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Innovative Concept for Internationalizing Companies IC&IC Concept Inovativ pentru Internaţionalizarea Companiilor.

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1 Innovative Concept for Internationalizing Companies IC&IC Concept Inovativ pentru Internaţionalizarea Companiilor

2 The project’s goal to develop the individual and organizational competences for supporting Romanian companies’ strategic and international competitiveness, also in terms of improved capacities in managing business environment’s changes and labour market’s evolution in the internationalization context

3 The main objectives are: to implement an innovative internationalizing companies programme -transfer, adapt and enrich best practices from the internationalization consulting training to the local context and expectations; - analyze the needs of the Romanian medium and large sized companies on what concerning their presence on the dynamic international markets; -develop a new curriculum and learning methodologies combining traditional practices with e-learning; -ensure the quality of training activities also by validating the competences by a national certification body

4 to create job enrichment for increasing companies’ international activities -aware the Romanian employees and their companies about their high potential to became an active player in European market; -develop consulting skills, abilities and competences emphasizing the importance of the creativity and entrepreneurship; -increase the companies involvement in the international business activities; -improve the companies strengths by adapting to the international markets challenges.

5 Work packages Transferring & Need Analysis and Research (Survey design, delivery and data analysis; Need analysis research; Transfer feasibility study); Design of the IC&IC training programme (New course plan and methodology mix; translation and localization of INCO Materials; Enlarging and enriching materials; Set up of the distance learning system); Training programme implementation (After the pilot run will be carried out, evaluated and fine-tuned, the new curriculum will be implemented and disseminated); Dissemination and exploitation (Workshops; Web Communication; Communication materials);

6 Training programme methodological approach the learning materials are complex and are based on the initial training programme, composed by six course modules written in English: - Essentials of Internationalisation Consulting (core course) - International Strategies of Market Entry - International Project Management - Intercultural Management - English for Business Communication. The teaching methodology mixes the traditional with electronic learning (e- learning). In the new context, the course modules will be translated in Romanian language, and their contents, the structure and the modules number will be changed and adapted to the local companies’ needs and to the Romanian market context.

7 Target group On short term : employees, middle and top managers of medium and large companies On long term extends over the management consultants (individuals and/or consulting companies with the main focus on internationalization) and university graduates the target group needs to posses some background knowledge regarding the curriculum content, such as: higher education studies, PC’s abilities and English knowledge.

8 Impact and outcomes The short term impact it creates the involvement of the employees and managers in a VET and develops their knowledge bases related to the international economical environment, threats, opportunities and topics, contributing to the labour market’s quality improvement. The companies get more sensible to the topic of Internationalization, improve the capacity to adapt the future global market, to manage well its risks, to start having an active role in these markets. This project improves the Romanian vocational and educational training system, through the implementation of a new training curriculum and an innovative concept, and the use of a modern didactical methodology, based mostly on electronic learning. In addition, through this project a network over the know-how platform between training institutions, Romanian and other European companies will be created.

9 Long term impact demand for internationalizing companies training will continuously rise because in a knowledge society the companies will wish to develop in the transnational competitive arena; the number of courses demanded by users will continuously increase and adaptation costs (also in terms of decreasing costs for eContent development) can be spread across a large number of course participants, course prices can be reduced significantly in the future (economies of scale); the blended IC&IC methodology will further reduce training costs for companies (no travel costs, no costs for trainers and classrooms, availability of most up-to-date training content) and will create a growing demand.

10 Type of transfer IC&IC project aims to implement a geographical transfer by adapting (both on the language and context need perspectives), and enriching (new contents and modules according to need analysis and scenario evolvements) results, contents and best practices of the INCO (internationalization consulting training programme) project. Due to the INCO project successful implementation in seven European countries from West and Central Europe and the achievement of good practices, the internationalization consulting training programme’s transfer to the Romanian environment is needed and useful to cover the existing needs and demands and to increase medium and large companies performance. The seven European countries are EU members and are supported by a strong developed economy, a know-how base and achieved good practices. The geographical transfer of INCO project to the Eastern Europe exhibits the importance and the conversion capacity of the internationalization consulting programme in a different business environment, culture, values, historic and economic background.

11 The IC&IC operates a sectoral transfer through the sectoral adaptation to the needs of medium and large sized companies while the original product was designed for SMEs.. The focus is on large companies, but also on medium companies, in order to improve the synergy of the companies activities, viewing that large companies have the potential to transfer the technologies and quality to the SMEs. Large companies may provide the economies of scale and scope needed to go beyond the domestic market and push for European level competitiveness and may help in terms of knowledge diffusion, by passing know-how to subcontracted SMEs.

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