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NURSING APPLICATIONS, RESUMES & COVER LETTERS. APPLICATIONS- What do I need to apply? Fill out the online application through the hospital or employers.

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2 APPLICATIONS- What do I need to apply? Fill out the online application through the hospital or employers web page You will need: A list of your past positions with date ranges and supervisor information A Resume Possibly a Cover Letter Possibly Letters of Recommendation (2-3) Possibly asked to complete a short essay questions Possibly asked to complete a “personality test” Be eligible to apply Meet their minimum qualifications Start date falls after you have graduated and successfully taken the NCLEX

3 RESUMES – What to include? Your name and contact information A Summary Statement or Summary of Qualifications (Not an Objective Statement) A summary sets the stage for details that follow Highlights your key transferrable skills and experience Written version of “Tell Me About Yourself” Objective Statement: To be part of a dynamic healthcare team committed to excellence in patient care A position in the Medical Surgical Unit Summary Statement: Bilingual (English/Spanish) BSN graduate with an extensive background in diverse, fast paced, team oriented settings Summary of Qualifications Proficient as a leader on the front line who acts as a filter for upper management while ensuring processes are enforced and goals are met Exceptional customer service skills Efficient planner, developer and reducer of expenses

4 RESUMES – What to include? How to write a Summary: Try using this Summary Template: “A (an)___(A)___and___(A)___ ___(B)____who___(C)___and ___(C)____. Expertise includes _____, _____and_____. Proficient in ____,_____ and______.” A.Adjective (pick 2) Conscientious, careful, thorough, diligent Creative, imaginative, artistic, inventive Dedicated, devoted, committed Dependable, reliable, trustworthy, loyal Tireless Hardworking, diligent, tenacious Honest, truthful, sincere, candid Innovative, inventive Attentive to detail Proficient with computers B. Noun (pick 1) Customer Service Representative Employee, team member Problem solver Professional (specify if desired) Salesperson Supervisor, leader, Manager Team player, team member Worker Investigator Manager C. Action Verb (pick 2) Achieves consistent results Drives sales Promotes improved methods Develops strong working relationships Works well with others Learns quickly Meets all deadlines Motivates others Instills customer loyalty Solves tough problems Produces quality work Encourages team effort

5 Education SMU degree and previous degree or degrees Clinical Site Information (include hours?) Awards? Licenses/Certifications Can include anticipated certifications & licenses Work Experience Contributions and accomplishment related to “Transferrable Skills” Customer Service Communication Skills Teamwork Success under Stressful Circumstances Cultural Competency Critical Thinking (ie: problem solving) Prioritization and Multitasking Compassion RESUMES – What to include?

6 Leadership Experience Community Service and/or Volunteer Experience Awards/Scholarships Professional and Service Organizations Languages or Other Accomplishments RESUMES – What to include?

7 Clear, easy to read format Large margins - plenty of white space Reasonable type size Relevant information Strong accomplishment statements Results-focused Start each bullet with an action verb Past tense verbs Do not use the word “I”, write in 3 rd person Max 2 pages for those that have had a previous career Max1 page for those that recently received 1 st Bachelors No gimmicks No spelling or grammatical errors RESUMES – Formatting Best Practices

8 Focus on accomplishments and contributions Examples? Translate your previous experience into “nurse speak” Do not use jargon related to your previous industry Don’t be shy! Follow up and make contact! Call HR if you have a question! Create a portfolio Did you create a poster that was accepted for a poster presentation? Shrink it down and include it in a folder with your resume, cover letter and letters of rec. Tailor your resume for the institution or the position Research and include relevant key words from the job description or the institution’s website RESUMES – How to stand out!

9 RESUMES – Red Flags Too many jobs for short durations Address in the cover letter Gaps in employment and/or education Address this in the cover letter Multiple errors Have many people review your resume Discrepancies between online application and resume Give yourself plenty of time to complete the application to avoid errors

10 A cover letter should accomplish these three basic objectives: 1.Introduce yourself and express your interest in the job 2. Describe your qualifications and how they will benefit the company Research the institution in order to align your goals with theirs 3. Request an interview and suggest follow-up In addition it’s an opportunity to… Mention things you’re not able to include on resume Address any red flags in your job history COVER LETTERS – Why?

11 Letters of Recommendation How many? You will need to get at least 2-3 letters of rec Stanford requires 3 letters from clinical instructors From who? Clinical Instructors, Preceptors and Theory Instructors How do I get them? SF Learning Center process for full time faculty Respectful/Professional email or phone to Adjunct faculty Letters are a privilege not a right…

12 RESOURCES One on One appointments Need to complete first draft of resume Email to make an appointment Books in the library You’re Hired by Brenda Brozek, MAOL, RN


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