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T ell Me About Yourself! 971001017 中文四 Cheryl 鄭雅双.

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1 T ell Me About Yourself! 971001017 中文四 Cheryl 鄭雅双

2 The most frequently asked question  Your response will set the tone for the rest of the interview! ① What do interviewers want to know? ② What information should be included? The secret to answer: ⑴ focus ⑵ script ⑶ practice

3 “ I'm happily married and originally from Denver," she began. "My husband was transferred here three months ago, and I've been getting us settled in our new home. I'm now ready to go back to work. I've worked in a variety of jobs, usually customer service- related. I'm looking for a company that offers growth opportunities. ” EX1 ① she did it once and can do it again. ② she did not emphasize what she did. ③ Will she stay content for long?

4 Focus List five strengths (experiences, traits, skills) ex. Eleanor is strong in communications and connecting with people. She has a strong background and proven success with customer relationships. Her real strength is her follow- through. She prides herself on her reputation for meeting deadlines.

5 Scripting Begin by talking about past experiences and proven success ex. " I have been in the customer service industry for the past five years. My most recent experience has been handling incoming calls in the high tech industry. One reason I particularly enjoy this business, and the challenges that go along with it, is the opportunity to connect with people. In my last job, I formed some significant customer relationships resulting in a 30 percent increase in sales in a matter of months."

6 Scripting Next, mention your strengths and abilities ex. My real strength is my attention to detail. I pride myself on my reputation for following through and meeting deadlines. When I commit to doing something, I make sure it gets done, and on time.

7 Scripting Last, conclude with a statement about your current situation ex. What I am looking for now is a company that values customer relations, where I can join a strong team and have a positive impact on customer retention and sales."

8 Practice Practice with the script You should NOT memorize it →it will be stiff and rehearsed. ☻ The more you can talk about your product – (YOU!)– the better chance you will succeed!

9 W hat are your strengths?

10 Make your Case Concentrating on your five best strengths: focus during the interview (easier to remember you!) ★ Professional suggests: Tell what you are going to say early and repeating your points Keep going back to the main point

11 Question: “ Tell me about yourself.” Begin: (part of the answer should include your organizational skill) EX2 interviewing a position that requires organizational skills “ One of my key strengths is being organized. If you were to ask my coworkers, they would tell you I am the ultimate planner.”

12 Question: “ Tell me about yourself.” Later: (repeat your strength in a story format) EX2 interviewing a position that requires organizational skills One project I worked on was very complex and detailed. It required a lot of forethought and planning on my part. I was able to do this using Microsoft Project software for tracking and scheduling.”

13 Question: “ Why should we hire you?” Answer: (you should repeat information about being organized. ) EX2 interviewing a position that requires organizational skills “From what I have heard throughout the interview, it sounds like you're looking for someone to come in and bring order to projects here. Since I am known for my organizational skills, I know I would be a real asset.”

14 W hat are your weaknesses?

15 The worst interview questions. Interviewers want to see job seekers ① in which area they need to improve ② what they are doing about it ③ make sure the weakness isn’t a skill the company need ④ test how they handle themselves under pressure

16 Do NOT say you have “no weakness” or “work too hard” Tell the interviewers: “I am working on improving!”

17 Strength or weakness? Understand the job duties before the interview starts What is your strength that someone may consider as a weakness? ex. “I really take a lot of time to listen to a customer before I provide recommendations. A lot of sales people are quick to answer, but I spend time making sure I understand the customer's needs”

18 Be honest A weakness on one hand is a strength on the other!

19 W hy should we hire you?

20 Selling yourself in the interview Think yourself as a product

21 Wrong answers ① “Because I need a job.” x ② “I'm a hard worker and really want to work for this company.” x "What can you do for us?" “why do you choose us?"

22 Good answers ① “Because I'm a good fit for the position.” O ② “I have what it takes to solve problems and do the job.” O Be warmer! More details! A better answer so far.

23 ★ The bottom line: “What can you do for this company?” Ready to summarize your accomplishments and works.

24 Step 1 Looking at job description Step 2 Do an inventory (2~3 key qualities) Step 3 Match what you have to offer and merge 2 of them into summary statement

25 W hat did you like least about your last job?

26 To test if you’re going to be satisfied in this company Focus on tasks rather than company politics or people

27 Wrong answers ① “I didn't have enough challenges! I thrive on challenge! ” x ② “Lack of stability. What I am looking for is stability in a job and company.” x. ③ “ My boss was overbearing and wouldn't let me do my job.” x "Will we be able to keep him challenged?" “He may have some burnout and flexibility issues. ” “It sounds like he could be a problem to supervise.”

28 EX3 “I've been able to work with some really interesting people. I have to say that I did have a job where there was an inordinate amount of paperwork. Because working with people is my strength, the paperwork really bogged me down at times.” inordinate = unusually large amount = kept you from doing what you do best

29 Was the work or the office environment causing the dissatisfaction? Create a list of your dissatisfactions Will they happen again in the new working environment? Choose the work you like to do best

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