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School Support Officers Conference 21 September 2006 Learn Lead Support Grow Wollongong Golf Club.

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1 School Support Officers Conference 21 September 2006 Learn Lead Support Grow Wollongong Golf Club

2 John Tubridy Acting Director of Schools Learn Lead Support Grow

3 Learning and Teaching Statement 1. Quality learning and teaching are grounded in quality relationships These relationships are often expressed in terms of a partnership between: students and teachers teachers and parents students and students teachers and teachers teachers and pastors individual school communities and the school system

4 Learning and Teaching Statement 2. Quality learning and teaching are enhanced within an environment that is safe yet stimulating, well-organised, and conducive to learning in a variety of ways. 3. Quality learning and teaching are associated with respect for individual differences in students’ cultural and family backgrounds, levels of maturity, personal characteristics and styles of learning. 4. Quality learning and teaching occur in the context of high, but realistic, expectations and healthy self-esteem.

5 Learning and Teaching Statement 5. Quality learning and teaching requires a focus to be maintained on core learning processes. 6. Quality learning and teaching are enhanced when students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, becoming active agents of their own learning. 7. Quality learning and teaching are fostered when students are involved in cooperative learning activities.

6 Learning and Teaching Statement 8. Quality learning and teaching require adequate resources. 9. Quality learning and teaching place student assessment within the learning/teaching process. 10. Quality learning and teaching are both instruments and outcomes of ongoing professional reflection.

7 Values and Practice Statement The School Support Officer accepts and supports the Catholic Educational Philosophy of the school by actively promoting the general aims of Catholic Education and being committed to Christian values and the pastoral care of students and colleagues.

8 Values and Practice Statement Those working in the role of School Support Officer have high expectations of students, respect their social, cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic backgrounds, and are committed to raising their educational achievement.

9 Values and Practice Statement School Support Officers contribute to building and maintaining successful relationships with students and treat them consistently, with respect and consideration, and are concerned for their development as learners. As School Support Officer will be a committed member of a team lead by professional educators.

10 Jane Comensoli Head of Employee Services Learn Lead Support Grow

11 All schools are engaged in change Our intention is to have schools that are focussed on the teaching and learning of students

12 collaboration Culture Pro-active teams representing the entire community

13 Our Intent School Support Officers feel valued and have their work recognised Recognise the significant contribution made by School Support Officers to the running of our schools and to the learning of students in our schools

14 School Support Officers as Role Models You are important adults in the lives of our students

15 Professional Development

16 TAFE Certificate 3 (a nationally recognised qualification) Good First Teaching Count Me In Two PART Training Network Meetings In-Service run by the CEO Professional Development

17 Role Review and Personal/Professional Growth All schools will need to consider what roles are appropriate and what further training and support is required

18 School Support Officer Role and Teacher Role Accountability for learning outcomes of students resides with the teacher Within this there is huge scope for School Support Officers to be involved in supporting the learning and teaching of students, and liaising with parents and caregivers

19 Future Transition for current staff – it’s happening Share the stories New processes for future staff regarding selection, induction and development

20 Exciting, Challenging....

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