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Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 1 Global Presentations Powerful Business Presentation Skills for ESL Businessmen March 2013.

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2 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 1 Global Presentations Powerful Business Presentation Skills for ESL Businessmen March 2013

3 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 2 Welcome to Global Power Presentations Professor Dave Jaye

4 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 3 Mission Statement To give you, your department and your company an advantage by providing you with an action Power Presentation Seminar

5 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 4 Seminar Outline Day One 8am to 8:50am Introduction of Professor, Course Methods 9am to 9:50am Self introductions video taped 10am to 10:50am Text Chapter 2 Making a start 11am to 11:50am Chapter 3 Linking the parts. Practice ‘Which do you prefer presentation’ 12 noon to 1pm lunch 1pm to 1:50pm Complement exercise. Chapter 4 The right kind of language 2pm to 2:50pm Videotape ‘Which do you Prefer?” Presentations 3pm to 3:50pm Review ‘Which do you Prefer Presentations’ 4pm to 4:50pm Chapter 8 Question time. Discuss Homework: ‘Introducing my Job’

6 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 5 Seminar Outline Day Two 8am to 8:50 Chapter 5 Visual Aids 9am to 9:50 Chapter 6 Body Language. Review asking and answering questions 10am to 10:50 Presentation on ‘Introducing my job’ 11am to 11:50 Review video tape ‘Introducing my job’ 12 noon to 1pm lunch 1pm to 1:50 Eye Contact exercise. ‘I am a champion’ video tape 2pm to 2:50 Chapter 7 finishing off 3pm to 3:50 Review ‘I am a champion’ 4pm to 4:50 Discuss/Prepare ‘My Dream Company Project’

7 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 6 Seminar Outline Day 3 8am to 8:50 Global vs. Asian Business Presentations 9am to 9:50 Asian Business Presentations common errors 10am to 10:50 Presentations ‘My Dream Company Project’ 11am to 11:50 Review Video ‘My Dream Company Project’ 12noon to 1pm Lunch 1pm to 1:50 Brainstorming, outlining, advanced Q and A Practice ‘My Dream Company Budget Request’ 2pm to 2:50 Video tape ‘My Dream Company Budget Request’ 3pm to 3:50 Review ‘My Dream Company Budget Request’ 4pm to 4:50 Seminar Review, course evaluation

8 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 7 Introduction of yourself 1. Name, English Name, title, Department 2. Home town 3. Family 4. Hobbies & Free time activities 5. Fear 6. Dream Job 7. Name, English Name, title, Department

9 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 8 Passive vs. Active Participation The East Confucianism High Context culture, actions depend on situations Show deference to people in authority The West Individualism Universal standards, rational Freely express personal opinions

10 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 9 Passive vs. Active Participation The East Show respect by passively listening, no questions, don’t challenge the presenter or possibly embarrass the presenter The West Show respect by engaging in discussion, a duty to verbally participate

11 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 10 Deductive Decision Making Deductive is evidence based decision making relating to logical deduction based on a factual decision process. Scientific method of decision making based on observance of an event occurring on a repeated basis that leads one to believe that a certain probability is attached to the occurrence of that event. Rational decision making. probability

12 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 11 Inductive Decision Making Inductive reasoning consists of inferring general principles or rules from specific facts. Human intuition, feelings and predictions and decisions based on world views. Classical decision making.

13 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 12 Inductive vs. Deductive The East Reason and rational first Demonstrate Modesty Subtle non verbal The West Main Point First Demonstrate Confidence, Conviction Overt and direct

14 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 13 Inductive vs. Deductive The East Holistic Avoid Eye Contact The West Linear, logical Direct Eye contact

15 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 14 Presenter’s Role The East Presenter as Expert Give information Read the script The West Presenter as Facilitator Discuss Information Improvise, without restraint

16 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 15 Presenter’s Role The East Limited Interactions with audience Poker face Serious tone The West Involve Audience Many facial expressions, smile Varied tones

17 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 16 English Second Language (ESL) 1. Speak slowly at first, memorize introduction 2. Pause after key points, breath in 3 seconds and scan the audience looking at each face 3. Use a Chinese phrase and words to help deeply explain complex and important concepts

18 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 17 (ESL) Common Mistakes forgetting to 1. Move around to both sides of the white board, called using floors, 2. Use English and Chinese name 3. Thank chairman for introduction 4. Use three examples of Key concepts

19 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 18 (ESL) Common Mistakes 7. Forget to pause between agenda items 8. Put too much information on one panel making it difficult to read. 9. Forget to ask, ‘Any questions, comments opinions?’ 10. Forget to Spell and Grammar Check

20 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 19 (ESL) Common Mistakes 11. Forget to say your name, title and department again at the end of the presentation. 12. Forget to spell out acronyms before use, example: Point of Sale (POS).

21 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 20 Presentation Objectives To Inform To Entertain To touch emotions To move to action

22 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 21 Speaking for Persuasion Present new information Provide a clear alternative Distinguish features from benefits Tell audience what you want Make it clear and simple

23 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 22 Speaking for Persuasion Smile Keep the Presentation short using only 3 agenda items Use short words and short sentences

24 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 23 Plan the Presentation S.P.A.M. S: Situation, consider the time and place where you are presenting. Sit in CEO’s chair at meeting room when he/she is not in and look around… P: Purpose, what is the goal you hope to achieve?

25 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 24 Plan the Presentation S.P.A.M. A: Audience, consider the people who will be listening, internal or external audience M: Method, which methods will best accomplish your purpose, Formal, informal, lots of examples, Q and As

26 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 25 When you prepare your presentation 1. You perform better. 2. Your presentation can inspire others

27 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 26 Study your Audience Analyze: Demographic facts, background, size, expertise, time of day Know their expectations, how can they benefit? Are decision makers or experts present? Make the presentation from their point of view

28 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 27 Serious Preparation

29 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 28 Serious Preparation This flight crew member was practicing his job of flying the jet to protect the passengers, crew, cargo and company investors.

30 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 29 Opening Check sheet If you aren’t introduced introduce yourself Make a brief statement about your qualifications to establish credibility What can your audience leave with that will help them do their jobs better? Address concerns or opposition audience might have.

31 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 30 Avoid weak statements My English is not very good I am not good at this I hope you will understand me

32 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 31 Practice before friends, family or a mirror Record your presentation with a digital camera and watch yourself. If you stumble over any parts, change words or phrases. Use a marker to highlight key points Prepare and Practice

33 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 32 Presentation Check list Is my purpose crystal clear? Have I organized my presentation into topics and subtopics? Have I prepared an outline or script? Did I learn everything I can about audience? Are my visuals informative and pleasing?

34 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 33 Have I practiced before a camera, the mirror or friends? Have I anticipated difficult questions? Have I prepared easy questions to ask myself? Have I confirmed the time and date of the presentation? Presentation Check list

35 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 34 Don’t Say I’m not really prepared – Why should I waste my time listening to you? I don’t know why I was asked to speak here today Why should I be victimized by someone’s poor judgment. I won’t take up too much of your time This is going to be boring.

36 Professor Dave Jaye 82-19-807-9024 35 Get feedback from your presentation Ask a friend to give you immediate feed back Invite people to submit anonymous feedback cards If you don’t know the answer say you will look up the answer and get promptly back to them. Thank your audience for their time.

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