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Childrens Hearings System – Modernisation Event Kit Wyeth Head of Childrens Reform Team.

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1 Childrens Hearings System – Modernisation Event Kit Wyeth Head of Childrens Reform Team

2 Partner Engagement Events 5 Events have been held in May & June - Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness & Edinburgh Attendance – approximately 500 in total. Feedback – very positive – everyone found them worthwhile, informative and felt they were able to contribute.

3 Topics Covered at the Events Area Support Teams; Feedback Loop; Local Support; National Convener; and Voice of the Child.

4 Area Support Teams What were the main concerns of Panel Members? Dont want to lose local links/identity. Loss of relationships theyve built up with CPAC/Clerks/Panel Chairs etc. Want to keep existing best practice. Urban versus Rural – different needs

5 Area Support Teams What should be the blend of Paid/Lay Staff? Delegates felt the quality of support was more important than who delivered it.

6 Area Support Teams Should panel members be paid? NO

7 Area Support Teams How many ASTs did delegates reckon was a good number to have? 14

8 Feedback Loop How do you think delegates got on considering what information should be fed back to them via the Feedback loop?

9 Some of the delegates struggled with what information the National Convener should be requesting back from local authorities. They did however unanimously agree that they thought LAs should be upfront about non- implementation of decisions and not wait until the National Convener requested this information. They also expressed concerns about the timely provision of reports for the hearing and the attendance of the relevant social worker. Feedback Loop

10 Frequency/Timing of Feedback Again, no strong consensus from delegates. Dont want to be bombarded with detailed reports But want to be kept updated and be aware of any issues/trends/outcomes that affect CHS. National Convener to provide annual report. Feedback Loop

11 Local Support Didnt capture many detailed or specific examples of arrangements that work particularly well. We should keep – CPAG List of standard procedures, best practice and templates. Keep the functions carried out by Clerks Orkney – has good feedback model re local service gaps; Western Isles – good re-appointment process of panel members.

12 Who attributes to do you think the National Convener should have? Maybe ………

13 Or Perhaps After all women can multi-task …. or so Ive been told!!!

14 Or perhaps a …. Zombie …. After all they wont be getting much sleep!!!

15 Seriously though panel members thought the skills required of the National Convener included: Strong leadership skills; Interpersonal skills; Motivational skills; Excellent communication and negotiating skills. They also felt that: Experience within the system outweighed any need for formal qualification i.e. legal qualification/background was not necessary. National Convener

16 Voice of the Child Identified a number of ways to give children help to understand and participate in the hearings system. They also expressed views that the system already has what it needs to achieve this. But that those in the system need to make better use of what they have.

17 Supporting children before, during and after a hearing is required. They also need to understand the outcome of that process and what it means for them and their families. How do we make this happen? Voice of the Child

18 So how do we achieve this? SG believes that the way to improve things doesnt lie just in legislative change. As much, if not more about changing practice and culture. Its about embedding GIRFEC consistently across Scotland. This remains one of the SGs highest priorities!

19 Finally …. Report from partner engagement events will be published on our website next week. ( We will also be tabling the report at the next meeting of the Strategic Project Board next week.

20 Childrens Hearings Reforms Team Scottish Government 2C North, Victoria Quay Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ Bill enquiries – 0131 244 5409 Communications enquiries – 0131 244 5483

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