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Following guidance from Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges

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1 Following guidance from Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges
Servant Leadership Transforming Hearts, Head, Hands & Habits by Eric Johnson Vice President Kirkham and Michael Following guidance from Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges

2 Heart May the WORDS of my mouth and the MEDITATIONS of my heart be pleasing in YOUR SIGHT. O LORD, my ROCK and my REDEEMER. Psalm 19:14

3 Heart Self-Serving Leaders vs. Servant Leaders Self Serving Leaders
Fear of losing position Spend most of their time protecting status Cannot handle feedback Selfish Addicted to power They have EGO (Edging God Out)

4 Heart Servant Leaders Leadership as act of service
Place people first Look at training replacements EGO Exalting God Only Embrace feedback As useful information So they can provide better service Effective Leadership starts on the inside.

5 HeaD Be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of your MIND. Romans 12:2

6 HeaD Servant Leadership Starts with the Heart Motivation and intent
Next is the Head Leaders Belief system Perspective on their role as a leader ROLES A visionary role-doing the right thing An implementation role-doing things right.

7 HeaD Leadership Vision Servant Leader compelling vision
Vision for the Future Excites Passion and Commitment

8 HeaD Good Visions Contain 3 Parts Purpose/Mission
What is your business? How will you benefit customers? Your Preferred Picture of the Future Where are you going? What does this look like if everything is running as planned?

9 Head Your Values How you want people to behave when they working on your mission. Picture for the future What do you stand for

10 Hands Do not merely LISTEN to the WORD, and
so Deceive yourself. DO what it says, James 1:22

11 Hands Understand dynamics of managing transformational change
Change will happen Change is rarely easy Servant Leader Identify changes that are necessary to promote the vision Understand the reactions of people

12 Hands Change People feel awkward People feel alone
Need to tell people what to expect People feel alone Structure activities that create involvement People will be concerned that they don’t have enough resources (time, money, skills) Encourage creative problem solving Value People and Performance

13 Habits Before something can become a habit it must first be practiced as a discipline Daily pressures on leadership Can isolate Can diminish a leaders effectiveness and focus

14 Habits Daily basis Recalibrate commitment on vision
Recalibrate your purpose Recalibrate your picture of the future Recalibrate your values

15 Summary Effective LEADERSHIP starts on the inside.
Are you a SERVANT LEADER or a self-serving leader?

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