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Children’s Hearings Modernisation Day 1 - Embracing Change.

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1 Children’s Hearings Modernisation Day 1 - Embracing Change

2 Children’s Hearings Modernisation Hugh McNaughtan Glasgow City Panel Chair Deputy Chair - CPCG

3 Children’s Hearings Modernisation Joy Knight CPAG Chair Perth & Kinross CPAC Chair

4 Children’s Hearings Modernisation Day 2 - Roles & Relationships

5 Children’s Hearings Modernisation Shirley Laing Deputy Director – Children, Young People& Social Care Dir

6 Children’s Hearings Modernisation Structures and Support

7 Current System CPACs – Scottish Ministerial appointees and local authority nominees - sub-CPAC members Clerks to the CPAC & Local Authority Panel Support Panel Chairs and Deputes CHTUS - Tutors and Facilitators Others

8 Room To Improve ? Clarity on roles and responsibilities Expectations of / obligations to partners Minimising bureaucracy and hand-offs Supporting panel members to focus on children and families

9 Where We Need To Be Holding on to what’s best + honest about what we can and must do better A system that’s sustainable & reliable Mutual Respect & Accountability - b uilding profile, consistency and credibility Fairness and high standards supporting outcomes for children

10 Modernisation- options for change Area Support Teams – advice for Convener Implementation Working Group Summer Engagement Events Inverting the approach………..

11 Support and Structures Methods For Today Smarter, sharper Questions - Scoping Out Roles Assessing the added value – fully and frankly Going macro from the detail Feeding contributions to scenario modelling software – SCRA role ASTs – numbers, roles and reach



14 Children’s Hearings Modernisation – Modelling Scenarios Malcolm Schaffer – Policy and Practice Elliott Jackson – Planning and Performance SCRA

15 Children’s Hearings Modernisation – Learning from Parallel Experience Karen Brady Convener - Guernsey CYCT

16 Children’s Hearings Modernisation – Training and Transition Joan Rose – CHTO Barbara Reid - CHTO

17 Children’s Hearings Modernisation Pledge From Team: We pledge to keep working with partners to deliver the best possible legislative package, and best advice for the National Convener and CHS. We will always be honest and inclusive- we pledge to tell you what we can, when we can. We promise to listen with an open mind, and to adapt our approach where policy permits. Where we can’t agree, we’ll tell you why.

18 Process of Change – working with and for volunteers Arlene Grubbs: Managing the Impact of Organizational Change on Volunteers – 4 Stages Resistance Confusion Integration Commitment

19 Stage 1 - Resistance ‘If there are no opportunities for volunteers to express concern, outrage etc, these will continue to simmer and prevent volunteers from moving through the change process’ Volunteer administrators: – ’be willing to say if you don’t know what is going to happen’

20 Stage 2 - CONFUSION Volunteers…’begin to hunger for some clarity’. Volunteer administrators: advice- ‘As much as the thought of hiding in your office may be tempting, this is the time to be visible’.

21 Stage 3 -INTEGRATION Assisting volunteers to secure roles in the new environment. An opportunity to revitalise the partnership between paid and volunteer staff Important to help volunteers to see how the implemented changes will assist the organisation in performing its mission better.

22 Stage 4 - Commitment People begin to look to the future Hold to the course that’s been set while being open to new ideas

23 Overall ‘The good old days may not even look quite so good – now that we’ve learned how to be even better’.

24 Children’s Hearings Modernisation Reflections on Event - Next Steps

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