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2 Introduction What on earth is a submittal and why should I care?

3 Theory There’s a hard division between design & construction.
The Designer controls all design decisions. The Contractor controls all means & methods decisions. The Inspector looks for compliance. Design by Designer Means & Methods by Contractor

4 Reality Contractors assume many design-completion responsibilities.
Design by Designer Means & Methods by Contractor Design/Build systems (e.g. Fire Sprinklers) “Or Equal” component choices and consequences Substitution of components or systems (e.g. precast for cast-in-place) Detailed fabrication and manufacturing techniques Support and attachment engineering Adopted system design (e.g., roofing)

5 Proscriptive Specifications
Pick which thing you want to buy Why tell the designer? “Or Equal” laws Substitution procedures Bearing the consequences of a choice “But I really love this one better”

6 Performance Specifications
Design your system or component to meet the design requirements Design is a sloppy process When is the design good enough, thorough enough, redundant enough? When the design won’t work When other disciplines get involved

7 What is the purpose of product data submittals, samples and shop drawings?
For the architect/engineer to verify that the correct products and equipment will be installed on the project; selection of colors, patterns, types of materials; verification of details; furnishing of dimensions.

8 Purpose of Submittals “Submittals contain information concerning products and equipment that are to be used in the project. Submittals provide a means by which the architect/engineer and owner can confirm the intent of the design.” If the contract requires it. AGC and AIA do.

9 Submittal Review Process
As documented in the specifications a detailed tracking of all required submittals. A specific approval process. Identification and timely approval of critical submittals. Release for delivery or fabrication. A very complex process detailed in the specifications.

10 The Submittal Review Process
Reviewed Rejected Furnish as Noted Revise and Resubmit A typical architect-engineers submittal review stamp will say with above marked- This review is only for general conformance with the design concept of the project and general compliance with the information given in the Contract Documents. Corrections or comments made on the shop drawings during this review do not relieve the contractor from compliance with the requirements of the plans and specifications. Approval of a specific item shall not include approval of an assembly of which the item is a component. Contractor is responsible for: dimensions to be confirmed and correlated at the job site; information that pertains solely to the techniques, sequences and procedures of construction; coordination of his or her work with that of all other trades, and for performing all work in a safe and satisfactory manner. Date: _________ By: _____________________

11 Types of Submittals Depends on the Specifications or Documents

12 The submittal review process
(Vendor) (Contractor) (Designer) (Vendor) Prepare Review Approve Manufacture/ Submittals  Vendor Submittal  Submittal  fabricate work  Lead Delivery Time  to jobsite  Installation The submittal log. The review process, approved, rejected or as noted. The role of the designer and contractor. Vendor can mean supplier, subcontractor or contractor.








20 The Submittal Process The process and discipline of administering submittals is straightforward: Read the contract process requirements Identify all submittals Categorize all submittals by type Identify subcontractor responsibility for scope Identify schedule requirements, then assign priorities and sequencing Meet and confirm the designer’s expectations for the process, deliverables, and priorities Introduce subcontractors and designers, and establish design team preferences on major performance specification elements

21 The Submittal Process Distribute the submittal plan – lists, the schedule, the process and preference – to all subcontractors or vendors. Screen every submittal for readiness, then review for compliance before forwarding to the designer. Dissect re-submittals, confirm shortcomings, keep everyone on the hook, don’t let them become invisible. Track all submittals through the entire process – including closeout – react to issues. Use a distribution matrix to circulate approved submittals to the right parties and into the field Manage the process – hold everyone to the schedule, resolve process issues and bottlenecks, create consequences (e.g., escalating nasty phone calls to letters to progress payment withholdings.)

22 Friday Lecture Review Is free better? Your role as an architect
What's better a manufacturer or trade association?

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