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The Sales Process.

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1 The Sales Process

2 The Steps of a Sale Preapproach Approaching the customer
Determining needs Presenting the product

3 The Steps of a Sale Handling questions and objections Closing the sale
Suggestions selling Reassuring and following up

4 The Preapproach-Getting ready to sell.
Finding new customers by prospecting Retail sales not a prevalent because the customers come into the store. Important for the salesperson to open new accounts to generate sales volume.

5 Sources and Methods of Prospecting
Employer leads Telephone Directories Trade and Professional Directories Newspapers Commercial Lists Customer Referrals Cold Canvassing

6 Preparing for the Sale Industrial Sales Analyze past sales records.
View notes about the personal aspects of the customer. Qualify new customers. Inquire with other salespeople who are with non-competing lines.

7 Preparing for the Sale Industrial Sales
Ask questions in a pre-visit phone call. Make an appointment to see the prospect in order to have time to explain the features of your product.

8 Preparing for the Sale Retail Sales
The customer comes to you, so most of the preparation is in the retail store. Stockkeeping and housekeeping duties are important. Learn about the merchandise and the prices of the merchandise.

9 Approaching the Customer
First impressions count; if a customer is turned off by the approach it will be difficult to win him or her over. Be alert to what interests the customer. Establish rapport.

10 Approaching the Customer
Be aware of the customer’s buying style. Follow good guidelines for establishing a positive relationship with customers.

11 The Approach in Industrial Sales
Setup an appointment during the preapproach, and arrive early to the appointment. Introduce yourself, smile, and shake hands.

12 The Approach in Industrial Sales
Engage in small talk to build a relationship with the customer. Comment on important things to keep the customer interested.

13 The Approach in Retail Sales
Service Approach Method “May I help you” Appropriate when the customer is obviously in a hurry or you are simply an order taker. Ineffective in most situations; you lose control of the sales situation.

14 The Approach in Retail Sales
Greeting Approach Method “Good afternoon, Mr. Wright” or an appropriate personal comment. This approach begins conversation and establishes a positive rapport. Do not focus on the merchandise.

15 The Approach in Retail Sales
Merchandise Approach Method The salesperson makes a comment or asks questions about a product that the customer is looking at. Ask questions about the item. Usually the most effective approach because it immediately focuses attention on the merchandise.

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