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2 Goals of 1 to 1 Goals: Provide digital access for all students Support parents and guardians with tools, resources & strategies to manage technology use in their home. Prepare students with essential digital literacy skills to choose and use technology for learning Create interdisciplinary connections through rigorous, engaging, and meaningful instructional strategies Promote and facilitate student critical thinking, creativity and innovation for life long learning Cultivate leadership, collaboration and team work through digital communication and productivity tools

3 Topics of Discussion Starting Storage Service Security Policy/Procedures

4 Getting Started Documents/Forms Before laptops are distributed and/or students are allowed to take them of campus the following items must be in place. Debt Obligations Acceptable Use Policy Insurance Payment ($55 or F&R) Laptop On and Off Campus Agreement Form Laptop On Campus Only Agreement Form Remote Access Consent Form (theft or loss) Parents Not Consenting to Laptop Use Form NO EXCEPTIONS

5 Computer Supplies – What you Get 13” MacBook with Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2.130ghz, 2 GB RAM, 160 gig HD, Apple Super Drive Charger Sleeve (9 th grade Class only) All other students should have kept their sleeves from last year. Visit the Tech Center if you need a sleeve.

6 Getting Started Laptop Distribution will take place on Sept. 21 st Laptops are property of Lower Merion School District - It’s a Loan You are responsible for care of the Laptop during the school year Laptop must be returned in the same condition it was given to you at the beginning of the year No Stickers No Markers/Works of Art Bar Codes Labels must not be removed

7 Getting Started Login-Power Login Initial login must be done on the LMSD Network Login will take longer than usual so please be patient as your network profile is saved Sleeping and Shutting Down Please put your laptop to sleep when traveling from class to class and properly shut down for longer distances (reducing batter swapping) Conserve battery by closing open applications/remove CDs/close peripheral devices/ put your laptop to sleep often 3 hour battery life on a full charge – Always charge your laptop at home

8 Getting Started Battery Locations - LMHS Ground Floor1 st FloorSecond Floor Third Floor Help CenterAdministration office Library301,308,309 321,335 Batteries are to be exchanged in between classes only

9 Printing - LMHS You will be able to print to Canon Copiers located in the following locations: Aces Atrium (1st Floor) Library Area (2 nd Floor) outside of room 228 Outside of room 338 (3 rd Floor) Procedures: Printers are preconfigured on your laptop After sending your print request, go to ANY printer in the above listed locations and enter your username and password to receive your document(s) We are a Green School so please print only when you have too (Conservation) – 93% of today’s paper comes from trees. Print jobs will be cleared from the printer after 24 hours

10 Storage Backpack-Locker-Cart Locker/Laptop Sleeve When carrying your laptop always place it in your sleeve Make sure your locker is completely closed Backpack Primary storage unit – Keep clean – No Food/Drinks in backpack Do not place the adapter against the laptop screen in your backpack or over pack with books (the screen will crack) Be careful not to drop or fling your backpack onto the floor or table (the screen will crack)

11 Getting Started Saving/Backing up You can save normal size documents to your local network folder (Word, Excel, PPT documents) Large multi-media projects (iMovie, Podcast, audio files) and other large files should be saved on a CD, DVD, USB drive or other external device if you have one It is your responsibility to back up your important files Save to the Network folder USB/CD/DVD Online Google docs Email documents to yourself Tech support will not be able to recover files from lost, stolen, or damaged laptops

12 Getting Started Internet-Software-Hardware Only District licensed software is to be installed on laptops Your laptop is configured to connect to the LMSD server To connect to the internet or a network outside of school (home-internet café-etc..) you must change the network location Students should refer to the Student Acceptable Use Policy to familiarize themselves with district policy*

13 Getting Started Internet-Software-Hardware Students and other LMSD-Net users should not expect that student folders or other information stored on the LMSD-Net will be private. Students and other LMSD-Net users have no expectation of privacy in any material or information stored on, created on, accessed through, or transmitted through LMSD-Net. District reserves right to conduct periodic general searches of files stored on LMSD-Net to determine whether inappropriate material, including copyrighted material that threatens the operation or security of LMSD-Net, is stored on LMSD-Net. District may remove or quarantine any files that District deems: Violate applicable law or District policy May be a threat to the operation and security of LMSD-Net

14 Getting Started Internet-Software-Hardware Student who believes file(s) removed in error may submit written complaint to Director of Information Systems who reviews matter with appropriate District staff and determines if material should be returned to student or LMSD-Net or if material should be permanently deleted All student network shares or backup folders stored on LMSD-Net will be purged following last day of classes for school year

15 Getting Started Internet/Software/Hardware Student has no right to: Disable or modify any hardware or software installed on laptop To install new or additional programs To uninstall existing software programs on the laptop Blocking Software: District network blocks sites deemed harmful as defined by Children’s Internet Protection Act Website access is not limited if connecting to Internet by means other than District network Students who feels they have been denied access to internet material needed for bona fide research will make a written request to their teacher for review and receive final approval from Supervisor of Instructional Technology

16 Internet Policy Inappropriate Content Any content that violates District policies and rules is considered inappropriate.

17 Internet Policy Inappropriate Content Prohibited from Posting or distributing information that: Is harmful or prejudicial to students; Example: materials which are libelous and obscene as defined by law; Constitutes bullying (including cyber-bullying) or otherwise fosters disruptiveness among students so as to interfere with learning environment of school district; Threatens immediate harm to the welfare of the school community or any individual; Discriminates against any segment of the student body or interferes with another’s individual rights; Encourages and abets unlawful activity; Violates separation of church and state.

