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Ms. Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley H.S. Chappaqua, NY

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1 Ms. Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley H.S. Chappaqua, NY
Archaic Greece Ms. Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley H.S. Chappaqua, NY

2 Early "Bronze Age" BCE

3 The “Bronze” Age Mediterranean Region

4 Early Greek Geometrics

5 Early Greek Art & Artifacts

6 The Minoans BCE

7 Minoan Civilization Forerunner of Greece Island of Crete, 1700 B.C.
Extensive trade Advanced culture

8 The Minoan World: mid-2M B.C.E.

9 Early Greeks Minoans Arrived on the island of Crete in 1700 B.C.
Built a great civilization Successful due to trade Volcano erupts and causes tidal waves Destroys settlements and weakens Minoan civilization

10 Sir Arthur Evans

11 Artist’s Recreation of Knossos

12 Aerial View of Knossos

13 Palace of King Minos – North Entrance

14 Palace of King Minos - Interiors

15 Palace of King Minos – Throne Room

16 Minoan Ladies

17 Minoan Culture - Religion
Minoan Snake Goddess Minoan Priest

18 Bull Cult

19 Bull Jumping Fresco

20 Minoan Trade Coast of Crete “Bireme” ship

21 Minoan Artistic “Motifs”

22 Early Writing System: “Linear A” (Undecipherable)

23 The Mycenaeans (Achaeans)

24 Mycenaeans Sea traders Warriors Mainland Greece Trojan War

25 The Mycenaean World: mid-2M B.C.E.

26 Early Greeks Mycenaeans conquered Crete in 1400 B.C. Warlike people
Also settled southern Greece Earthquakes and warfare destroyed many cities by 1200 B.C.

27 Sir Heinrich Schliemann

28 archaeological“tell”
View of Mycenae archaeological“tell”

29 Aerial View of Mycenae

30 Mycenae Citadel & Reconstuction

31 Approach to the Lion’s Gate

32 Lion’s Gate Entrance to Mycenae

33 Mycenaean Writing System: “Linear B”

34 The Trojan War mid-12c BCE

35 Bronze Age Enemies: The Trojan War

36 What were the real & mythical causes of the Trojan War??

37 Helen of Troy: “The Face That Launched 1000 Ships”
What did she look like?

38 Plan of the City of Troy

39 The Seven “Layers” of Ancient Troy

40 The Seven “Layers” of Ancient Troy
Homer’s Troy (VII)

41 Original Wall of the City of Troy

42 Wall of Troy Recreated

43 Dome of King Priam’s Treasury

44 King Priam’s Treasure

45 Sofie Schliemann With King Priam’s Jewelry

46 Mask of Agammemnon

47 Brutal Combat

48 Troy Grave Circles

49 The “Trojan Horse”?

50 The Trojan Horse The Trojan horse was a huge, hollow, wooden horse.
Was created in Ancient Greece. Odysseus was the mastermind behind it and helped make it. Was used to help win the war against Troy. More than 30 people hid inside it. When the Trojans saw it they thought it was a gift or peace offering to end the war so they put it in the middle of their town of Troy. The Greeks came out at night to defeat the Trojans using a rope to slide down.

51 The Greek "Dark Ages" BCE

52 Migrations in the Aegean Region

53 Homer, the Blind Poet Homer’s great epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey, reveal much about the ancient Greeks

54 Homer’s Great Epics

55 Homer’s View of the World

56 Greek Culture Declined

57 Greek Colonization BCE

58 Greek & Phoenician Colonization: 750-500 BCE

59 Trade Resumes: 6c BCE Amphoras

60 “Iron Age” Trade Routes

61 Evolution of Our Alphabet: From Phoenician to Latin

62 The Dialects of Ancient Greek

63 The Rise of the Greek Polis
Eboea Syracuse Athens Larissa Naxos Corinth

64 Andio sas!

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