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Home of unlimited opportunity. Open House Follow-Up Myth vs. Reality.

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1 Home of unlimited opportunity. Open House Follow-Up Myth vs. Reality

2 Home of unlimited opportunity. Check In What did you do? What happened? What results did you get? What do you think youll do next time? Refer to your Sales Planner from last workshop

3 Home of unlimited opportunity. Use this slide to introduce guest speaker or top producer that will share their success or demonstrate skills. Insert Photo or Delete slide if not needed Meet the Expert Meet the Expert Add guest speakers name

4 Home of unlimited opportunity. The Top 3 Reasons What are the top 3 reasons why you dont make Open House follow-up calls? 1. Fear I dont want to call them because theyll think Im being pushy. I dont know what to say when people tell me no. 2.They are not a serious buyer… If theyre not serious about buying why should I waste my time calling them? They told me they were just at my Open House to see how their neighbors had remodeled their kitchen. 3.I dont have time… If I called every Open House Guest on the register, Id never have time to do anything else! Open Houses attract curious neighbors, not serious buyers. My time is better spent elsewhere.

5 Home of unlimited opportunity. Reason #1: Fear Reality : Customers want and expect you to call them! Myth: When you make a follow-up call to an open-house lead, you re bothering them.

6 Home of unlimited opportunity. What percent of leads were happy about being contacted the same day you met them? A. 0-25% B. 26-50% C. 51- 75% D. Over 75% Mythbuster Quiz 88% of all leads were happy to be contacted when called on the same day you met them. - Source: Knowledgestorm

7 Home of unlimited opportunity. Reason #2: Not a Serious Buyer… Myth: Most Open House Guests fall into two categories - serious buyers and everyone else. Reality : You know what they say about making Assumptions, dont you?

8 Home of unlimited opportunity. 1.Be a Good Listener. Active listening is the first step to uncovering the true needs & wants of your Open House Guests. 2.Be Willing to Talk…and Talk, and Talk Some More. Buying Real estate, is one of the biggest financial decisions any of us will ever make. Just because theyre not ready to buy today, doesnt mean they wont be ready 3, 6, or even 9 months from now. 3.Be Open-minded. How many of us met and married someone on the first date? Often times, we assume people arent serious buyers when, in fact, they may be looking for the right agent or the right property. 4.Be Consistent. Once youve gained their okay to maintain contact, then do so! Start Listening & Stop Assuming

9 Home of unlimited opportunity. Reason #3: I Dont Have Time! Myth: Making open house follow-up calls will eat up all my time. Reality : By using a few effective time management strategies, you can maximize results with the time you already have!

10 Home of unlimited opportunity. 1.Be Disciplined. Commit time everyday to lead follow- up. Put it on your calendar, even if its not at the same time everyday. 2.Be Organized. Use a system that will help you keep your notes & other lead follow-up information in one place. 3.Be Efficient. Consider lead follow-up to be your job when youre not performing duties for your active buyers and sellers. 4.Be Accessible. Todays buyers and sellers expect you to be ready to help when theyre ready to move forward. Making Time for Lead Follow-Up

11 Home of unlimited opportunity. Dont let Fear, Assumptions, and Poor Time Management prevent you from achieving your full potential. Think strategically. Why spend a lot of valuable time pursuing cold leads when warm leads, such as those from your Open House Guest Register, are an easier connection? Asking for one date might lead to a Love Connection but in real estate, persistence pays. Maintain contact and keep asking for the date! Making The Appointment

12 Home of unlimited opportunity. Todays Call Session Make a minimum of 50 calls from your prepared list - Do Call List, SOI, OH Guest Registers, FSBO or Expireds. Keep track and report progress on the board. Record all leads and appointments made. Utilize Prospect Follow Up sheet to set follow up call appointments.

13 Home of unlimited opportunity. Call Session Results How many calls were made in total? (Calculate on flipchart) How many appointments were made? (Calculate on flipchart) What worked well for you today when calling? What would you try differently next time?

14 Home of unlimited opportunity. Grow Your Skills and Business Call until you get 1 appointment – do this 3 times before next session. Goal is to secure 3 appointments. Attend 1 appointment – appointment can be a buyer consultation, listing appointment (1 st or 2 nd ), FSBO, expired or price improvement. Come prepared to make 50 calls at next workshop. Preview homes and take notes on property features. Work an Open House. Follow up with all guests in 24 hours. Take online training – Open House Follow-Up, Follow-Up: Converting Your Leads into Cash, Follow-Up: The Formula for Success

15 Home of unlimited opportunity. The path to success is to take massive, determined action. - Anthony Robbins

16 Home of unlimited opportunity. Sales Planner Distribute blank copies of Sales Planner 1.Add the assignments we just reviewed to your new Sales Planner. 2.Write down what you will commit to do by next session. 3.You have five minutes to complete this. 4.Ask me or a colleague for ideas and help.

17 Home of unlimited opportunity. Quickest Way to Boost Your Business Work an Open House every week. Know the inventory! Get Price Improvements on listings 30+DOM. Make 100 iCalls every week. Work FSBOs and Expireds every week. Follow up! REMEMBER… Aim for an Appointment a Day! 1=18%2=34% 3=62% 4=78%

18 Home of unlimited opportunity. Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning. –Denis Waitly Thank You

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