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Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS) Weather products

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1 Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS) Weather products
Mary Beth Lapis (319) Dan Gienger (319)

2 IFIS Major Focus Areas Improved Situational Awareness - Enhanced Safety Electronic Charts – Aircraft Symbol Overlaid Real-time Strategic Weather FMS maps with geopolitical boundaries, geographical features, Airways, and Airspace Improved Cockpit Efficiency Eliminate Paper from the cockpit Intelligent Integration of Information Charts and weather on forward displays FMS flight plan integrated with charts and weather functions User Interface evaluated, modified, and approved by pilots

3 Product Capabilities Uplink Graphical Weather (On MFD)

4 System Architecture L-CCP R-CCP = A429 = Ethernet Hardware
Upgraded Display File Server Unit Cursor Control Panel Market or Customers’ Most Important Requirements (MIRS) Clear definition of what is needed to provide the solution; i.e. the targeted opportunity Tangible and intangible benefits that are recognized as such by the customer Seen as using state of the art design and technology for customer image Ease of manufacturing Potential Customers Precisely detail who needs what you’re offering Describe channel(s) to market Factors Influencing timing & sense of urgency Size (sales volume in units and dollars) Bottoms-up detail of Served Available Market Size Identification of Intended Addressed Market & Size Reflect (as required) the Orders Flow that will generate the Sales Volume Document assumptions used for the market adoption How fast will the market start using this product Price elasticity considerations (price vs. volume) Substantiation and Validation of Market Projections (is it real?) Planned funding, Requirement Documents, key market indicators, substantiation of timing, etc. This can be done via interviews with key decision makers, respected industry analysts, customer planning documents, etc. Software Electronic Charts Graphical Weather Enhanced Map Overlays (Geopolitical, Airways, Airspace) Upload Capabilities ARINC 615-A: FSU Software and Databases = A429 = Ethernet

5 TSOs Claimed Unit TSO CCP-3000 C113 FSU-5010 C113, C165 AFD-3010E
C2d, C3d, C4c, C6d, C8d, C9c, C10b, C34e, C35d, C36e, C40c, C41d, C43c, C46a, C52b, C63c, C66c, C87, C92c, C95, C101, C104, C105, C110a, C113, C115b, C117a, C118, C119b, C129a, C165

6 Environment DO-160D FSU-5010 [(A2)(F2)W]BBB[(TCC1R)(SLM)]EWXXXSZ[BZ]AZC[KF]H[Z3Z4]XAA Section 4: Temperature and Altitude Ground Survival: -55 to 85 Operating Temp: -55 to 70 C Cooling: 90 Minute Loss of Cooling Altitude: 55,000 Ft. Section 22: RF Susceptibility 1500 v/m (goal)

7 User Interface CCP-3000 Dedicated Chart Controls (CHART, ROTATE)
Pan (Joystick) and ZOOM (Charts and XM) Programmable Quick Access Keys Menu controls

8 MFD - Split Window Formats
Upper Window OFF Checklist FMS text window Lower Window Rose (Seldom Enabled) Arc (Seldom Enabled) PPOS Map PLAN Map GWX Only Enhance Map Overlay TCAS only

9 Universal Weather - Graphical Weather
Information Service Provider is Universal Weather Ground-based data services provided on a request/reply basis Subscriptions handled by Collins or Universal Weather Offering 3 Subscription plans for textual and graphical weather

10 Universal Weather - Graphical Weather Products
NEXRAD Winds/Temps Icing FONT STYLE AND SIZE Helvetica (Postscript)/Arial (Non-postscript) is the standard font for all slides. All headline and body text should be Bold. The headline text is set at black 30 point, UPPERCASE. Body copy is black Title Case (initial capital letters). The first and second level body copy text is 24 point. The third and fourth level is 20 point. Text should not drop below 18 point for readability. The alternative to reducing the text size below 18 point is to create more than one slide. All sizes are set in the template. BULLETS The standard shape for first level bullets is a square from monotype sort. It is located in the third row, the sixth symbol from the right. It is gray and should be 60% the size of the text. The second level bullet is a dash selected from the normal menu. It is located in the fifth row, eighth from the left. For second level text, this dash is used at 70% of the size of the text, all other levels are set at 60% of the size of the text. These sizes are set in the template. Turbulence Tops/Movement Wx Depiction

11 North Atlantic Winds/temps – FL 390

12 European turbulence forecast

13 Northern Pacific Turbulence forecast- FL300

14 UV Wx International Regions
Winds/temps, Graphical METARS, icing, turbulence available for: USA and 6 sub-regions North and South America North and South Atlantic North and South Pacific Africa India Australia Europe Asia

15 XM Weather - Graphical Weather
XM Graphical Weather Ground-based data services provided by Baron on a broadcast basis Continuous Feed All Products Broadcast Every 12 Minutes Full CONUS Coverage Automated/Unlimited Updates (No Request Necessary) Geosynchronous Satellites In Air/On Ground Reception XM Radio Services (Satellite Provider) Single “GPS Like” Antenna

16 XM Weather - Graphical Weather Products
NEXRAD (1 NM Resolution) Echo Tops Graphical and Textual METARs Graphical and Textual SIGMETs Textual AIRMETs Textual TAFs

17 XM Weather - Graphical Weather Features
Integrated User Interface Consists of CCP and AFD (No CDU Required) Pan (Similar to Electronic Charts) 3 Zoom Levels System Utilization Integrated With Collins FMS NEXRAD Animation (5 frames) NEXRAD Overlay on PLAN Map Flight Info Overlay on GWx formats

18 Enhanced Map Overlays Example Format With EIS Displayed Upper Window
Checklist Lower Window PLAN Map Geopolitical NEXRAD

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