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Understand preliminary activities associated with selling

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1 Understand preliminary activities associated with selling

2 Employee training and development
Product knowledge Training: To inform by instruction, discipline, or drill. Formal training: Training provided by the company in a class or workshop setting This type of training most often takes place in B2B (Business to Business) selling. Informal training: Takes place on the sales floor in retail operations A new associate may be paired with an experience associate who will describe the merchandise and selling techniques.

3 Employee training and development
Product knowledge cont. On your own: Some organizations do not provide training. In this case, an associate must learn on their own. The more knowledgeable a salesperson is successful sales will result. Top salespeople continue to learn about products on their own.

4 Four main sources of information include:
The product itself. Salespeople may be given samples of the products to try. Printed resources. Care tags, content labels, and users’ manuals. Other sources include manufacturer’s, trade journals, and consumer publications. The Internet. Search using keywords or search engines such as Google or Yahoo. People. Those who have previous experience with your product are a valuable source of information. Ask customers about their previous experiences and how the product compares to competitors

5 Employee training and development
Sales techniques Attention: Get the attention of your customer through advertising or prospecting. Interest: Build interest using an emotional appeal (i.e. family, friends, and boss). Desire: Build desire by highlighting product features. Conviction: Increase desire by sharing testimonials and proving the worth of the product. Action: Encourage the customer to buy, ask for the sale

6 Employee training and development
Ethical behavior: Effective salespeople should build trust with customer by being honest and responsible Behaviors that are considered unethical include: Overselling the product, promising more than the product or company can deliver Lying about the competition to make the sale Providing false testimonials

7 Preapproach And Prospecting
Preparing for face-to-face customer interaction Salespeople gain product knowledge, study trends, competitors, and identify potential customers

8 Preapproach And Prospecting
Prospect - A potential customer. Prospects are most common in B2B selling situations. Prospects, or leads, come from: Employers Directories Telephone directories Trade and professional directories Newspapers Commercial lists Customer referrals

9 Preapproach And Prospecting
Two Types Of Prospecting Endless chain method: Salespeople ask previous customers for names of potential customers. Cold canvassing: Salespeople attempt to locate as many potential customers as possible without checking out leads beforehand Salespeople may go door-to-door or may select names from a telephone directory.

10 Preparation For B2B And Retail Selling
Preapproach depends on whether the customer is a new prospect or an existing customer. For new prospects the salesperson must do background research to determine needs and financial standing. For existing customers, the salesperson must review past notes and history about past purchasing habits.

11 Preparation For B2B And Retail Selling
The preapproach in the retail environment Retail associates are responsible for preparing the merchandise and work areas. Straightening, rearranging, and replenishing stock Adjusting price tickets Learning the location and current availability of stock Arranging displays Vacuuming and dusting

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