18 Internet Policy Inappropriate Content Non-Permitted Student Laptop Use: For illegal activity, including violation of copyright laws; To create, distribute, access or obtain pornographic materials; To intentionally cause damage to hardware, software, or data; To gain or attempt to gain access to restricted material or systems; For gambling; For nonschool-related purpose on more than an incidental basis; and/or To otherwise violate school rules

19 Internet Policy Violating Policy If District determines that student acted with intent to damage District’s property, then, in addition to any other available remedies, District may refer matter for appropriate civil, criminal, and/or juvenile proceedings.

20 Internet Policy Violating Policy District may terminate student’s ability to use laptop outside of school District may terminate student’s ability to use laptop at all School disciplinary action may be taken Appropriate legal action may be pursued

21 Service @ LMHS Tech Center is located in room 228 and is open from 7:00am – 2:45pm Terminals for submitting helpdesk request will be available at the Tech Center Or You can visit http://servicedesk.lmsd.orgto submit a help desk ticket Students must present school ID to drop off or pickup laptop a laptop Students and parents/guardians must not attempt to repair/service laptops Damaged laptops must be returned to the Technology Center for repair/service Loaner laptops will be available to students during servicing *(Files will not be transferred from laptops during servicing)

22 Loaner Procedures Report to the Tech Center from 7:00am – 2:45pm If a students has not paid the $55 Insurance Premium and or the $100 deductible he/she will not be allowed to leave campus with the loaner laptop The laptop must be dropped of at the Tech Center before 2:15pm and can be picked up the next day at 7:00am Removing a laptop/loaner from campus without satisfying school regulations will result in disciplinary consequences

23 Security Your Laptop is a very expensive piece of equipment Never leave your laptop unsecured or unattended Since your backpack will be the primary storage for your laptop make sure that you never leave your backpack unattended Do not give out your locker combination The same security procedures followed in school should be adhered to when off campus (home-family vacations-parks-public transportation) Your laptop is your responsibility If your laptop is broken, damaged or stolen there is a $100 deductible

24 Insurance Payment Procedures Insurance must be paid ($55) before laptop can be taken off- site Parents/guardians and students are financially responsible for uninsured damage loss, or theft while laptop is under student control Free and Reduced lunch – option to forego insurance payment, but will still be covered If a student fails to pay the laptop insurance premiums and takes the laptop off-site and the laptop is stolen/damaged, may have to pay full replacement/repair cost

25 Missing/Theft/Procedures During school hours: Contact Assistant Principal by e-mail, phone, or in-person. After school hours: E-mail: or Voice Mail: 610-645-1925 If suspected stolen while off-campus, also report directly to police. Student and parent/guardian complete incident report and file it in Building Principal’s office.

26 Missing/Theft/Procedures Student and parent will be asked to sign Remote File Access Consent Form, authorizing District to do following: Remotely access files housed, created and stored on Laptop by the user on or after Theft Date Remotely access laptop to activate and/or install tracking and locating software on the laptop on or after Theft Date Remote access is terminated once problem is resolved.

27 Missing/Theft/Procedures The District will not: Remotely activate (or cause to be remotely activated) laptop webcam Remotely monitor or record audio or video from laptop Remotely capture (or cause to be remotely captured) laptop screenshots Remotely access or review Student created files contained on laptop that were created before Theft Date

28 Damaged Laptop Students will be required to pay the deductible charge of $100 for each theft, loss, or damage claim Payment is to be made to LMSD and brought to the Main Office If the insurance premium has been paid and the appropriate Use Agreement has been signed, the student will be issued a loaner that is permitted off campus. If the insurance deductible is not paid in full within one week, then the student will be required to return the Laptop by 2:15 PM each day or 30 minutes before an early dismissal and may pick up the loaner Laptop at 7:00 AM or later for use during the instructional day.

29 Missing Laptop Students will be required to pay the deductible charge of $100 for each theft, loss, or damage claim Payment is to be made to LMSD andbrought tothe Main Office If the insurance premium has been paid and the appropriate Use Agreement has been signed, the student will be issued a loaner that is permitted off campus. If the insurance deductible is not paid in full within one week, (or a payment plan is not entered into) then the student will be required to return the laptop by 2:15 PM each day or 30 minutes before an early dismissal and may pick up the loaner laptop at 7:00 AM or later for use during the instructional day.

30 Policy Update The most important changes to the policy concern theft tracking, remote access and the privacy of students' files on District laptops. The School District will only access a student's computer with the explicit written authority from parents/guardians and students. School personnel will only access a student's laptop remotely to resolve a technical problem only if the student formally gives the district permission to do so. If the student chooses, he or she can decline the remote access and take the laptop directly to the school's IT center for repair. Theft tracking software will only be activated if a student and parent/guardian file a police report and provide a signed "remote file access consent" form and a signed incident report to the principal verifying that a laptop has been lost or stolen. Theft tracking software would never have the capability of capturing screen shots, audio, video and on-screen text.

31 New Regulations Require students to sign an acceptable use agreement, a document that details appropriate and inappropriate use of district-owned laptops. Strictly prohibit remote monitoring by the District of any kind, including activation of webcams, screen shots, audio, and video. Allow District personnel to access personal files saved to a student's machine only (1) at the end of the school year, (2) in the event that a student is required to permanently surrender a laptop, (3) if the student is suspected of violating laptop policy, or (4) if the student gives documented permission. Files saved to the shared network are not considered private. Give students the option to grant or refuse permission for support staff to remotely access a laptop in order to resolve a technical issue. Assign responsibility to students to report stolen or missing laptops. Enable teachers and other school personnel to provide assistance to the student in locating the student’s files in the presence of and at the request of the student.

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