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Teamcenter: Engineering Data Management System

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1 Teamcenter: Engineering Data Management System
Agenda Introduction Engineering Manual/Process Views of Teamcenter Strategy Process Current Status Summary Rich Stanek On behalf of the Teamcenter Implementation Team

2 Introduction What is Teamcenter? Who will it affect?
Software tool to help us do our jobs better Commercial, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software (Siemens) Document and Process centric relational database (Oracle) Used by many large, internationally based manufacturing companies Also used by DESY for the XFEL project (TC Enterprise) CERN study on EDMS identified TC as upgrade to their present system Who will it affect? Lab’s technical, procurement and fabrication staff Scientists, engineers, designers, technicians, machinists, QC, ES&H & Procurement personnel Mechanical, electrical, and civil disciplines Used for projects and for internal engineering data Allow access for Collaborators (project-related eng. documents)

3 Product Lifecycle Management
“Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a component and its associated data from conception, through design and manufacture, to service and maintenance, and finally disposal.” “…provides an engineering information backbone for companies and their extended enterprise.”

4 Introduction (cont’d)
What type of documents will be stored in Teamcenter? Focus on engineering documents and data CAD files, specifications, requirements documents, engineering calculations & analysis, safety documents, QC reports, vendor data... Will this be our only Document Management System? No. Lab is also pursuing SharePoint as a more general DMS Teamcenter will be integrated with SharePoint There may be a few other systems that will be integrated as well Goal is one common access point for documents “one stop shopping”

5 Introduction (cont’d)
What problems are we trying to solve? Lack of a common EDMS  Many DocDB instances and ad hoc systems Makes collaboration (even between Divisions) difficult CAD files are disjointed  mechanical, electrical, civil all handled differently Hard to find information, engineering reports, analysis on previous designs… “Reinvent the wheel” far too often Loss of data/information when people retire or move to another project Reviews and Signoffs require a manual process Often without full information available to the approver

6 Introduction (cont’d)
Why did we choose Teamcenter? Started off within the CAD Tools Committee as a means to replace our mechanical CAD (I-deas) TDM  has grown into something much bigger Needed software that could handle all of our common file formats NX, AutoCAD, MS Office, pdf, JT, as well as a variety of ECAD formats Wanted a system with a proven track record that had all the capabilities Minimize customization to limit problems with updates Were able to “partner” with Siemens to create an affordable solution

7 Engineering Manual Archiving and Control (page 30)
“In the future, Fermilab will implement a lab-wide Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). This will provide a central location and common method for document storage, document identification, workflow, configuration control, change management and document retrieval.” The future is now and the EDMS is Teamcenter

8 Engineering Process & Teamcenter
Teamcenter - EDMP

9 Organizational View

10 Functional View Single Source of Product Data Teamcenter
CAD DATA MANAGEMENT NX, AutoCAD Drawing & 3D ACCESS CONTROL Information Security INTEGRATED VISUALIZATION Access 2D & 3D Drawing Sectioning / Measure / Clearance Check No CAD Tool Required COLLABORATION Share Documents, Conference BOM MANAGEMENT Design Re-use Variants / Options RELEASE MANAGEMENT Engineering Release Process Teamcenter Single Source of Product Data MS Office Integration

11 Core Team and Steering Committee Members
Division/Section Core Team Members Steering Committee Members CD Bob Andree Tony Metz Scott Nolan/Julie Trumbo Nelly Stanfield Simon Kwan Bill Boroski Rich Karuhn Bob Tschirhart TD James Blowers Tom Nicol Dave Harding AD - Mechanical Tony Parker Salman Tariq Paul Czarapata AD - Electrical Rich Divelbiss AD – Cryogenics Alex Martinez Phil Pfund (safety) PPD – Mechanical Dave Pushka Peter Wilson PPD - Electrical Marcus Larwill ES&H Jody Federwitz Cindy Rogers Directorate Rich Stanek, Kathryn Grim (PR) Rich Stanek FESS Jim Niehoff Randy Ortgiesen Manufacturing Ed Hagler Project Management Elaine McCluskey Integration Partner Siemens

12 Begin Lab transition of IDeas to NX (Mechanical CAD)

13 Current Status Meeting with India Labs’ representatives
Core Team has met a few times Still in “discovery phase” Will start to break into smaller Working Groups Need to understand How engineering data is currently handled in each group Systems/software that are in place and should be continued Meeting with India Labs’ representatives Work on details of how pilot project system can be configured Understand infrastructure limitations Initiating contract for consulting services for final system Will use “industry best practices” to help establish data schema Building up hardware architecture Utilize existing infrastructure as well as new hardware purchase High availability, scalable, redundancy Working with the SharePoint Team to assure smooth integration

14 Summary Purchased the required software licenses
Teamcenter will be the Lab’s EDMS Have a plan for how to proceed Purchased the required software licenses Established program phases Charter/Roadmap will guide implementation process This program has Director’s support Funding for hardware, software, licenses and consulting Team is forming to align and implement the software Strong representation from around the Lab Needed for success Commitment from D/S/C and Department Heads Acceptance from the engineering and technical staff Resources for training, data migration and testing

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