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Early People of the Aegean

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1 Early People of the Aegean
Chapter 4 Sect. 1

2 Minoan Civilization Named after King Minos of Crete
Height between 1750 and 1500 BC Success based on trade, not conquest Contact with Nile Valley, Middle East


4 Palace at Knossos Rulers lived here, banquet halls, working areas
Shrines- area dedicated to honor of gods and goddesses Walls covered with frescoes- watercolor paintings done on wet plaster Tells us about importance of sea, worshiped bull and a mother goddess, women appeared freely in public



7 Frescoes

8 Disappearence 1400 BC- possible volcanic eruption, earthquake followed by tidal wave Intruders as well. Mycenaens (mi suh nee uhnz), first Greek speaking people of whom we have a written record

9 Rulers of Mycenae Mycenaean civilization dominated Aegean world from 1400 to 1200 BC. Sea traders that reached Egypt, Mesopotamia Passed on influences to later Greeks Lived in separate city-states on mainland in thick walled fortress from where warrior king ruled

10 Trojan War 1250 BC May have had to do with economic rivalry between Mycenae and Troy (present day Turkey) Troy controlled vital straits, narrow water passages, connecting Mediterranean and Black seas

11 Legend Trojan Prince Paris kidnapped Helen, beautiful wife of Greek king, Mycenaeans sailed to Troy to rescue her 10 year battle that the Greeks ended up seizing Troy and burned the city to the ground

12 Age of Homer Mycenaean civilization crumbled and Dorians invaded from north 1100 to 800 BC Greek civilization took step back by forgetting art of writing and other skills Homer wrote of these times around 750 BC Blind poet who wondered to villages singing of heroic deeds Iliad- Trojan War Odyssey- Struggles of Greek hero returning home after fall of Troy Heroes display honor, courage, and eloquence

13 How did trade contribute to the development of Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations?
Through trade, Minoans and Mycenaeans learned ideas and technology from Egypt and Mesopotamia.

14 What impact did Mycenaean civilization have on later Greeks?
Mycenaeans passed on writing, legends, and other cultural features to later Greeks

15 What values of the ancient Greeks are found in the poems of Homer?
Honor, courage, and eloquence

16 In addition to location near water, what other geographic features or natural resources would have been important to an early people who made their living as sea traders? Resources needed to build boats, such as wood, as well as rock-free harbors that can be reached safely

17 Do you think the epics of Homer are probably a reliable source of information about the history of the ancient Greeks? Why or why not? Yes and no. Homer’s epics are based partly on fact. For example, the remains of Troy have been found. However, his epics are filled with myths and legends.

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