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Training Manual Telemarketing Reps Appointment Setters.

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1 Training Manual Telemarketing Reps Appointment Setters

2 Job Description JOB TITLE: Telemarketing Representative OVERVIEW:
To offer clients an opportunity for business growth by offering a complimentary consultation with Ed Downes by telephoning customers. SPECIFIC FUNCTIONS: Identifies prospects by reading telephone and zip code directories and other prepared listings. Calls prospective customers by operating telephone equipment, automatic dialing systems, and other telecommunications technologies. Influences customers to opt-into our sales funnel and offer strategy sessions by following a prepared sales script. Asking answer specific questions to confirm and record names, addresses, addresses, and phone numbers Maintain operations by following policies and procedures; reporting needed changes to your assigned supervisor. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

3 Job Description REPORTING STRUCTURE: Report to assigned Supervisor
QUALIFICATIONS: High school graduate Excellent verbal communications skills Excellent listening skills, Adept at adjusting to people’s moods and personalities Must have the emotional stamina to be “at your best” with each client Must be Results Driven Persistence Customer Service Prospecting Skills Motivation for Sales Handles Rejection Professionalism Product Knowledge TRAINING REQUIRED: How to overcome objections Using Scripts to ask the right questions Learn the core values of the company How to handle client problems What to do in case of emergency

4 Job Description PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: Quarterly, Semi-annual, Annual
COMPENSATION: Base Commission (1099) Commission Structure: $25 Per complete appointment set $50 Per sales made off of appointment set Alternate Compensation: $25 Raise per sales made after 90 Day review (must meet or exceed quota) Fully Paid Company Cruise for 2 people - 2 times per year ( must surpass sales quota 3 out of 6 months too qualify) Additional $100 bonus for every 10 quality appointments made Other opportunities to make money

5 To provide our customers with the safest, most effective, up to date sales and marketing programs delivered in a friendly environment while giving each customer the highest level of personal service and attention. Mission Statement

6 Integrity Don’t Lie, Be Honest Accountability Take responsibility for your own actions Diligence Careful and persistent work Perseverance Don’t let obstacles hold you back from your goals Discipline Set Goals, Set timeframes, Be your own worst critique Five Core Values

7 Projected Five Year Vision
Have 3 locations: Tampa Bay, Florida Raleigh, North Carolina Boston, Massachusetts Working only hours per week. Annual Revenue: $10,000,000 ( Ten Million Dollars) Have 2 locations Tampa, Florida Annual Revenue: $5,000,000 ( Five Million Dollars) Have first location Tampa, Bay set up and running. Annual Revenue: $1,000,000 (One Million Dollar) Projected Five Year Vision 3 Year Vision 1st Year Vision

8 Sales Expectations Calls made per hour - 25
Appointments per day minimum - 2 People entered into the sales funnel per hour - 8 Garbage appointments set must have 80% conversion rate Setting quality appointments ( explanation ) a client who shows up for the appointment Sales Expectations 30 day group Evaluations / 90 Day individual Evaluations

9 Be Easy You ask how can I be easy to deal with? Business owners are very busy, and their time should be respected know what you want to say, and what you want to talk about before you even walk in. here are several other ways you can make a better impact: Your signature, your voice mails, your business cards, should all have the same number and to make your self consistently easy to reach When handing off written information about your product, or when talking over the phone about it make sure your product information is detailed and clear to understand. You don’t want to leave your perspective client with any unanswered questions. Create a Pricing chart with different package options (remember at this point you are assuming you know what their budget actually is) You can come back and present a customized pricing package according to their budget at a later time. Keeping detailed notes about what you talk about will later help you close the deal Never stop searching for new ways to be creative, but also new ways to be simple and easy to deal with

10 What We Do, and How We Help our prospects
Lead Generation Lead Capture Lead Nurture Convert More Sales Maximize Clients Metrics & Analytics

11 Business Success Principles
1. Personal responsibility Take active responsibility for your success, because no one else can do it for you. 2. Follow the Damn Instructions Money and time has been spent on seeing what works and what doesn’t, so Don’t reinvent the wheel, just follow the damn instructions. 3. Goals Know WHAT you stand for, WHY it’s important to you, WHERE you want to go, and HOW you are going to get there. 4. VALUE By providing quality value, price becomes completely irrelevant. 5. Know your numbers. Always.

