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SELLING IS: Assisting the Customer in Making a Wise Buying Decision.

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1 SELLING IS: Assisting the Customer in Making a Wise Buying Decision


3 Types of Customers: decided undecided just-looking


5 Salespeople Can Provide Assistance To Their Customers By: Asking questions Assisting customer in selecting product Demonstration product features Explaining customer benefits Answering customer objections Asking the customer to buy Suggesting additional merchandise Reassuring the customer

6 What to Learn About Your Products or Services Appearance Material composition Manufacturing process Uses of product Performance of product Service of product Care of product Product brands Price of product Product competition Related items

7 Sources of Product Information merchandise itself salespeople customers personal experience merchandise publications other sources

8 B U S I NESS “In business, the U comes before the I.”

9 PURPOSE OF THE APPROACH: Welcome the customer Gain the customer’s confidence and trust Direct the customer’s attention to the product

10 TYPES OF CUSTOMER APPROACHES Merchandise approach Welcome approach Service approach

11 QUALIFYING YOUR CUSTOMER Observe your customer Give a selling statement Ask questions Listen to your customer

12 PRINCIPLES OF EFFECTIVE LISTENING Prepare to listen Stop talking and listen Pay attention Look and act interested Don’t interrupt Give customer time to think Use listening responses Practice listening

13 Prepare the Feature-Benefit Sales Presentation by: Determining what to say Determining what to do

14 STEPS IN PLANNING A FEATURE- BENEFIT SALES PRESENTATION STEP 1Identify your product features. STEP 2Learn your product’s performance and what it will do for the customer. STEP 3Translate product features into buyer benefits. STEP 4Develop qualifying questions to determine your customer’s buying motives.

15 A Product Feature… is anything you can: -See or hear -Feel or touch -Smell or taste answers the question: What is It?

16 A Buyer Benefit… Is a gain, satisfaction, or personal benefit received by the customer. Answers the question: What does it mean to me? Or how will I benefit?

17 HOW TO TRANSLATE PRODUCT FEATURES INTO BUYER BENEFITS 1.List the product features. 2.Determine what each feature will do for the customer. 3.Explain how your customer will benefit from the product performance.

18 TYPES OF QUALIFYING QUESTIONS WHO will use the product? WHAT does your customer expect from the product? WHERE will the product be used? HOW will the product be used? WHEN is the product needed? WHAT are your customer’s likes and dislikes?


20 Buying Decision Objections product Place Price Time quantity

21 HOW TO ANSWER CUSTOMER OBJECTIONS Listen to the objection Pause before answering Show empathy for your customer Restate the objection Answer the objection

22 Techniques for Answering Objections Yes, but Direct denial Superior point Boomerang Question Demonstration Third-party Close on an objection


24 CLOSING TECHNIQUES Ask-Your-Customers-To-Buy Close Choice Close Assumption Close Advantages-and-Disadvantages Close Premium Close Last-Chance-To-Buy Close Standing-Room-Only Close Testimonial Close Objection Close Related-Merchandise Close Others

25 Suggestion Selling Is… A personal service to the customer. A reminder to customers of needed merchandise. A help to customers in satisfying their needs and wants. A benefit to the business, salesperson, and customer.

26 Business Benefits From Suggestion Selling Through… Increased profits Better satisfied customers Improved store image Better satisfied salespeople

27 WHAT TO SUGGEST TO YOUR CUSTOMERS Related Merchandise New Merchandise Larger Quantities of Merchandise Better Quality Merchandise Merchandise Specials Merchandise for Special Occasions

28 How To Make Customer Suggestions Close the original sale first Make the suggestion from the customer’s point of view Make a specific suggestion Demonstrate the benefits of the suggested merchandise

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