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Registrar’s Office RO-102 Registration 1. Agenda Advising Registration – The SCOOP – What is the Class Bulletin – What is a CRN number – What HOLDs do.

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1 Registrar’s Office RO-102 Registration 1

2 Agenda Advising Registration – The SCOOP – What is the Class Bulletin – What is a CRN number – What HOLDs do I have – What does this ERROR mean – What is an override – Independent studies and variable credit – And more……. Class Roster Verification Withdraws 2


4 Advising – Who Is My Advisor? Advising depends on your student status and if you have declared a major. 1.Incoming Freshman – Advising is done during Orientation by the perspective college. 2.Continuing Student (Undeclared) – Advising is done in the Advising Center. 3.Continuing Student (Declared major) – Advising is done in the Advising Center for the following: Biology- fewer than 30 Credit Hours Criminology- fewer than 45 Credit Mass Communications- fewer than 45 Credit Hours. Pre-Nursing Psychology- up to 60 Credit Hours Sociology- Core Areas A-E 4.College of Arts and Humanities- Advising happens in the department of major. 5.College of Sciences and Mathematics- Advising happens in the department of major. 6.College of Social Science- Advising happens in the department of major. 7.College of Education- Students will be advised at the College of Education Advising Center. 8.Richard’s College of Business- Students will be advised by designated advisors in their college. 9.eCore- Students taking full online courses through the eCore program should consult the appropriate major advisor for course selection. 10.Pre-Nursing, Nursing and RN-BSN- Tanner Health System School of Nursing Advising Center. 11.Honor’s College and Trans-Disciplinary Programs- All Honor's College students should maintain communication with their Honor's College advisor. 12.All joint enrolled high school students, including The Advanced Academy- Advising is done in the Honors House. 13.Graduate student – Advising is done in the department of the graduate study. 4

5 Advising Holds Each semester an Advising Hold is placed on all undergraduate students. This hold will restrict students from registering without meeting with an advisor. After an advisor meets with a particular student. The advisor is responsible for removing the Advisor Hold. Once removed, the student is eligible to register on BanWeb. *Some Graduate Students may have advising holds. Advising holds are placed on accounts per the request of the Program Directors or College. 5


7 Registration: The SCOOP 7 The SCOOP is online and provides information for students, faculty, and staff about the upcoming semester. Registrar Calendar, Sessions Calendar, eCore Calendar, Exam Schedule, and Standard Class Periods for 3 semesters General Enrollment and Registration Information Distance Education Information Tuition and Financial Information And much more… ….

8 Registration: The Class Bulletin The Class Bulletin is an online tool that allows the student to view the schedule of courses offered per semester. The information in the bulletin is updated immediately if changes occur to the section in Banner. Let’s take a look at the Class Bulletin 8

9 Registration: On-Time Registration vs Open Registration On-Time Registration -Refers to the allotted time slot for currently enrolled students to register based on their class level and last four digits of SSN. Open Registration -Refers to the time period when ANY continuing student can register. Students currently serving a one term suspension, are readmitted, or are admitted as a transient are also eligible to register during Open Registration. **Honor Contracts and Independent Study forms can be turned in during this time as well. Example for Summer/Fall On-Time Registration Dates for Currently Enrolled Students: Current Seniors & all Graduate level students – March 23 Current Juniors ss# ending in 50-99 – March 24 Current Juniors ss# ending in 00-49 – March 25 Current Sophomores ss# ending 50-99 – March 26 Current Sophomores ss# ending 00-49 – March 27 Current Freshmen ss# ending 00-49 – March 30 Current Freshmen ss# ending 50-99 – March 31 9

10 Registration: What is a CRN number? The number in the Class Bulletin that students will need in order to register for a specific course A CRN number is a five digit number that specifies a certain section of a course. Fall Sections – “8xxxx” Spring Sections – “1xxxx” Summer Sections – “5xxxx” These identifying numbers also coordinate with the Banner term identifiers. Examples: – Fall 2015 – “201508” – Spring 2016 – “201501” – Summer 2016 – “201605” 10

11 Registration Examples of holds which will prevent registration: AV – Advising Hold (Advisor) OF – Fall Orientation Hold (Orientation) CY – Learning Community (FYE) OS – Spring Orientation Hold (Orientation) FA – Financial Aid (FA) OR – Summer Orientation Hold (Orientation) FP – Fee Payment (Bursar) IM – Immunization (Health Services) RD- Registration Hold (Registrar) ***Holds can only be removed by the individual or department that placed the hold on the account or the office requesting the hold. 11