12 Detail is key to success
Keep Detailed note of Each Interaction with Your Prospect. Keeping these notes will not only help you create the perfect marketing plan, build you a detailed client database. Having a detailed database will help sales start to come more frequently and more easily. What marketing do they currently do? Have they tried services like yours before? What’s their favorite baseball team? When do they do their budgets? Who makes the final decisions when it comes to marketing purchases? Who are they currently working with? What are their favorite hobbies? All of this information should be diligently recorded after every interaction with your prospect. You can use this information in the future to give you the best chance of success

13 Rehearsal creates winners
Getting a business owner on the phone, cornered in an elevator , or you catch them before they get in their car is the easy part, but what do you do from then? That one minute you have can mean the difference between a huge payday or nothing. A well rehearsed telemarketer can say more in one minute than an un rehearsed telemarketer can in seven minutes. As a telemarketer you become the voice for the company. You are the first person our future clients will hear from. Every word that you say and the tones in which you say them will bring out a specific response from the prospect. If you choose a different tone or word you will get a different response to the exact same question. By being well rehearsed , and by knowing your product you can rest assured no question will have been unanswered when your prospect hang up the phone. Winging it shouldn’t be in your repertoire!!

14 Rehearsal creates winners
Before you pick up the phone to dial Mr./Mrs. Smith you should follow these important steps: Know which scripts you want to use, and make sure you know them well How will you start the conversation? Write down all the possible answers to your questions, so you can have an answer ready for them even before they ask it. Having a few objection scripts written and rehearsed will separate you, and make you the best telemarketer around. Make sure you put some time aside everyday to practice your scripts, and your sales pitch. Practice not only helps you with what you want to say, but also helps you know more about the business you are selling for. Practice phone calls to your loved one, to your friends, or to your own answering machine. Ask for your families opinion on how you sound or listen to your answering machine and be your own critic. The most important question you can ask your self is “would I buy from me?”

15 How to Sound Natural Sounding like a sales person is exactly what you don’t want in today sales world. People are very well educated and know what a typical sales person sounds like. I just heard you ask the question. “how do I keep this from being me?” Here’s how 1. Be Rehearsed and know your product…….I can’t say this enough 1A. That was so important I will say it again .. Be Rehearsed and know your product 2. Dale Carnegie once wrote, "Remember that a man's name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language" Always use the prospect’s first name 3. Be polite at all times, and if you speak with a gatekeeper be polite to them too you never know the gate keeper might be the one to get you through the door!! 4. Time is money, so be short and to the point, and don’t talk about something you know nothing about 5. Listen….Listen…..Listen and get to know your prospect. If you ask someone “what bring you in the car market?” they will tell you their life story, and give you almost all the questions you need…. LISTEN

16 Keys to getting your foot in the door
What I'm about to tell you is reality. It is what it is and if you can’t deal with it this business is not for you. 1. There is NO secret words, phrases or scripts If you expecting to pick up the phone, dial a prospect, and read a script is going to get you the sale or appointment you wanted this business is not for you!! These scripts don’t exist 2. No will be a common theme It takes 7 no’s from one prospect before you get a yes, so to go back to our core persistent, and the deals will come 3. Be a pro when handling brush-offs Getting a yes is a clear result of how well you handled the no’s

17 7Fm Funnel Process Offer Free Report Offer Strategy Session
YOU Offer Free Report Offer Strategy Session Turn suspects into prospects

