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Amy Bentley. Gerber Origins Development Early Marketing Rite of Passage.

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1 Amy Bentley

2 Gerber Origins Development Early Marketing Rite of Passage

3 Industrialization Mass Production Advertising Vitamins Changing notions of the body Science as authority Medicalization of childcare

4 95% breast-fed “wet-nursed” Few “dry-nursed” Expert Advice Breast milk first year Meat damaging Fruits and vegetables 2-3 years

5 Changing American diets due to manufacture of canned goods Science as ultimate authority Medicalization of motherhood Breast-feeding inadequate Formula easier for doctors to regulate

6 “Nestle’s Milk Food: Baby’s Friend” “Imperial Granum: The Incomparable Food for the Growth and Protection of Infants and Children” “Wells, Richardson, and Company’s Lactated Food: A Scientific Food for Infants and Invalids” “Wagner’s Infant Food: Infants and Children fed on Wagner’s Infant Food are remarkable for muscular strength, firmness of flesh, and a lively and intelligent appearance” “Mellin’s Food for Infants and Invalids: The only perfect substitute for Mother’s Milk”

7 Larger role of fruits and vegetables Solid foods introduced 6 months or later Additional liquids – orange juice, broths, gruel 1933 study of feeding practices 60% received orange juice in first 3 months Cereal 7.5 months Fruits 8.1 months Vegetables 9.4 months Egg 10 months Meat 11.6 months Fish 12.1 months

8 1927 Mrs. Dan Gerber Freemont Canning Company Make strained vegetables and fruits along with regular line of canned produce Purity and trustworthiness

9 1950’s majority of mothers not breast-feeding at all “If a little is good, a lot must be better” Memorable packaging almost as important as product Commercially prepared foods superior 1930 advertising Purity and wholesomeness Convenience and modernity Scientific efficiency

10 Journal of American Dietetics Association Gerber advertisements in monthly issues Promoting Gerber baby food as scientifically prepared and thus free of contaminants, vitamin-filled, healthy and wholesome food for infants Advance idea that Gerber’s canned fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious and as fresh as home prepared foods and even more appropriate since so scientifically prepared

11 Women’s freedom and mobility “The new Gerber Products make Mother and Baby alike independent of the kitchen’s restrictions. Baby can really travel now.” Couldn’t provide same quality “Square Meals for Baby…and better for him than vegetables you could prepare yourself with ten times the work!” Woman’s relationship with husband From charming wife to tired mother Idea young infants need solid food Ages in advertisements Gerber Baby

12 Advocate early introduction of baby food Ideal time – fit into society shaped by technology and modernity The more the better and the earlier the better

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