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1 MN-1 DC Meeting September 24-26 2014. 2 Don Balbach MN-1 Technology Specialist Home: 763.572.3758.

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1 1 MN-1 DC Meeting September 24-26 2014

2 2 Don Balbach MN-1 Technology Specialist DONBALBACH@COMCAST.NET TCS.MN1@GMAIL.COM Home: 763.572.3758

3 3 AGENDA I.SECURITY II.CONSUMABLES Toner Ordering III.EQUIPMENT and INVENTORY Printer Repair Laptop Repair Inventory Reporting No Win-XP in Tax-Aide (Only Win7 or Win8) IV.SITES AND EFINs SIDNs, EFINs, Client-IDs

4 4 AGENDA V.TW SOFTWARE TWD, TWO, Hot Spots VI.TW SOFTWARE ORDERING Order Form TWO Template Publisher/Subscriber CDs and Content VII.WHAT’S NEW IN 2014 VIII.TSC Thoughts IX.Notable Links X.Questions

5 5 SECURITY Security is everyone’s Primary Function Every decision made, every action taken should have the focus of… “How secure is this?”

6 6 SECURITY AARP Tax-Aide Policy and IRS Publication 3189 require all volunteers:  To physically protect  Printed data  Electronic data  Equipment

7 7 SECURITY  Passwords Change annually – More often if needed <> - ( share this wisely )  Anti-Virus Software (MSE) Is included on IRS, AARP Win-7 Image Required on Site and Personal  Best Practices for computer use Documents ( client data, print queue ) Personal Use ( no profit, no illegal )

8 8 SECURITY – Equipment Equipment must be physically secured Do not leave unattended at site Do not store in a visible area of a car Do not store passwords with equipment Do not store equipment in easily accessible areas of your home Do not leave equipment at a site where it can not be securely stored Do not take it on vacation

9 9 TY2013 Security Incidents Last season in Tax-Aide - there were…  35 taxpayer forms lost  Eight (8) laptops reported stolen/lost  There was data and a disclosed password on one of the stolen computers.

10 10 SECURITY – Equipment If equipment is lost or stolen…  If there is Taxpayer data - Immediately notify law enforcement to make a formal Police Report. Then, notify supervisors and AARP National.  If no Taxpayer data – Notify supervisors and AARP National within 24 hours.  AARP National Contact Info: Phone: 202-434-6021 Email:  Procedure is on the back of Name Cards

11 11 SECURITY MUST BE TAUGHT You will speak about Security: To every volunteer that works in your sites. - LC Training - Counselor Training - Client Facilitator Training

12 12 Equipment and Inventory

13 13 Printer Repair - GraceWorkz  Free Printer Repair or Replacement Printer Model List for TY2014 TBD  Only Printers marked as OK on the May inventory are eligible  Before Jan. 2015 – You ship the broken printer to them. They repair and return the same printer.  After Jan. 2015 – They ship a replacement to you. Then, you ship the broken printer to them.

14 14 Laptop Repair - GraceWorkz  Free Laptop Repair or Replacement For all laptops owned by Tax-Aide AARP Asset Tags Contact Don Balbach ( )  Only Laptops marked as OK on the May inventory are eligible They ship a replacement to you. Then, you may have to ship the broken laptop to them. Only certain models need to be shipped back

15 15 Laptop Repair - GraceWorkz  The only local repairs authorized are:  AC Power Adapters – local purchase authorized  External Batteries – local purchase authorized  Any HW repair greater than $25 needs to approved by the TCS ( Don Balbach )  The repair policy is limited  Will not repair or replace broken screens  Laptop Replace is Open: October 15, 2014 - APRIL 30, 2015

16 16 Inventory  Important - Remember  Only Laptops marked as OK on the May inventory are eligible for free repair or replacement  Only Printers marked as OK on the May inventory are eligible for free repair or replacement  So, Accurate Inventory is Important!

