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Landscape Design, Construction, and Maintenance

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1 Landscape Design, Construction, and Maintenance

2 Landscaping What is Landscaping?
It is a part of ornamental Horticulture Industry

3 Landscaping What is Ornamental Horticulture?
It is the Industry that uses plants and other materials for decoration purposes.

4 Landscaping Ornamental Horticulture also claims the areas of :
Floral Design Greenhouse Management Nursery Management

5 Landscaping Landscaping focuses on the beatification of the outdoor terrain and to some interior settings. Landscaping combines the principles of art with the science of growing plants

6 Landscaping Landscaping involves the planting of: Ornamental trees
Shrubs Vines Ground Covers ( including grasses) Flowers ( annuals and perennials) Bulbs

7 Landscaping Landscaping involves physical features or hardscapes.
Hardscape includes : Fences --Drives Terraces --Irrigation Systems Retaining Walls -- Pools Patios Walks,

8 Landscaping Landscaping:
also results in sculpting the soil and the natural lay of the land.

9 Landscaping Professional landscapers must consider many factors during the work on a landscape job.

10 Landscaping Some factors that influence landscapes are: Terrain
The climate The homes Buildings Other Physical Structures Intended Use of the property Clients Wants

11 Landscaping The Big Challenge!!
Is for the Landscaper to allow for all of the factors listed above while developing a landscape that is both attractive and functional.

12 Landscaping This Chapter focuses on three main things:
1st the Landscape Design: this deal with planning of the landscape project 2nd is the installation and or construction of the project. 3rd is the maintenance of the landscape so it will continue to be attractive over a long time.

13 Landscaping What are the Benefits of Landscaping?
Enjoyment given to the homeowner this could be the attractive or aesthetic views are pleasing

14 Landscaping What does Aesthetic Valve means?
The beauty of the landscape

15 Bell Quiz 4/9 What is aesthetics?
2. What else is part of your landscape plan besides plants?

16 Landscaping Plants in the landscape will convey: Warmth Protection

17 Landscaping Are landscaping plants good for the environment? Yes!!

18 Landscaping The photosynthetic process in the leaf uses carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Studies have shown that 2,500 sq ft of turf grass releases enough oxygen for a family of four

19 Landscaping Design What is Landscape Design?
It is the practice of creating a plan to make the best use of available space in the most attractive way Relationships between the land , buildings, plants, and people are considered

20 Landscaping Design Professional Designers have two main purposes in mind when designing landscapes plans for the home or a building: 1st show off the home and building to its best advantage 2nd Create both an attractive and useful setting for the inhabitants

21 Landscaping Design What is a landscape Architects?
They are trained in engineering , graphic arts, and architectural technology. They are skilled in designing functional plans based on the interrelationships of people and their surroundings

22 Landscaping Design What is a landscape Designer?
They are trained in the art of design and the science of growing the horticultural plants. They work primarily with residential home designs and small commercial sites

23 Landscaping Design A landscape Designer will have the following:
Knowledge of plant ID Cultural Requirments of plants Construction practices Principals of Design They will work at local nurseries , garden centers, and landscaping companies.

24 Landscaping Construction
What is Landscaping Construction? It is the segment of landscaping that involves the installation of materials identified in the landscape design Construction project can range from very small to very large in scale.

25 Landscaping Construction
What is a Landscaping Contractor? The construction of the project is performed by the contractor. There are the ones that transfer the design from paper to the actual landscape.

26 Landscaping Construction
What is a landscape supervisor? This is a crew chief that has responsible for the crew. They provide leadership to the crew. They also assign tasks to the workers and usually works alongside of them.

27 Landscaping Construction
What is landscape maintenance? It is the care of upkeep of the landscape materials after installation. Landscape maintenance includes the following: Mowing grass Fertilizing landscape plants Pruning landscape plants

28 Landscaping Construction
Cont… Applying pest controls Planting and weeding flower beds Removing leaves in the fall Cultivating soil Applying mulch to planting beds

29 Landscaping Construction
The goal of the landscape maintenance program is to keep the landscape as attractive and functional as intended in the original landscape design

30 The End Any Questions!!!

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