12 Registration: Holds Students can view all holds on BanWeb. 12

13 Journey of Registration Initial Steps Advising Look at Class Bulletin Write Down CRN #s On-Time Check for Holds Registration 13

14 Registration Now it’s time to register in BanWeb!! 14

15 Registration 15

16 Registration: Schedule Builder A program accessible through BanWeb that helps students determine their schedule for the upcoming semester. This program does not register the student, but aids them by allowing students to add breaks and select specific courses to generate a schedule to fit their needs. To access: 1.Go to BanWeb, Student Services & Financial Aid, and Registration & Fee Payment. 2.Students are taken out of BanWeb to Schedule Builder. Students must choose a term. 3.Student then must choose a campus or campuses. 4.Next students will choose a Part of Term and an Instruction Mode. 5.Then the student will arrive in Schedule Builder to search for courses. 16

17 Registration Registration Errors Registration errors occur when a particular CRN or Section is restricted from the student. 17

18 18 Common ErrorsMeaningHow to Resolve Class RestrictionThis course is restricted for certain class levels only and your class (FR, SO, JR, SR, GR) prevents registration. Request a class override from the instructor Closed SectionThe maximum number of seats has been reached for this course.Request a seats override from the instructor College RestrictionOnly a declared major of the particular college may register for this course. Request a college restriction override from the department Corq ___ ReqThis course has a co-requisite course that is required to register for. Register for both courses Depart. Approval Required This course requires departmental approval.Contact the department for approval Invalid CRNThis course has the same course number as a course already on your schedule. Contact the instructor for a duplicate course override or contact the Registrar’s Office Level RestrictionUndergraduate students cannot register for graduate level courses. Contact the department Major RestrictionOnly students with selected majors may register for this course.Contact the Department Chair to request an override Maximum Hours Exceeded This error means that you have reached the maximum amount of credit hours (Undergraduates = 18; Graduates = 12). Undergraduates—contact the department for a course overload permission form that must be approved by the Dean of the college of your major; Graduates—Contact the Director of your graduate program and the Director of Graduate Studies for your college to obtain course overload permission. Preq and Test Score Error This course has a pre-requisite which you have not met.Contact the Department Chair for Pre-req overrides Time Conflict with 10670 This course has a time conflict with a course already on your schedule. Choose a different course to prevent this error or contact both professors of the courses for a time conflict override Instructor ApprovalThis course requires the instructor’s approval in order to be registered. Contact the instructor to be granted permission to register for this course HonorsThis course is an honors course and is for honor students only.Contact the Honors College

19 Registration: Registration Overrides Faculty and some staff have the ability to override registration errors. Check with your Department Chair and/or Associate Dean for list of overrides you are allowed to give. 19

20 Registration: Drop/Add Period During the first week of classes, students have the ability to drop or add classes on BanWeb. The Drop/Add Period give students the opportunity to change their schedule for ANY reason. Drop/Add dates are listed on the SCOOP. Courses that are dropped are removed from a student’s record and will not appear on a transcript. ***After the Drop/Add Period, students may no longer add courses. ***After the Drop/Add Period, students may withdraw from a course, which results in no refund, a grade of W or WF, and the course remains on the student’s record/transcript. 20

21 Registration: Fee Payment Deadline Registration is not complete until all tuition and fees are paid in full. Tuition and fees can be paid online using a WebCheck or credit card (2.75% convenience fee if a credit card is used) or in person by cash, check, or money order at the Cashier Window in Aycock Hall. Fee payment deadlines are listed on the Bursar's Office website and in the SCOOP. If tuition and fees are not paid by these deadlines, classes will be dropped from the student's schedule. The Bursar's Office handles all fee payments. 21


23 Roster Verification Why? Roster verification is required in order to ensure proper distribution of financial aid funds. Federal Regulations require Financial Aid Offices to verify that students who get F's in a course actually "earned" the F, as opposed to getting an F because they never attended. (This regulation applies to students who received financial aid to pay for courses). The Financial Aid office uses Roster Verification and the Last Date of Attendance during Grade Reporting to evaluate earned F’s. The Financial Aid Office will contact each professor who assigned a grade of F to a student - IF that professor did not confirm attendance through the existing class roster verification process or at the end of the term during grade reporting. This process will not apply to faculty who verify their class rosters. It will only be used with those whose names show up on the "Did Not Verify Class Roster" list. When? Roster verification is available to professors at the beginning of each session after the add/drop deadline. The Registrar’s Office will notify faculty and staff of these dates via email. These dates are determined by the Financial Aid Office to allow for ample time for financial aid disbursement. How? Roster Verification is completed in BanWeb. Professors are asked to indicate whether a student has Attended or Never Attended. Directions can be found on the Registrar’s Website at: 23

