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How to conjugate regular –IR Verbs

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1 How to conjugate regular –IR Verbs

2 As you will recall, French verbs are generally of three kinds:
(1) -ER Verbs (2) -IR Verbs (3) -RE Verbs We have already learned some common -ER verbs, including marcher, parler, chercher, aimer, etc. Today we will focus on the formation and conjugation of regular -IR verbs.

3 Here are some –IR verbs:
bâtir choisir finir obéir punir réussir à salir

4 To conjugate –IR Verbs, take the stem of the verb (by dropping the –IR) and add the following endings: FINIR Stem = FIN- Je fin-is Tu fin-is Il fin-it Elle fin-it Nous fin-issons Vous fin-issez Ils fin-issent Elles fin-issent

5 Translate the following sentences into French:
(1) My aunt is punishing my ugly nephew. (2) We are building a small kitchen. (3) I am succeeding in my French class. (4) I obey my mother. (5) I do not obey my sister.

6 Fin PowerPoint Presentation by Mark A. Spalding, BA, MEd, MA (2008).
Olympia, par Edouard Manet (1863).

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