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Greece How it all started! Copyright © Clara Kim 2007. All rights reserved.

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1 Greece How it all started! Copyright © Clara Kim 2007. All rights reserved.

2 Minoans (2000 BC – 1450 BC) Lived on the island of Crete –Circle and label Crete on the map! Had great power in the Mediterranean Sea –Made many trades with other countries

3 The Minoans The had sophisticated art Enjoyed building palaces –Decorated them with FRESCOES –FRESCO: ground up paint in limewater mix * Shows BULL LEAPING a ritual sport.

4 They were the first greeks to have writing, Called Linear A


6 Minoan Decline No one knows why this powerful civilization stopped to exist THEORY: Volcanic eruption on Thera –Toxic gas –Caused Tsunamis


8 Indo-Europeans Began to settle in mainland Greece –Color the Greece mainland GREEN!

9 The Mycenaeans Replaced the Minoans (1700 BC – 1000 BC ) Lived and grew on Mainland Greece Leading City: Mycenae –Surrounded by massive wall about 20 feet thick Adapted Minoan writing system Advanced in Bronze & Iron

10 They were warriors and soldiers

11 The Trojan War 1200 B.C. – Mycenaean kings fought a 10 year war with Troy –Draw a Square Around TROY WHY!?!?!?!?! * Troy



14 Helen

15 Kidnapped?

16 Caused War



19 The TROJAN Wall!

20 How do we get in???

21 AH HA! The Trojan Horse of Course!

22 Fact or Fiction? Heinrich Shliemann excavated Turkey –Discovered this story may be TRUE!!

23 The Boring Theory Trojan war was over: –Struggle for control of a crucial waterway in the Aegean Sea –Shade the Aegean Sea in BLUE


25 The Dorians Less advanced then the Mycenaeans Forgot the art of writing during this age –No written record exists Little known about this time This Was Known as the Dark Ages of Greece ( 1200 BCE - 800 BCE )

26 Greek Dark Ages During the dark ages, many different tribes of early people lived on the Greek peninsula. They did not have a common language and Lost the ability to write. BUT... The ancient Greeks ________ stories.

27 Saviors of Greece (the storytellers) Some people became professional Storytellers and traveled from town to town They told the same stories over and over, and they told them in the same language, Greek. ---SOON... Everyone knew the same Stories and the same LANGUAGE, Greek.

28 Types of Stories FABLES LEGENDS MYTHS

29 FABLES A fable is a story that ends with a lesson to be learned. Probably the most famous of all fables came out of ancient Greece during the Greek dark ages - the stories of Aesopstories of Aesop

30 =5lTWtDh-SB4

31 LEGENDS A legend is a popular story that has been told over and over again about something that happened in the near or far past. To be a legend, there can be no proof that the story is true. That does not mean that it is not true. One of the most popular legends was the story of the Trojan Horse. the Trojan Horse

32 MYTHS A myth is a story about one or more magical deities. The Greeks believed in many gods and goddesses and magical monsters and mythical animals. The Greek myths are still enjoyed today.The Greek myths

33 Storytellers help us out of the DARK !!! The Dark Ages Lasted for 400 years. What did the Storytellers do for Ancient Greece ??????? - developed a common Language, a common History, and the ability to make tools/weapons from Metal. The tribes who lived in scattered villages throughout Greece had gradually became One People !

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