through firewall and antivirus software. State –of- the- art infrastructure which enables us providing un interrupted services 24/7/365.

6 Support operations Background checks for all employees
NDA signed by employees Security policy & practices training All writable devices & USB ports disabled Internet access only as per process requirement Access to printers only as per process requirement FTP restricted LAN segmentation for various projects. Desktop security & access control as per group policy

7 Support operations Facility manned with security guards 24x7
Guards do physical check Camera installation in progress. Restrict cell phone usage on floor – TL & Mgr. only Paper shredders in place Printer disabled unless process requires Guards do physical search No local phones provided

8 Outbound call flow Associates Customer Leads uploading process Dialer
ACD Dedicated Link . INDIA Shimmer Customer Associates Customer/ DID NUMBER. SALE/Directed to IVR…….Payment Gateway.

9 HR &Admin Tracking, monitoring and improvement of the skill levels of the employees Planning and arrangement of training programs Maintaining track record & QC of all employees. All employee covered under PF, insurance , Medi-claim. All employee equipped with post paid CUG mobile facility.

10 Quality Assurance At Microsys Solutions our staff is committed to delivery at most accuracy by conscious efforts. “Zero defects & Zero errors” is our motto. Our internal quality support department has implement standard quality methodology to ensure high accuracy delivery. Our quality department also evaluated the risk by various methods and ensures that mitigated risks are addressed on a timely manner. Microsys Solutions has implemented certain controls which act as key drivers for our quality work.

11 Management Flow Chart

12 Policies And Norms LEAVE POLICY
At Microsys Solutions attrition rate to an extent depends upon what kind of leave policy we follow. Well almost every call centre has similar leave policies. It all brings down to a level how well they are getting implemented and what amendments they make in mid of practical aspects. Now days, company has to mold itself in order to retain as many satisfied employees as they can.  At Microsys Solutions 5-10 Leaves needs to be applied 25 days in advance or pre-planned leaves with genuine reasons (app – 30 days in advance). 0-4 leaves needs to be applied 15 days in advance with reasons. At Shimmer we works as per the agents, they give leaves or manage leaves as per the roaster.  We understand that the entire responsibility of handling unasked has been given to the team leaders. Therefore, you need to inform your team leader if you are sick. Then team leader will decide whether to grant you those leaves or not. (He is more likely to follow company policy even at your health risk and it has been proven again and again). Now it's his decision to understand whether it’s an emergency or not. If he feels its an emergency then he grants you the leave otherwise it's an UNASKED , otherwise agents cannot apply for IJP for next 3-6 months and on top of it they likely to get a warning letter and honestly everything depends upon your personal relationship with your TL.  One unasked does not make a much difference to the team leader but it makes lot of difference to an agent. This is one small mistake by the team leader affects the continuity of the agent in the company. One small wrong step ignites the saturation level which at the end results in attrition.  There are few things that can be done by the team leader/manager on the same. Roaster can be discussed before its implementation. (Team leaders job – depends upon his handling skills) To grant leaves - company should always have enough buffers to cover. Company can make slots visible for everyone to apply for leaves. At Microsys Solutions we allow 1.5 leave per month.Out of that 1 is privilege leave that gets carried forward to he next month and 0.5 is sick leave that get elapsed.

At Microsys Solutions we follow a attendance cycle from 20th of a month till 20th of next month. At Microsys Solutions salary is paid in 1st week of every month. All salary details are kept secure with HR and we follow a policy of not discussing salary among employees to avoid integrity issues Every employee should give a month prior notice if he/she wants to leave the organization. Incase an employee is unable to serve a month notice and leaves the job without any information , then he/ she will be paid salary after 45days of last working date in FNF( full and final settlement). And PROVIDENT FUND form will be given by company after 60days of FNF. MICROSYS Solutions has full rights to terminate any employee without giving any prior notice .

14 Span of control The span of control given below is for a team size of 10 tele-calling agents or customer care representatives and 10 data entry operator Team leader - 1:5 Quality Executive - 1:10 Assistant Manager Operations – 1:10 (shared) Manager Operations – 1:100 (shared) MIS leader – 1:30(shared) Trainer – 1:50(shared)

15 Disaster Recovery Systems & Network Redundancy
All the servers are backed up periodically by the back up administrator Strategy for primary, secondary and log files - Daily complete database backups are taken - Differential backups are taken accordingly on some of the databases decrease the backup time and stored on different locations - Transaction log backups are taken periodically to avoid data loss Security policy No one has the direct access to the database servers Roles for different users have been defined No user in organization is given direct access to the database The views have been created on the useful columns only and Users are having limited access to the table

16 Recruitment process Identification
Attracting the right employees through consultants, advertisements, campus recruitment Screening Process Mandatory Background check (qualification and prior experience), location of residence Telephonic interviews Basis educational standards, sentence building capabilities, voice and accent, grammar, market orientation and enthusiasm Written tests Basic English skills, written communication, computer skills and typing competency, role plays and voice quality Typing tests Customized typing test of the operators.

17 Contact us The above presentation is a brief overview of our company’s profile and we are confident that you would give us a chance to serve your organization better than others Should you have any queries please contact us on the numbers given below : MICROSYS SOLUTIONS,bharath towers,5th lane,dwarakanagar visakhapatnam - mob. no.: ,


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