18 Building your scripts Interaction is key to getting you prospect to trust you, don’t rush into your pitch this will make you sound like a sales person 1)Make sure you let your prospect know that you don’t want to take up too much of his time, and that you will be quick…..Business owners gets a lot of calls and s every day…(respect their time). This will help you establish a connection “Hi ______, this is (your name) with (Business name). I know you’re a busy person so I’ll make this brief.” Step No. 2 Quickly state your value proposition and ask a qualifying question. “______, we provide (Value)to companies like yours, helping them (How does your business help)

19 Building your Scripts Continued
3. Be up-front and put your prospect on the spot immediately by asking a question that will lower their guard “well first and foremost let me ask you this”. If I promise to only take 5 minutes of your time -or- “I know your busy running a business, so I won’t keep you very long” 4. If you don’t ask for what you want you will never get it. This is where you ask “... I would like to send you a copy of the free report we created to help (Type of Business) like yours. we’ve identified the top 10 signs why (Type of Business) are leaving business outside their doors. This free report is designed to help bring people to you. making your time and money better spent else where. What should I send the report to?

20 Handling Objections Congrats! The decision maker is on the phone, But most of the time the prospect immediately determined you were a sales person, and didn’t listen to a word you had to say, and of course you get your first objection. This type of brush off will happen more time that none even to the best of the best. “I’m not interested.” “We’ve got that covered.” “Don’t call here again a$$#ole” Most Telemarketer get stumped right here, and the call ends. (90% of sales people fail here) Your not that person! You rehearsed for hours and before calling you already had all of your questions answered, so your ready to push right through the objections, making you a top notch sales person. Here are three easy things to remember when your brushing off an objection. 1. Don’t seem confrontational agree with the prospect let them know you understand how they feel. 2. Take your original message, and use it again but tailor it to correspond with the objection. Do this without being defensive or confrontational 3. Welcome their objections, and ask them if they have any further concerns. This shows you are willing and wanting to be honest, to listen, and that together you can pass this obstacle.

21 Handling Objections Cont’
Here is an example of a common objection and how to handle it Prospect: “I’m not interested.” You: “That’s exactly why I’m calling. As the business owner you’re very busy and probably don’t have a lot of time to get involved in all of the details and headaches of marketing your business, and you know that’s probably why you hired the person working on it. But when was the last time you took a minute to analyze what your currently doing to see if it’s effectively working? Not to take any more of your time I would like like to send you a copy of our free report, and let you decide if what you read resembles what your business is doing. Does that sound fair?” Great I will send you the free report immediately I also want to schedule you to have a complimentary one on one strategy session with experts, 30 minutes of your time to take the conversation to the next level in terms of getting some details about your company, your marketing, and your goals so I can explain what we can do for you. I have a (2:15 on Thursday) or a (10:00am Friday) which on is good for you?

22 Handling Objections Cont’
Here’s a different but common objection Prospect: “I don’t have time right now.” You: “(Name of Prospect), I know you get approached by many people every day and you are very busy, as am I. I’m not here to waste your time. I am confident that in 30 minutes of your time is all I need to show you how my marketing plan can help your Business stand out in todays market. Isn’t that worth a small amount of time?” I have a (2:15 on Thursday) or a (10:00am Friday) which on is good for you?

23 typical Objections The 5 typical objections and How to Handle Them
Here they are: 1. I’m not interested. 2. Just send your information. 3. We’re already taken care of. 4. I’m too busy, or I don’t have the time. 5. We don’t have the budget. “I’m not interested.” Response 1 “That’s fine ______, and many people I speak with tell me the same thing as well. But as they learn more about our services and see what this can really do for them, they were glad they took a few minutes. One thing that would be a good fit for you is (provide a quick benefit) to take advantage of our free strategy session where we analyze your business and come up with solutions that you can then implement in your business. “Do you see how that would work for you?”

