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EBC*L 1 Bert Wissink, EBC*L International The international certificates for Sustainable Business Competence and Entrepreneurship The European.

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1 EBC*L 1 Bert Wissink, EBC*L International The international certificates for Sustainable Business Competence and Entrepreneurship The European Business Competence* Licence

2 EBC*L 2 Simone Baldassarri Unit “Entrepreneurship” Foresting Entrepreneurship among young people through education: an EU perspective

3 EBC*L 3 Entrepreneurship refers to an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, innovation and risk taking, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives. (2006 Recommendation on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning) Definition of Entrepreneurship

4 EBC*L 4 This supports everyone in day-to-day life at home and in society, makes employees more aware of the context of their work and better able to seize opportunities, and provides a foundation for entrepreneurs establishing a social or commercial activity Definition of Entrepreneurship

5 EBC*L 5 The international certificates for Business Competence & Entrepreneurship What is EBC*L

6 EBC*L 6 National Representative Offices responsible for distribution, operations and quality control at country level EC accredited EBC*L Exam Centre: administration of examinations in accordance with given guidelines EUROPEAN BUSINESS COMPETENCE* LICENCE (EBC*L) Kuratorium Wirtschafts- kompetenz für Europa (Paderborn, Germany) – Council for Business Competence in Europe International Centre of EBC*L (Vienna, Austria) Organisation EBC*L

7 EBC*L 7 31 Countries 4 Continents 24 Languages Worldwide

8 EBC*L 8 Only 2 % could prove basic business management knowledge, which is the necessary basis to  understand the targets of a company (being an intrapreneur)  become an entrepreneur  understand what happens in the world (Globalisation etc.) Study: Business Competence Why EBC*L started

9 EBC*L 9 How to reach this ambitious goal? Business Management must become a general knowledge EBC*L Vision and Mission

10 EBC*L 10 An international initiative designed to disseminate core business management expertise among non-business managers Setting an internationally recognised standard in business management competence & entrepreneurship economyscienceeducation environment The European Business Competence* initiative

11 EBC*L 11 Setting an International Standard for Business Management Competence & Entrepreneurship EBC*L Certificate Standardized Syllabus with learning targets Standardized examination Strict quality assurance system An International Certificate as Motivation Better chances to get a job, make career, get a credit from a bank

12 EBC*L Open questions EBC*L Level Junior: orientation on Entrepreneurship Content The syllabus learning targets follow the economical goals for the business Modules Meaning and use of: Business goals & ratios; Accounting; Cost accounting; Business law; Business plan; Marketing & sales Examination lasts 2 hours Minimal score: 75%

13 13 The relevant competence for each step of the career Entrepreneur Start Up Entrepreneur Growing Company Intrapreneur EBC*L Levels: Lifelong Learning

14 14 Content The syllabus follows the structure of economic targets of a company Topics - Business Objectives - Management Ratio - Accounting - Costing and Pricing - Business Law - Sustainability Exam- 2 hours - open questions EBC*L Level A General Knowledge

15 15 Content The syllabus follows the structure of a Business Plan Topics - Business Plan Tools - Marketing & Sales - Project Management - Investment Analysis - Financing and Budgeting Exam- 3 hours - open questions EBC*L Level B Business Planning

16 16 Content The syllabus follows the structure of needed economical and personnel management tools Topics - Management of Personnel, Organisations and Processes - Human Leadership Exam- 3 hours - open questions When you have A, B and C you get the diploma Manager EBC*L Level C Management Knowledge

17 EBC*L 17 School in Czech Republic University in Austria VET in Italy Level A, B, C Mobility and Lifelong Learning

18 EBC*L Sustainable Entrepreneurship Competences: –Business administration –Leadership –Sustainability: Economical sustainability; Social sustainability; Ecological sustainability; Societal sustainability 18

19 EBC*L Paradigm shift about entrepreneurship >> Entrepreneur as a change agent and role model with a business proposition based on: Economical benefits: –Profit, market share etc. Environmental & social benefits –Decreasing ecological foot print –Labour circumstances 19

20 EBC*L An approach 1: 3 p’s 20

21 EBC*L An approach 2: C2C 21

22 EBC*L EBC*L & sustainability An educational system based on the approaches just mentioned: 3p’s and C2C (+ iso 26000) Entrepreneurial suitability on a practical level Gives added value to mainly the economical & business administration knowledge Target group: those who do business in small enterprises + students 22

23 EBC*L EBC*L S : (sustainability program) Planet Energy Resources (facilities) Water Air Ground, soil earth Waste Logistics Beta prefixes: nitrogen, CO2 People Personnel management Integrity Labour circumstances Education Social sustainability 23

24 EBC*L Profit and sustainability Return on investments Supply and demand Externalities (supply) Chain management Liquidity Beta prefixes & fin – economical consequences Result Increases credibility Differential advantage Operating results Chain position Etc. 24 EBC*L S : (sustainability program)

25 EBC*L Meaning of EBC*L An up to date educational program An international exam An European Accepted certificate >> knowledge about sustainable entrepreneurship and self-confidence related to the sustainable business challenges of tomorrow 25

26 EBC*L 26 EBC*L in Companies, Universities, Schools and VETs

27 EBC*L International Certificates Training Concepts Champions League Entrepreneurship BM League EBC*L can offer a framework for all existing entrepreneurship programmes EBC*L offers perfect tools to create and spread Entrepreneurship

28 EBC*L 28 Trainingcentres, VET Schools Universities Representative offices in 31 countries Ministries Chambers of Commerce Labour Agencies 50,000 EBC*L graduates Council, Germany International EBC*L Network International, Vienna Companies You are invited to join the EBC*L Vision, Mission and Network!

29 EBC*L 29 Thank you for your attention! EBC*L European Business Competence* Licence EBC*L Nederland 8025 AW Zwolle +31-6-47759417 Questions? Bert Wissink EBC*L International 1120 Vienna +43-1-813997745

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