24 Roster Verification 24 What Happens? Once a professor verifies the roster and clicks Submit. Every student’s account will populate either “ATTEND” or “NEVER”. If a student is marked “NEVER” the system will generate an email to the student and professor. A student marked as NEVER ATTEND (NA) will receive a “W” grade for the course. Periodically, the Registrar’s Office runs a process that will look at every student with “NEVER” status, and change their course status to Never Attend and award the grade of “W”. This process will generate another email to the student and the professor. “The student below has withdrawn from the course indicated and awarded a grade of “W.” If this information is not correct, please contact the Registrar's Office immediately at”

25 Roster Verification In addition to Roster Verification in BanWeb, Faculty members can use Grades First to report students that are not engaged. This process is controlled by the Advising Center and is not a part of Roster Verification nor is it affiliated with the Registrar’s Office. Faculty members can assist students falling behind in class through reporting in Grades First. This process, Early Alert - Early Intervention, is one of the recommendations that came from the President's Special Commission to Improve Graduation Rates. Please contact the Advising Center for more information. 25


27 Withdrawal: Withdrawal vs. Drop Withdrawal No longer active in class Will remain on Roster with status of withdrawn Receives a “W” grade before Midpoint, “WF” after Midpoint Course stays on student’s transcript as a withdrawal No refunds for withdrawing from one course Drop No longer active in class Will be removed from the Roster No grade is awarded Course will not show on student’s transcript May result in a refund if fees have already been paid 27

28 Withdrawal After the initial drop/add period has passed, students can officially “withdraw” from a class by the withdrawal deadline. Before the mid-point of a term, a withdrawal equals a grade of “W” and will not affect the student’s GPA. After the mid-point and withdrawal deadline for a term or session, a withdrawal equals a grade of “WF” and will count the same as an “F” in the student’s GPA. If a student withdraws via BanWeb. The system will generate an email to the student and professor. 28

29 Withdrawal Notification Email Example 29

30 Withdrawal Withdrawing from UWG Withdrawing from courses, but NOT ALL courses- The student can go to their BanWeb account to Withdraw from a course. Withdrawing from ALL Courses- The student must fill out a Complete Withdrawal Form and receive the appropriate Advisor or Director Signature as indicated on the form. The Complete Withdrawal Form can be found at: df df – Appropriate Signatures: Undergraduate students must complete the information and take the form to the Advising Center to meet with an advisor. Online undergraduate students should complete the form and contact (phone, email) the Advising Center. Graduate students must take the form to the director of their graduate program. Online graduate students should phone or email the director of their graduate program to complete the withdrawal process. 30

31 s Withdrawal Process (from course(s) but not ALL courses) 31 In BanWeb Click “Withdraw From Classes” tab Select the correct term Click “ I have read and acknowledge these terms” to proceed Select the Course to be Withdrawn from Click Yes Student has withdrawn from the selected course The student and instructor of record will receive message to their UWG email accounts once withdrawn. Subject of the email is “Withdrawal Notification.”

32 Withdrawal: Hardship Withdrawal A Hardship Withdrawal is an exception that permits a student to withdraw from all courses after the official Drop/Add period during the semester. A Hardship Withdrawal is an exception based on unusual or emergency circumstances beyond the student’s control, and the student must withdraw from all classes during the current term. 32

33 Withdrawal: Process of Hardship Withdrawal The student seeking a hardship withdrawal must initiate the request through either Health Services (Physical) or Counseling Services (Psychological or Personal). Professional staff will make a determination for the request for hardship withdrawal. Final Approval for students with a declared major, Dean of the College (or her/his designate); for undeclared students, Honors College. If the request is granted, the student will receive a W for each course. Academic office notifies the Registrar’s Office and the paperwork is processed. 33

34 Refunds If the student is entitled to a refund, the student should contact the Bursar’s Office, located in Aycock Hall. The Bursar’s Office can inform the student of when the refund will be disbursed to the student’s HigherOne Account. 34

35 Refunds “Refunds for a complete withdrawal (all courses) will be based on a pro rata percentage determined by dividing the number of calendar days in the semester that the student completed by the total number of calendar days in a semester. There is no refund for a partial withdrawal from the University. Financial aid refund recipients may be required to repay a portion of federal or state financial aid received or credited to their account if the student withdraws. 35

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