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Improving Vocabulary Skills

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1 Improving Vocabulary Skills
Chapter Seventeen

2 Matching words with definitions
Insight or understanding gained through observation; impression Having a tendency; inclined Persistent; continuous The underlying reasons for something; logical basis Disrespectful and not serious enough Agreeable or pleasant in character; friendly To urge into action The paying back of one injury or bad deed with another A situation with no way out; dead end Relationship, especially one that is close, trusting, or sympathetic

3 Sentence check one congenial flippant impasse perception prompt
prone rapport rationale relentless reprise Raquel is _____ to accidents, so her car insurance rates are quite high. You will get along better in life if you are _____ to other people, rather than unpleasant. My brother hides his lack of confidence by being _____. He rarely treats anything seriously. It took his best friend’s heart attack to _____ my dad to start exercising and eating right. There was instant _____ between Duke and Otis. They talked as if they had known each other for years. At the movie’s turning point, the bad guys reached a(n) _____. On one side of them was the police; on the other was a steep cliff. During April and May, the rain was so _____ that swe thought we might have to start building an ark. Floyd’s _____ of human nature is strongly colored by some bad experiences. He thinks everyone is basically selfish. When Lacey and John divorced, she tried to get over half his imcome. In _____, he tried not to give her any of his income at all. The _____ behind encouraging pregnant women to gain about twenty pounds is that low weight gain can lead to dangerously low birth weight.

4 Sentence check one charisma contemporary contend conversely extrovert poignant prevalent proponent quest traumatic Felipe is a(n) _____ of exercising for good health. He even encourages his young children to swim or cycle every day. Certain movie stars may not be great actors, but they have a(n) _____ that makes people want to see their films. Abby didn’t like the apartment with the old-fashioned tub and radiators. She preferred a more _____ place. Repeating third grade was _____ for my brother. It still pains him to think about it, even though he is a successful businessman now. Over the past three hundred years, several people have gone on a(n)_____ for Noah’s ark. Some have looked for it in northeastern Turkey, on Mount Ararat, sixteen thousand feet above sea level.

5 Sentence check Two congenial flippant impasse perception prompt prone rapport rationale relentless reprise 1-2. Because Wade is so _____ and easy to talk to, we established a warm _____ the first day we met. 3-4. Although the company president explained the ______ behind the pay cuts, his announcement _____(e)d an employee protest. However, once it was learned that the president was also taking a big pay cut, the employees’ dissent died down. 5-6. The waitresses in out local diner are _____ to be funny and not always polite. If a customer says, “I’m ready to order now,” he may get a _____ response such as, “And I’m ready to retire, but you don’t hear me making a big deal about it.” 7-8. My _____ of situation is that talks between the factory management and union officials reached a(n) _____ because neither side would compromise on salaries. In such situations, flexibility is a prerequisite to progress. Abby could put up with occasional kidding, but her brother’s teasing was often _____, going on for weeks at a time. Sick of it all, she finally planned a(n) _____ that would embarrass him in front of his friends.

6 Study five minutes for ch. 16 test.
congenial flippant impasse perception prompt prone rapport rationale relentless reprise

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