17 17 Inventory (Due May 2015)  05/15 inventory will be sent to each DC  Do Not Alter the Column layout  District-Number column > District - Site  Return one inventory report per district  Consider timing of Inventory Consider doing inventory during pre-season prep, not at the end of the season Then, Update Status and Location at End of the Season

18 18 Inventory (Due May 2015)  Collecting Computer Information 1)IDC – Inventory Data Collection Multi-step manual method 2)TIA - Tax-Aide Inventory Automatic electronic method Self Updating Indicate “TAI Used” on the Inv Report

19 19 Equipment (Operating System)  Windows 7 or Windows 8 Only! Mandatory to have all Tax-Aide computers upgraded to Windows 7 or 8 NOW!  NO computers running Windows XP should be used to run TaxWise software.  This true for: TaxWise Online and TaxWise Desktop

20 20 Consumables

21 21 Consumables  Definition: Certain Printer toner and drums Certain Projector bulbs  List is attached and on MN1’s Web Site (  Consumables purchased from other vendors will not be reimbursed  No reimbursement for Inkjet cartridges

22 22 Consumables  Keep Shipping Costs Down  Avoid 1–3 item orders  Toner has 2-3 year shelf life Store cool and dry

23 23 Consumables (Ordering)  GraceWorkz – Items On Consumable List Contact Don Balbach ( ) Provide Printer model, quantity, Ship-To address, phone number for the shipper Delivery time under 5 days  IRS Provides Toner for IRS Printers Contact Dave Petrie ( or  Not on Consumable List or Not from IRS WEB resources have the lowest prices Order yourself or contact me Reimbursement through Expense form

24 24 Consumables (Ordering)  Different Grant cutoff date influence spending requests  GraceWorkz Toner Orders by Sept 30 th Largest consumers have been notified  GraceWorkz Toner Orders by Dec 31 st Historical request date  GraceWorkz Contract Ends April 30 th  This meeting’s expenses by Sept 30 th Just another Grant ending date example

25 25 Sites, EFINs, Client IDs

26 26 Sites, EFINs, Client IDs  NEW Site - SC approves all new sites  SIDN - Site Identification Number Issued by AARP Tax-Aide ADS – Don Hoium Required for each tax prep location ( Exceptions )  EFIN - Electronic Filing Identification Number Issued by IRS Required to order software and transmit e-files One EFIN per SIDN

27 27 Sites, EFINs, Client IDs  Client ID Issued by CCH (First TaxWise order) Identifies a TaxWise Software License Does not change each year.  From the TOP SC – AARP – OKs new sites SIDN – AARP – ADS assigns - Needed to get an EFIN EFIN – IRS – TCS submits - Needed to order TW Software Client ID – CCH – Identifies TW Software License

28 28 Site, EFIN Management  Site and EFIN information must be kept current EFIN ‘Responsible Official’ may change Site name or address may change Notify all three of us if there are any changes regarding site information/location SC –Judy LaBrosse ADS – Don Hoium (SIDN) TCS - Don Balbach (EFIN)

29 29 TW Software

30 30 TaxWise Software  TaxWise Software Versions  TaxWise Desktop (TWD) TWD – There is a phase-out schedule  TaxWise Online (TWO) All New Development Centered on TWO Improving each year (more like TWD) TWO can be converted to Desktop anytime PRIOR to first e-file submission (vice versa)

31 31 TaxWise Software TWO  Nationals TWO Goal

32 32 TaxWise Software TWO  To Achieve National’s Goal:  National funds Hot Spots  MN1 has supplied Hot Spots  National – Verizon  MN1 – Internet-on-the-Go  Use for Main-Site and Secondary-Sites

33 33 TaxWise Software TWO  Hot Spots provided by National will activate mid-November

34 34 TaxWise Software TWO  TWO Survey – Best Features Easier for the ERO No Program Updating Needed Access from any Computer Security – No Locally Stored Data No Backup Required Easy Setup Tax-Form-Defaults are provided

35 35 TaxWise Software Ordering

36 36 Sample Software Order  Same Columns/Designations as last year

37 37 TaxWise Software Order  Order Forms will be sent to each DC VERIFY all of your sites are listed Keep in mind new Districting Order TWO or TWD Direct where the software will be delivered! VERIFY Name and Address (no dead people please) No PO Boxes; Package is shipped via FedEx

