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a. doing away with slavery b. helping slave owners

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1 Abolitionists, who were active in the North before the Civil War, believed in what?
a. doing away with slavery b. helping slave owners c. helping the aboriginal peoples d. doing away with alcohol

2 Study the above cartoon
Study the above cartoon. How does this cartoon use bias to express a point of view? a. It shows women in long dresses. b. It shows women happily voting. c. It switches the roles of men and women. d. It exaggerates the meanness of women.

3 Refer to the above cartoon
Refer to the above cartoon. The cartoonist shows the man holding a baby to suggest that ____. a. men should participate in parenting b. men are good providers for their families c. women must teach men how to parent d. voting rights for women feminizes men

4 Which of the following describes a major contribution of Frederick Douglass to American society?
a. helped win passage of the Compromise of 1850 to calm tensions over slavery b. wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin, an attack on slavery c. led a raid on Harpers Ferry to help the abolitionist cause d. traveled widely, speaking out for African American rights

5 Which of the following American leaders spoke these words?
a. William Lloyd Garrison b. Frederick Douglass c. Levi Coffin d. John Brown

6 Read the excerpt from the letter below
Read the excerpt from the letter below. A reasonable conclusion based on this passage is that Abigail Adams supported ____. a. republicanism b. abolition c. temperence d. women’s rights

7 Read the excerpt below. What is the main idea of this passage?
a. Women should have rights equal to those of men. b. There should be as many schools for women as for men. c. Women should have more opportunity to go to college. d. Education of men and women should be the same.

8 The National Woman Suffrage Association was founded by _____ and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1869.
a. Lucretia Mott b. Alice Paul c. Susan B. Anthony d. Lucy Stone

9 At the Seneca Falls Convention, Elizabeth Cady Stanton shocked the delegates by proposing a resolution that women should have the right to ____. a. divorce their husbands b. vote c. attend college d. hold jobs in any field

10 What do the people in the following list have in common?
Sarah Grimke Angelina Grimke Sojourner Truth a They were former slaves and activists. b. They spoke out for the temperance movement c. They were abolitionist speakers. d. They spoke out for prison reform..

11 Read the excerpt below. The women of the Seneca Falls Convention modeled their document on what other important American document? a. Articles of Confederation b. Bill of Rights c. Declaration of Independence d. Constitution

12 Read the excerpt below. What message did Susan B
Read the excerpt below. What message did Susan B. Anthony mean to convey with these words? a. A woman wants a man to support her, but she does not want him to control her. b. It is a woman’s duty to bake the family’s bread and obey her husband c. No man can support a woman as much as she deserves. d. No woman wants a man to support her, because it gives him power over her.

13 Read the following excerpt. What female reformer spoke these words?
a. Ida B. Wells b. Lucretia Mott c. Dorothea Dix d. Sojourner Truth

14 The following passage shows a relationship between what two reform movements?
a. immigration laws and women’s rights b. temperance and abolition c. women’s rights and abolition d. women’s rights and school reform

15 Which of the following was a main goal of the public education reform movement of the mid-1800s?
a. separate schools for African American children b. aid to help poor children attend private schools c. free elementary education for all children d. integration of public schools

16 By the mid-1800s, the consumption of alcohol had declined significantly across the United States. What reform movement helped to achieve this result? a. suffrage c. prison reform b. women’s rights d. temperance

17 2007 OAT QUESTION 13. The women who participated in the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 issued a Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions modeled after the Declaration of Independence. What controversial change was called for in this declaration? A. abolition of slavery B. voting rights for all citizens C. reform of public education D. a ban on alcoholic beverages

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