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Creating a Resume.

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1 Creating a Resume

2 Competencies Participants will gain knowledge and skills on how to effectively assist job seekers in obtaining and retaining a meaningful job. Participants will have knowledge of basic job search skills. Participants will have knowledge and skills of how to do research using automation .

3 Objectives Practice Critiquing Resumes
Explain Resume Writing Guidelines and Styles

4 Resumes Format Guidelines Content

5 Resume Formats Chronological Functional Combination Always Targeted

6 Chronological Advantages Widely Used Logical Flow / Easy to Read
Shows Skill, Responsibility, & Growth Shows Promotion & Titles Demonstrates Company Loyalty

7 Chronological Disadvantages Points Out Employment Gaps
Highlights Frequent Job Changes Emphasizes Lack of Related Experience Shows Demotions / Career Set Backs

8 Functional Advantages Emphasizes Skills Over Employment
Organizes a Variety of Experience Disquises Gaps in Work Record or Series of Short Term Jobs

9 Functional Disadvantages Viewed With Suspicion By Employers
De-emphasizes Growth / Job Titles

10 Combination Advantages Combines Skills Highlights Most Relevant Skills
De-emphasizes Less Relevant Jobs Minimizes Gaps & Unrelated Experience

11 Combination Disadvantages Confusing if Not Well Organized
Requires More Effort & Creativity to Prepare

12 Targeted Resumes Advantages Disadvantages Personalized to Company
Shows Research More Impressive Addresses Employer Needs Time Consuming to Prepare Confusing if Not Well Organized Should Revise For Each Employer

13 Resume Components Objective Summary Key Skills / Areas of Expertise
Experience / Employment Education / Training Volunteer Experience

14 Objective An objective statement (in a targeted resume) is a sentence that details the job you are applying for and a company name. For Example: Seeking a position as an Assistant Chef with Riverfront Restaurant.

15 Summary A summary statement provides the business with a snapshot of your qualifications and what makes you the best candidate for the position.

16 Summary For Example: A resourceful, results-driven professional with over 7+ years of experience including: project management, sales, marketing support, customer service, and administration. A strong communicator who understands business core values and is adept at building client relationships and providing excellent customer experiences. A life-long learner who has a passion for exploring new aspects of business.

17 Key Skills / Areas of Expertise
Also known as Summary of Qualifications, this section emphasizes the main points of a person’s expertise. It is a condensed glance of skills and accomplishments that directly relate to the position.

18 Key Skills / Areas of Expertise
For Example: 7+ years successful sales experience Well organized and thorough in completing project in a timely manner Establishes excellent relations with customer, building loyal repeat business

19 Key Skills / Areas of Expertise
For Example: Receiving Customer Service Management Purchasing Delivery Stock Control Inventory Document Control Warehousing

20 Experience / Employment
This section focuses on accomplishments and skills related to the position and company. They should begin with action verbs and can be bullet statements for readability.

21 Experience / Employment SAR Method
Situation A Action R Result Implied

22 Experience / Employment SAR Method
For Example: Created a team of 10 people to review insurance transactions which improved the accuracy of claims by 55%. The situation implied is insurance claims were not processed accurately.

23 Experience / Employment SAR Examples
Produced over 15 fashion shows to showcase merchandise. Arranged for photography and design of all advertising images, boosting sales to $600,000. Developed on-line newsletter with staff of three. Newsletters delivered through 3rd party software, resulting in 400% increase in client interaction.

24 Education / Training Include relevant training and classes
List degrees/certificates Use simple descriptions and bullets

25 Education / Training For Example: B.S. Engineering, Utah State
Electro Magnetics, U.S. Navy

26 Volunteer Experience Only include extracurricular activities that relate to the position Shows community involvement and locational stability

27 Cover Letters “Resumes should show you can do the work required, while cover letters should show you want to do the work required”

28 Cover Letter Tips Targeted Standard Business Format
Don’t Repeat Resume Proofread Examples

29 References Ask permission to use someone
Inform them of the position you are seeking Make sure they all have professional contact information Give them a copy of your resume Do not include on resume unless requested by company

30 References Have several names ready Want to rotate names
Use both professional and personal Co-workers, supervisors, vendors or customers, professors, clergy, etc.

31 Questions?

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