38 38 TaxWise Software Order  First Order will be submitted Late October  Last order - as late as mid January  When you order, if in doubt, order TWO  This is to assure TWD-to-TWO carry-forward  Shipping Dates  Practice Lab, Link & Learn, November 7 th  TW software – Historically late November  No CD is required for TWO but will be shipped  State software historically early January

39 39 TW Online Software Order  Template Subscriber – TaxWise Online (Sharing a TWO Template with other TWO sites) CCH/TaxWise provides a Master Template with preset Tax Form Defaults The Master Template is modified at a State level ( MN1 ) The MN1’s State Template will be shared with other TWO sites that are subscribers MN1’s State Template Publisher is 416281

40 40 Sample Software Order  Template Subscriber Ordering  EFIN 416281 can Create/Modify & Distribute Templates

41 41 The TaxWise CD  Both TWD and TWO versions receive a CD  TWO does not require a CD  TWO software is accessed via a WEB site  CD contains TWD Program Installer (TWD and APS are the same) TaxWise User Guides for both TWO and TWD IRS Publications (3189, 4299, and 1084) Prior Year TaxWise Program Installer (TWD) Links to Third Party Programs and Utilities

42 42 WHAT’S NEW IN 2014

43 43 New for 2014  No computer may use Windows XP  Increased emphasis on password strength and changing passwords every year  Disable user accounts at the end of the season (TaxWise Online)  No computer may use Windows XP

44 44 Not-New for 2014 (Same As Last Year)  TrueCrypt – not required Tax Payer data is already encrypted by TW program in TW2009 forward TW Backups are encrypted  TrueCrypt - still required for… multi site PC setup USB Traveler Reports or other files that contain SSN  AARP TrueCrypt Utilities still available

45 45 2014 TCS Thoughts

46 46 TCS Thoughts  Train with TaxWise-Online (TWO) Use it for counselor Training/Practice ( Perform beginning-to-end preparation, QR, e-file creation, e-file submission, acceptance/rejection Every site has TWO/Training access now Even TWD sites have TWO/Training access If no Internet access, use a Hot Spot Lessens the TECH burden during season Remote TECH support (except some printer issues)

47 47 TCS Thoughts  Consolidate  Sites Evaluate whether you’re getting the most from all your resources (human and equipment) Look at distance and hours to nearest sites My ideal site is a large site, open many hours on many days where the computers stay at the site –AND- has excellent client facilitating. Can have different counselors on different days  Equipment Standardize Site Printers / Toner

48 48 Notable Links Don Hoium’s MN1 Web Site: Link & Learn - Practice Lab: TaxWise Online Speed Test:

49 49 Notable Links TaxWise Training Videos: Home: TaxWise Online with Processed Base Training for VITA/TCE Topics  Comparison between TaxWise & TaxWise Online Comparison between TaxWise & TaxWise Online  TaxWise Online Administration TaxWise Online Administration  Main Information Part1 Main Information Part1  Income Part 1 Income Part 1  Adjustments to Income Adjustments to Income TW Solution Center: Choose Links such as: -TaxWise Blog or TaxWise Online Blog - Free Training

50 50 Notable Links TaxWise Online w/Processed Base Training for VITA/TCE Comparison between TaxWise Online and TaxWise Desktop Main Information Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Income Part 1, Income Part 2 Adjustments to Income Taxable Income & Tax Other Taxes Nonrefundable Credits Payments Completing a Return Miscellaneous Forms Apply for ITIN

51 51 Notable Links TaxWise Online for VITA/TCE Comparison between TaxWise Online and TaxWise Desktop System Requirements and Setting Up Classic Mode Passwords and Managing Home Page and Help Center Administrator Settings Return Templates and Printing In a Return Electronic Filing Process Acknowledgments and Return Query Printing Returns and Client Letters Deleting and Restoring Returns Reports Alternative Preparation Solution

52 52 Notable Links TWO Training: TWO Production Current Year: TWO Production TY 2012: TWO Production TY 2011: TWO Production TY 2010: TW Customer Support:

53 53 Questions?

54 54 Don Balbach MN-1 Technology Specialist DONBALBACH@COMCAST.NET TCS.MN1@GMAIL.COM Home: 763.572.3758

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