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Project Close Out CTC-470.

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1 Project Close Out CTC-470

2 Close out process Process of completing all construction tasks and all documentation to close out contract and consider job complete Can go on for year after CO 4 main categories

3 Construction Closeout
Ensure all construction tasks completed as per contract Punch List of deficiencies made during pre final inspection F 21-1 May have many punch lists – one from each CSI number PM should only get one Punch list w/ everything Pre-inspection needs to occur early enough so that GC can complete work before owner moves in Hard to determine who caused damage once owner in building

4 Construction Closeout
Punch list prepared after all major work activities complete GC & subs should complete all punch list items within 2 weeks As completed punch list items are checked off and verified by A/E A/E notifies owner when all items corrected Out of scope punch list items GC not responsible needs to get Change order before doing any out of scope work

5 Construction Closeout
Obtain certificate of substantial completion and CO Certificate of substantial completion F21-2 Issued by A/E States that building is usable for its intended purpose but may be deficiencies that need to be corrected Copy of corrected punch list should be attached to certificate Ends GC liability for liquidated damages – contract date is for substantial completion

6 Construction Closeout
Certificate of occupancy F21-3 Issued by the city, county, municipality that issued building permit Indicates that all code related issues have been accounted Building is approved and safe to use Fire Marshall inspection – vital part of CO If some work not completed – not related to life safety- GC posts bond to guarantee completion

7 Occupancy Owner occupies as soon as permitted
Can have joint occupancy – owner occupies part of building while GC finishes other part Can cause problems Need to have meeting with owner to get plan on how work will proceed

8 Construction Closeout
Demobilizing Expensive Need to clean up project site Close project office Remove equipment & materials Disconnect temp utilities Contact vendors to close accounts Project staff phased out Project files taken to main office

9 Financial Closeout Application for Final Payment
Submitted at final completion Submitted after punch list completed and all documentation handed in Asks for release of retention as well as payment for any work completed since last payment Final lien waiver accompanies application Lien Waivers GC must submit final and unconditional lien waiver to owner Owner will require same from all subs

10 Financial Closeout Change Orders
All change orders and construction change directives must be negotiated before final payment All subs are issued a Final modification to each sub for $0.00 Tells sub they will not have another opportunity to collect on a change order

11 Contract Closeout Close out requirements in contract specs
Section 1700, App F p 389 PM should make list of what they think needs to be completed and give to designer for verification As Built Drawings Most significant close out deliverable Best person to mark up is foreman or super O & M manuals Organize into binders and give to owner Not sales info only O & M info

12 Contract Closeout Warranties Test Reports Extra Materials Permits
Written, original, signed warranties and guarantees from all subs and suppliers Placed in O & M manual Test Reports Extra Materials Contract may state that extra material (1 – 3 %) be supplied to owner upon job completion Paint, ceramic tile, ceiling tiles … Permits All required permits from city or jurisdiction

13 Contract Closeout Close out log Why do you need a close out log F 21-4
Allows PM to keep track of what is needed Why do you need a close out log Receive final progress payment Receive release of retention To begin clock on warranties and guarantees Close out subcontracts and POs Maintain good relation with owner, designer and subs Minimize project overhead

14 PM Closeout Prepare as built estimate
Analysis of final forecast project cost vs contract amount and resultant fee Post project meeting with owner and designers They fill out report card on PM &GC Post project meeting with field and office personnel

15 Warranty Management Owner wants assurance that project completed in accordance with contract All materials and equipment used on project new and met contract specs All work free of defects and meet contract specs Warranty period usually 1 year Need to get warranties from subs F 22-1

16 Warranty Service Requests
Need to be responsive Satisfy customer Ensure warranty costs are reasonable Minimizes conflicts Maximizes potential for repeat business Helps reputation Warranty claims funnel thru PM PM reviews claim and notifies sub Emergency situations owner can deal directly with sub but must tell PM

17 Warranty Service Requests
Warranty Log PM keeps log of all warranty service requests Includes date of release from owner of completion of work Warranty = Customer Service Timely response is good PR Need to keep subs on top of warranty service Don’t use subs who are slow Do inspection of project before warranties expire with owner to make sure all problems under warranty are corrected

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