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Chapter 5 Desire for a Child was Nearly Tragic By Doane R. Hong.

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1 Chapter 5 Desire for a Child was Nearly Tragic By Doane R. Hong

2 Background This is a story from the 1800s about a woman who wanted a child… desperately. Her obsessive need to have a child led her to commit a terrible crime.

3 Reading A woman, Harriet Magnis wanted a baby for her husband, Richard. But she couldn’t achieve her desire all the time. Her obsession drove her to commit one of the most bizarre crimes in history. Richard worked in the Royal Navy. So he was home for only a few day at a time. Harriet afraid of that her husband wouldn’t love her. So she decided to deceive her husband they had a child. And by the time he came home he will see their baby. In fact, she was not pregnant.One day her husband came home and asked that he want to see his baby. Her wife told a lie to him. And she had succeeded in cheating for three years. Later she made a peculiar decision. She went to London in order to steal a boy as her child. Gradually, she regretted and took the little boy back to London. And she told all the truth to her husband. Finally she is not guilty because the crime had not been committed in her hometown.

4 Vocabulary List Obsession (n.) [U] 著迷. 使纏住. 著魔 -idea that occupies one’s mind continually *obsess (v.) 使著迷. 纏住. 使煩憂 *obsessive (a.) 妄想的. 使人著迷的. 困擾人的. 過份關心的 Bizarre (a.) 奇異的 -odd;strange *̽synonym:peculiar;weird ↔antonym:ordinary;usual Haunt (v.) 縈繞在 … 心頭. 使困擾 -to return to the mind often port (n.) 港. 機場 -town or place where ships load or unload Pregnant (a.) 懷孕的 -having a child developing in the body Suspicious (a.) 可疑的. 疑心的 -thinking (a person ) guilty without proof *suspect (v.) 懷疑. 猜想 (n.) 嫌疑犯 *suspected (a.) 有嫌疑的 Deceive (v.) 欺騙. 蒙蔽 -to cause someone to believe something that is false Embark (v.) (+ upon/in/on) 著手. 從事 -to start

5 Vocabulary List Scheme (n.) 計畫. 方案 - plan,sometimes secret Handbill (n.) 傳單 -printed sheet handed out to people Ecstasy (n.) ( 多用於參加舞會的 ) 狂喜迷幻藥 -great joy, happiness Remorse (n.) 自責. 懊悔 -feeling of being sorry that one has done wrong AWOL (abbr.) 擅離職守 -limitary abbreviation for Absent Without Officially Leave (permission) Clue (n.) 線索. 跡象. 提示 -guide to the solving of a mystery or problem Assizes (n.) 巡迴法庭 -(until 1971) periodical sessions of court held in each country of England Jurisdiction (n.) 權力. 司法. 審判權 - legal authority or power Try (v.) in a court of law 在法庭的嘗試 -to determine in a court of law the guilty or innocence Suicide (n.) 自殺 -killing of oneself on purpose Commit suicide (v. ; n.) 自殺 -to kill oneself on purpose

6 Additional Vocabulary kidnap (v.) 綁架. 誘拐 -to steal (a child) ; carry off (a person) by force hijack (v.)=highjack 劫持 -to steal a moving vehicle (airplane,bus,etc.)

7 Discussion Q. What do you think happened to Harriet and Richard? They want to have a child. Q. If couples are unable to have children today, what options do they have? ART ( Assisted Productive Technology) 人工 生殖 IVF (in-vitro fertilization) 試管受精

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