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Auto Theft Introduction

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2 Auto Theft Introduction
Current Auto Theft Squad roster: Sergeant Debbie Backstrom Detectives: Hiro Yamashita Mannie Quinonez Dan Kirchmeier Michelle Barker ASA 2 Tracey Puffer 

3 Crime Focus - Auto Theft (5 Min)
Auto Theft Trends Lesson Learned Auto Theft Screenings Chop Shops and Drop Locations Pro Active Investigations

4 Year to Date Monthly Average
Auto Theft Precinct Year to Date Monthly Average Jan - April 2012 2013 2014 Year to Date % of Change* North 102 131 194 32% West 56 58 76 25% East 48 36 62 43% South 51 52 81 36% Southwest 38 47 42 -11% Number compiled from GO Events; As reported by T Puffer (Averages above .5 are rounded up) *Percent of change calculated from actual number of incidents not the averages

5 Auto Theft Trends Vehicle Thefts of any vehicle started with “jiggler” key. Involved vehicles are: Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Saab, Nissan Vehicle’s recovered with stolen items from burglaries, car prowls, and mail theft Subaru Legacy station wagon is a favorite Vehicle’s stolen with keys. Warming up in wintertime (“Puffer”), Valet, Burglary, Keys left in vehicle (spare key or construction worker to ease movement), unattended keys Rise in License plate thefts. Caused by use of ALPR. Switch from unsuspecting owner of similar vehicle. Unknown victim until contact from police. Returning with stolen keys at another time

6 “Jiggler” Keys

7 “Bump” Keys

8 Lessons Learned Efficient use of personnel. Use of Master cases to consolidate cases. Fingerprint cases Marginal arrest cases, does not meet KCPA guidelines-no evidence of theft Working with Burglary Theft Squads and outside agencies. Recent Bellevue PD information sharing of Kyle D, a suspect who victimized both cities. Share information via Criminal information Bulletins, Homicide Investigation Tracking (HITS State Attorney General), Burglary Auto Theft (BAT list).

9 Auto Theft Screenings Continue with screening. New SPD protocol regarding the theft of vehicles by known suspect, often a family member or ex spouse. Craigslist Investigations-usually not successful. Civil Property Dispute between unmarried couples. Question of having a “tenable claim” to the vehicle Officer safety issue, also relieves SPD from civil liability for false arrest. Screenings take from one hour to several days Number of screenings down due to effect of new SPD policy

10 Chop Shops & Drop Locations
Have worked a small chop shop in South Seattle. VIN switched vehicles. Crime analysis has more information as to drop locations. Due to the volume of reports it is difficult for Sergeant to see anything other than obvious patterns. Patrol Officers

11 Pro Active Investigations
Above chop shop Subaru thief and narcotics user. Worked with Bellevue PD. Has sold 12 stolen cars to scrap yards since Filed with KCPA on three occasions. Catch 22, still no decision. Bryan T Allen B and Jason P F 7300 block 16 AVE SW. Use of Major Crimes Task Force

12 Contact Numbers Auto Theft Squad 206-684-8940
Sergeant Backstrom Auto Theft Admin: T Puffer

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