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LEADERSHIP and SERVICE. “BOOTENER” In a Rush as in “Bootener” to the Outhouse.

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2 “BOOTENER” In a Rush as in “Bootener” to the Outhouse

3 “HORSE’S ARSE” The Son In Law

4 “LEADERSHIP” The Ability to Elevate Others to Heights They Never Dreamed They Could Reach

5 SERVE To Assist To Be of Use To Stand By To Furnish To Answer Needs To Build Up To Support

6 Skills (Doing) Character (Being) (Foundation)

7 S See The Future 1. The Vision 2. Leader’s Role 3. Heads Up 4. Heads Down

8 E Engage and Develop 1. Right People 2. Leverage Strengths 3. Dare to Develop

9 R Reinvent Continuously 1. Initiative 2. Creativity 3. Better, Faster 4. Foster Environment

10 V Value Results And Relationships 1. Listen 2. Invest Time 3. Care Deeply 4. Accentuate The Positive

11 E Embody The Values 1. Objects 2. Code of Ethics 3. Character

12 S E R V E S See the Future E Engage & Develop R Reinvent Continuously V Value Results / Relationships E Embody the Values

13 PRESENTATION REFERENCES Other Sources Peaks and Valleys (Spencer Johnson) Whale Done (Ken Blanchard, Thad Lacinak) (Chuck Tompkins, Jim Ballard) High Five (Ken Blanchard, Sheldon Bowles) (Don Carew, Eunice Parisi-Carew) Leadership 101 (John C. Maxwell) Presentation Focus The Secret – What Great Leaders Know – And Do (Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller)

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