24 Typical Objections Cont’
“Just send your information” “I’ll be happy to get that out to you, let me ask you a few more question to make sure I have the correct information in my contacts. Ask qualifying questions ... “Just out of curiosity If I could show you how to (explain how your service benefit would help them, would you seriously consider using our services to help you?” “Were all taken care of and or Happy” “I’m glad to hear your taking the proper steps to marketing your business. With that said If you ever found it necessary to find another vendor, could I be the first one you contact to see how I can be of benefit to you needs??” If yes ...“Great. I’ll go ahead and send you some of my contact information; do me a favor and keep it with your records so you’ll have it handy when you need some help with your marketing efforts.” Get all their contact information, then ask ... “Great. Just out of curiosity, ______, what would have to happen for you to want to contact another vendor?” (Qualify and expand on their answers here.)

25 Typical Objections Cont’
“We don’t have the budget This is where you need to play it a little safe and sincerely acknowledge their problem 1) “______, im not ready to talk about money, and I wouldn’t expect you to be ready to buy from someone you don’t know either. Let’s do this: give me a few minutes of your time to see if our services would work for you, if it makes sense, then we can talk about how we Can implement the marketing plan. Does that seem fair?” 2) “______, If I told you I have a way to turn your $300 today into $2,000 In a few months, you would find a way to get me the money right now wouldn’t you? I can’t begin to determine if I can make that happen, unless you give me a few minutes of your time to determine if it would But that possibility is worth a few minutes of your time, isn’t it?”

26 negative Gatekeepers Scripts
Dealing with a gatekeeper is much easier than people make it out to be. They need to be treated with respect (they deserve it, after all), and by just doing this kind respectable gesture you’ll be amazed at how much they will help you. Assistant: “______ isn’t here right now, can I take a message?” You: “Yes I would like to leave a message, but real quick Perhaps you can help me first. You’ve been working for a long time with______? Your probably pretty close with them then If yes, say ... You: “That’s great. Let me ask you, how is he/she handling your marketing?” Find out information like: Who are they using now? How does the decision process work? When are they making a decision on this? What’s important to them? When is the best time to reach them? Most people give up when faced with objections. The key is to make sure you don’t get thrown off track the first time the prospect throws you a curve ball! This is where all of your practice will pay off and make you the top seller at your place of business!!

27 APPOINTMENT SETTER Don’t start talking like a sales person when prospects ask questions Be Honest with your prospect and let them know you are calling on behalf of an expert who can answer all of their questions which is exactly why I’m calling in the first place. Tell them that your calling to set up a time when my boss can call you and was wondering if DAY/TIME or DAY/TIME works for you.” Sometimes you just have to revert to old school selling “If, I can show you in a short amount of time how I can help you get a flood of fresh new clients through your door while increasing your revenues by 20 percent, would you take the call? Sometimes classics like this do work!! “Is this a bad time?” Sometimes getting the first no out of the way is the most important part of setting an appointment. Asking a question like “Have I caught you at a bad time?” might get you a positive no…what that means is they are telling you no, but only because they want to hear what you have to say. If you did catch them at a bad time, this is your chance to schedule a warmer second call

28 APPOINTMENT SETTER Always Ask For The Appointment…….. Always Ask For The Appointment Seem like an obvious thing to ask but most sales people forget asking this important question “Can I put you down for 10 minutes?” “Is there any way we can compete for your business?” “I’d love to at least send you some information, can I you and have my boss call you in a few days?” Example Script This is __________ I work with (Company)in (Town/State) Did I catch you at a bad time? (no) Okay, I’ll be brief Qualification 1: I have you as the person to talk to at your firm regarding all Marketing decisions made. (If no) I’m sorry, who would I need to talk to about that? (If yes) Great, are you currently using online platforms to marketing your business? (They’ll say yes). What would it take for us to be able to compete for your business? May I send you so information for you to look over? Great what should I send this information to?

29 What to take from this training
It’s ok to make mistakes, but when you do learn from them Let your mistakes help you become a better, stronger Telemarketer or appointment setter Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse this is the most important part of the manual rehearse!!!! know your business like you know the back of your hand, like you know your ABC’s…this is what separates the pro’s from the armatures!!! Be Your Self, act like you do with your friends and family. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

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