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Rockingham County Public Schools Technology Acceptable Use Policy

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1 Rockingham County Public Schools Technology Acceptable Use Policy

2 Purpose To support the use of technology for: research communication
instruction resources collaborative work consistent with the educational objectives or work climate of Rockingham County Public Schools and the Virginia Board of Education.

3 Agreement Policy applies to all users of RCPS electronic information, services, hardware and networks. By using the equipment, every user agrees to abide by this policy. User is accountable for resources accessed and appropriate use.

4 Internet Safety Mandated by Virginia DOE for K-12 students
Curriculum designed by ITRTs is online and taught by RCPS teachers with assistance and support from ITRTs Provided to all stakeholders (administrators, teachers, students, parents, community, etc.)

5 Filter Prevents access to pornography, profanity, obscenity, and harmful and inappropriate material. Alone does not prevent access to objectionable information. User must be responsible for own behavior on computers as in the classroom. Access is a privilege, not a right.

6 Don’ts Sharing passwords or bypassing login Hacking into data or files
Accessing, uploading, downloading, creating or distributing profane, pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit or illegal material Threats, bullying or harassment Vandalizing, damaging or disabling property

7 Don’ts Violating copyright or using property of others without legal permission Abusing or monopolizing equipment for illegal or non-eduational use Accessing the network on personal laptops, cell phones, etc. Downloading or installing software on RCPS computers

8 Dos Expect no privacy for any data or files on RCPS computers
Be aware … your , documents, and logs may be reviewed at anytime without prior notice Know the consequences for violations of the AUP

9 Consequences Disciplinary action as deemed appropriate
May result in immediate termination of internet access Where applicable, may involve law enforcement

10 Warranty Our job is to secure the RCPS network, firewalls, filters, virus control and monitoring devices. We provide no warranties of any kind for damages, including: Delays or interruptions in service Accuracy, nature or quality of information provided Loss of data, files, or any personal material Unauthorized financial obligations

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