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BCT 100 Overview of the Construction Industry. BCT 100 Research Papers Are Due Today.

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1 BCT 100 Overview of the Construction Industry

2 BCT 100 Research Papers Are Due Today

3 BCT 100 Final Exam is next week, December 7, 2009

4 BCT 100 History of Construction Management

5 The Ancient Egyptians were among the first to record the names of key individuals in a society who were not royalty or members of government. The pyramids are among the first and certainly the grandest of construction management projects. To this day we theorize on the methods utilized by builders to construct these huge monuments.

6 Step Temple, Zaharra, Egypt

7 Ancient Egyptian Sculpture of Imhotep

8 The Project Manager Imhotep has been credited as the first recorded name of an architect. Imhotep is actually translated from ancient Egyptian as Builder, and his talent was clearly as a construction manager as much as it was as an architect.

9 BCT 100 The Acropolis, Athens, Greece

10 History of Construction Management The Ancient Greeks utilized a construction management system very similar to the traditional Design/Bid/Build system that we use today. The individual components of a building were sent out to bid, and contracts for the work awarded to individuals

11 BCT 100 Chartres Cathedral, France

12 History of Construction Management The French during the Middle Ages expressed the Power of God and the Church through the erection of huge Gothic Cathedrals. The process often took one or two hundred years or more to complete one of these giant structures. No architect was involved. No detailed plans were developed. The Construction Manager was a job that took a lifetime, and was then passed on to the next. This was done many times during the construction of just one building.

13 BCT 100 Il Duomo, Florence, Italy

14 History of Construction Management Philipo Brunelleschi was awarded the contract to complete the dome on the Cathedral in Florence, based upon his ‘Secret Plan’ to build an unsupported dome over the transept of the building. He had no real construction experience before this project He utilized a double dome solution, one inner made of wood, and one outer made of brick and tile The dome has stood for nearly 600 years

15 BCT 100 Il Duomo Model of Inner and Outer Domes

16 BCT 100 The Crystal Palace, London, England 1850

17 History of Construction Management Joseph Paxton, a gardener, came up with the idea of creating an exhibition hall that was light weight and could be erected quickly from pre-fabricated parts He worked with a structural engineer and the building was erected in two years It is credited as one of the most influential structures erected at the dawn of the industrial revolution After the exposition, it was disassembled and moved, then re-erected.

18 BCT 100 The Crystal Palace, London, England 1850

19 BCT 100 The Crystal Palace, London, England 1850

20 BCT 100 Fire Consumed the Crystal Palace in 1936

21 BCT 222 Gustav Eiffel

22 Gustav Eiffel was an engineer, who had successfully designed and supervised the construction of several iron bridges in France and around Europe.

23 The war had been over for months. The B-25 would be flying at 250 mph.

24 When he could not secure insurance for the project, Eiffel underwrit the project with his own money, in exchange for the ticket sales from visitors for the next 20 years.

25 They moved very fast

26 The Project Manager Today Pre Construction: Contract Review / Cost Estimation / Scheduling Construction Phase Wrap Up / Close Out Building Use Begins/ House Calls Begin

27 The Project Manager The Project Manager Must Understand in Detail: Delivery System Type / Bid Process Resident on Site vs. Remote Office Management Documentation: Reports, Records, Requests Drawings and Specifications Construction Laws, Labor Law and Relations, Construction Safety Law and Practice

28 The Project Manager Team Management, Meeting Protocols Liability and Risk / Insurance / Bonding Construction Planning Process / Costs / Schedules / Critical Items / Critical Path Construction Operations / Value Engineering / Payment Process and Procedures Construction Materials and Methods / Workmanship Standards / Site Organization

29 The Project Manager Changes / Additional Work / Change Orders / Site Instructions Disputes / Claims and Differences / Resolution / Arbitration vs. Litigation Project Closeout / Guarantees / Damages for Delay / Punch List / Liens / Final Payment /

30 Scheduling / Contract Time Review the Critical Path Place Milestone Dates on an Approved Critical Path Diagram Review Criteria for Time Extensions with the Design Team Representative Agree on the format for submission/approval of extensions

31 Schedules – Overall and Progress Tie your Subs to the same schedule as is in your contract. Prepare 3 week out schedules to track progress

32 Documentation Construction Progress Record Construction Reports Construction Diary Document Special Events / Injuries / Violations / Inspections Submittals / Samples / Shop Drawings Construction Photographs Filing Systems Construction Drawings / Specs / Sketches

33 Project Documentation Keep your documents organized and up to date, or be prepared for a world of pain

34 Regulatory Documentation The Building Permit is prominently displayed. The job is now officially underway.

35 Site Setup Getting Setup must take place while you a busy taking care of a thousand other things

36 Construction Planning / Setup Site Layout: Survey Crew Identify Existing Requiring Protection, Including Landscape Items Install Power, Water, Lighting, Fire Prot. Install Portable Toilet Facilities Post all OSHA Requirements, etc. Establish Safety Protocols, Equipment Place Leash and Collar on Site Superintendent

37 Construction Operations Time and Cost Management Space Management / Crew Locations and Storage Change Orders Requests for Information Payment Requests

38 The Construction Phase Once Construction Begins, Plans Begin to Change

39 The Construction Phase The Project Manager’s Role Understanding the Game Plan and Managing People and Processes to Implement the Plan Maintaining Flexibility for when things fail to follow the plan Modifications to the Plan – Keep Everyone in the Loop Except when Interests are best served by keeping People Out Of the Loop

40 The Construction Phase Keeping Organized Yourself, and Everyone Else

41 The Construction Phase Wall Cladding Systems Understanding and Interpreting New Details

42 The Construction Phase Materials and Workmanship Understanding of Basic Systems Critical Thinking Skills to Understand and Interpret Information Provided by Others Working Knowledge of the Materials and Methods of Construction which you have agreed to supply and install

43 The Construction Phase Learning New Materials and Systems Custom Metal Panel Cladding System

44 The Construction Phase Systems Integration Coordination of Sub-Contractors

45 The Construction Phase Problem Solving Problems will Develop. How problems are managed often determines the success or failure of a project.

46 When Communication Fails: The Hyatt Regency Hotel Disaster

47 The lobby of the Kansas City Hyatt Regency Hotel and the skybridges which connect the upper levels of the hotel to the convention center

48 The Skybridge Original Design called for a single rod, supporting the weight of each walkway held up by the bolts.

49 The substitution: Two rods rather than one. This solution puts the loading of the lower walkway on the upper box beam rather than the rod, effectively doubling the loading on the upper box beam. The size of the beam was never re- calculated to account for this increase in loading.

50 The price for this substitution would be 114 dead, and over 200 seriously injured.

51 The Hyatt Regency Disaster

52 The two skybridges pancaked on top of one another

53 The devastation, and a detail photo of one of the deformed box beams.

54 Catastrophic structural failure often occurs without warning, and is over in seconds.

55 The deformation that existed in the forensic analysis clearly was caused prior to the structure hitting the ground

56 The smoking gun. The bolt is still in position on the threaded rod

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