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Johnson, Vermont By Shelly Angolano Picture found on Flickr.

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1 Johnson, Vermont By Shelly Angolano Picture found on Flickr

2 Presentation Agenda Johnson Municipal Building History Exterior and Interior images Johnson Fire Department History Exterior and Interior images John Dewey Library at Johnson State College History/Style/Purpose Residential Housing at Johnson State College History/Style/Purpose

3 Municipal Office Front Facade

4 Interior Municipal Office Stairs Lister’s Office Customer Service Window

5 Municipal Office History ***All pictures of Municipal building supplied by the town of Johnson The old building that was on this site was torn down to make room for the new Municipal building that I am presenting today. The old building was believed to be a post and beam house with a garage/barn. All the land was owned by Marion and Milton Prescott who now are deceased. The lumber from the tear down was later reused for the rebuild of the power house bridge that was lost to heavy snow in March of 2001. The municipal office building was built in 1999 which was a design build project. The contactor was DEW Construction from Williston, Vermont and the Architect was Damon Turner from Waterville. There was a committee of Select board members, Village Trustees, the Town Clerk and taxpayers on the design committee, all of which had a hand in the erection of the current days building. Exterior Built by DEW Construction Designed By Damon Turner of Waterville Tower with illuminated clock Landscaped by town officials Interior Tower is the Stair to the upper level Upper level is a large open used for functions like voting and meetings Large office space for the lister’s 3 bay customer service window This office provides a local government that focuses on only the town of Johnson and how the town will prosper in the future. This is the Heartbeat of Johnson

6 Johnson Fire Department Stained Glass Window Rear of Building Front Facade

7 Interior – JFD 1 st floor Tech Center Bunker Gear 1932 REO Speedwagon

8 Interior – JFD 2 nd Floor Small Galley KitchenDoghouse Truck BayMeeting Room

9 Johnson Fire Department History ***All pictures of JFD supplied by the Town of Johnson The fire department has had several different locations before this current location on Main Street entering the town of Johnson. It was located on Pearl Street, before the Pearl Street Bridge, now owned by Vermont Studio Center in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. Before that, it was located on Main Street where the Butternut Maple Store is now. JFD just celebrated their 100 th, but in 2003 a fire broke out and not much is left of the original, late1990’s firehouse. The current fire station (which is the one I am presenting) was contracted out by the Village of Johnson and it was a design building project completed early 2006. The contractor was DEW Construction from Williston, Vt. And designed by Damon Turner Original crew of 1895Fire of 2003 Original name of FD 1895

10 Johnson Fire Department ***All pictures of JFD supplied by the Town of Johnson JFD provides the best possible service to the community, Whether its fighting fires, responding to an accident, or natural disaster events. Responding to incidents with competence, compassion, and a caring professional attitude. Main Facade Central Rounded 2-Bay Barrel Vault Tower for the interior stairs to 2 nd floor Round Stained Glass Window with 1932 REO SpeedWagon Fire Truck décor 2 nd Floor Living Quarters for the fire fighters 1 st Floor Room for tech gear that would be used in saving lives A 1932 Reo Speedwagon that is on display, the old fire truck was used before it retired to the show bay, today used only for parades. Bunkers to hold all the fire fighters protective gear. Each employee has their own cubby with their name on it. There is gear available for the juniors who participate in fire fighter program too. 2 nd Floor Doghouse area is decorated with a pool table, fitness equipment and other amenities to pass time in between rescue calls A small Galley Kitchen From the upper level, looking down into the truck bay on the first floor A meeting room where all business is conducted The wall Décor is comprised of what was left of the FD’s history, like the fallen men and women who served, Sterling hose history before the current FD, and whatever else was salvaged from the fire… New Fire Department completed 2006

11 John Dewey Library Taken by Shelly Angolano Picture found on Flickr

12 Interior – John Dewey Library Pictures taken by Shelly Angolano Spiral Stair on 2 nd floor – Black Iron 2 nd floor overlooking 1 st floor3 rd floor overlooking 2 nd floor 1 st floor stairway

13 John Dewey Library at Johnson State College History Pictures of the Library taken by Shelly Angolano College History The College (and town) were named after William Samuel Johnson who was many things but one was an educator. The college was established in 1828. It was built for the public liberal arts studies. It was originally built in the village, but in time expanded to today what is known as College Hill. The Library What I am sharing today is the Library, established in 1996 and of International Style. It is built of Terracotta brick, Vermont gray granite, blue-gray slate, steel and green tinted glass. The building was designed by an architectural firm of Gossens Bauchman Architects Not only does the library provide services to the 1700 students, but also opens their doors to the community. Many of the towns documents are held here and have restrictions on leaving the building. Anyone can become a member of the library and have access to online services and other informational resources that are provided. Facts The Department of Humanities, and the Department of Writing and Literature reside within A sky bridge links the Library to the Wilson Bentley Hall building Has become the College center gateway to the quadrants and faces the outdoor amphitheater 3 levels – Top level offers a quite space to work, read, or write. Second level offers windows with a view and plenty of tables to get with friend to work on anything. First floor provides all reference and reading materials, also offers laptops to use for presentations or looking up information. Some architectural features – Black iron spiral stairs on 2 nd floor Large stair case with gray-blue slate base on 1 st floor Windows overlooking the Quad and mountain range. Drop lights in the shape of Rectangles held in suspense by four supports

14 Residential Campus Housing Governor Hall ***Pictures provided by Johnson State College Governor Hall Public areas

15 Residential Housing (Governor Hall) At Johnson State College Housing available for 540 students at Residence Hall and other on-campus housing. All housing has access to a laundry room and a recreation room. All rooms are fully finished and provides TV cable hook-ups, high speed internet and wireless options, phone service and voicemail. A health center is available Johnson State offers a safe and comfortable space for their students and ensure they are healthy and happy. “The mission of the Residence Life Department is to provide opportunities for varying experiences within an ethnically diverse, co-educational housing environment. The residence halls allow individuals to complete academic tasks and be challenged by interpersonal relationships.” – Johnson State Amenities: Governor Hall and Senator Hall are both build identical A co-ed Traditional Style dormitory Brick and Steel construction Double and single rooms available on all floors Community kitchen and common bathrooms Typical Room Layout

16 Citations Town of Johnson – Rosemary Audibert, Town clerk Johnson Fire Department – Fire Chief Gordon Smith Johnson Historic Society – Linda Jones and Archives Johnson State College – Archives

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