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Translate the following sentences.

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1 Translate the following sentences.
Sometimes, she goes to the café alone. Generally, I order a steak and fries. They eat croissants with their breakfast. There are three forks and one knife on (sur) the table.

2 Regular –ir Verbs

3 Just like –er verbs, most –ir verbs follow a regular pattern.
finir – to finish choisir – to choose Here are some more obéir à – to obey punir – to punish grossir – to gain weight maigrir – to lose weight remplir – to fill (a glass)/to fill out (a form)

4 is it issons issez issent
The first step in conjugating an –ir verb in French is dropping the –ir. This gives you the stem. Then you add the following endings: is it issons issez issent

5 finir – to finish Je finis Tu finis Il finit Nous finissons
Vous finissez Elles finissent

6 choisir – to choose Je choisis Tu choisis Il choisit Nous choisissons
Vous choisissez Elles choisissent

7 I choose something to eat.
Je choisis quelque chose à manger. We finish our meal. Nous finissons notre repas. You all choose the same (même) drink. Vous choisissez la même boisson.

8 The parents punish their children.
Les parents punissent leurs enfants. You fill the glass. Tu remplis le verre. The girls are losing weight. Les filles maigrissent.

9 If you want to make a sentence negative, you will still use ne…pas.
Il remplit ma verre. Il ne remplit pas ma verre. Elles choisissent leurs amies. Elles ne choisissent pas leurs amies.

10 If there is another verb first, the next verb will still not be conjugated.
They want to lose weight. Ils veulent maigrir. We are going to choose the drinks for the party. Nous allons choisir les boissons pour la fête. I can’t finish my homework. Je ne peux pas finir mes devoirs.

11 There will be a quiz over this next class.
For now, let’s play BINGO.

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