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Kota Fair Date - : 28 to 31 May Venue -: Dushehra Ground, CAD Circle, KOTA.

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1 Kota Fair Date - : 28 to 31 May Venue -: Dushehra Ground, CAD Circle, KOTA

2 Kota Fair This KOTA Education Fair extends its reach to school and college students, graduates, and people looking for a career change. With a expected presence of more than 100 exhibitors and a audience of over 10,000 expected, this event should not be missed. This is a fantastic opportunity for your organization to reach the audience and create business awareness. LAGOS PORTOURT

3 Targeted Independent Fairs
Kota Fair Fair Targeted Independent Fairs General Education Fair Creative Education Fair Engineering Studies Fair MBA Admissions Fair

4 Kota Fair Fair Kota Education Fair will be the premier education and training exhibition in Kota. It will be first of its kind event which will have highly targeted audience having specific areas of interest. Kota Education Fair aims to inspire, encourage and provide the right tools and resources for all STUDENT to create a bright future.

5 Fair Ecosystem Kota Fair Platform Students Social Media
Education Industry Participants Youth Social Organisation Students Education Fair

6 Kota Fair Why This Fair? Fair
Targeted and Interactive Event based Fair via Workshops and Seminars in areas of interest. Focus on lead generation than only visitors footfall. Over 10,000 visitors expected. Perfect Timing – May is the Ideal time as the start of the admission season. Perfect Location – Dushehra Ground, CAD Circle, KOTA. Kota is a education hub of india.

7 Kota Fair Why Exhibit? Fair
Feature your organization in front of over 10,000 people. Opportunity to Present Seminars or Workshops for your products/organizations. Get Qualified Leads via our seminars, workshops and registrations. Centralized lead based profile database of visitors. Data to be shared with participants. Develop a personal relationship with new clients. Exhibit your full product range. Actively recruit students and clients. Get immediate feedback on your product range Create brand awareness. Promote your organization through your stand, seminar or stage activity. Launch new products and services. Create a quality database Enhance PR opportunities.

8 Who Should Exhibit? Kota Fair
Business and educational product suppliers Career counsellors Colleges Education providers Employment services Government departments HR companies Private training organization's Software Firms Training and development companies Universities Any organisation looking to fill positions or enhance the brand awareness

9 Kota Fair Mantra Fair Seminars Workshops Entertainment Exhibition

10 Marketing Plan For Individual Fairs
Kota Fair Marketing Plan For Individual Fairs Press Pre-event Press Ads in the leading English Newspapers and Lifestyle Magazines Radio Advertising Ad spots on leading FM Stations. Social Media Online events promotions through media network Promotions on popular web portals Invitations to target class Direct Marketing Direct mailers to target group SMS Invitation to target audience 5000 pamphalet distributed T-Shirts & Caps distibute by us Customized Marketing Tie up with relevant colleges for students participation. Tie up with youth NGO’s like ways for active participation. All the fairs to be marketed in targeted community as independent fairs, under the umbrella of Kota Education fair.

11 Kota Stall Space Options 2 x 2 sq m 3 x 2 sq m 4 x 2 sq m 5 x 3 sq m
Fair Stall Space Options 2 x 2 sq m 3 x 2 sq m 4 x 2 sq m 5 x 3 sq m Any other larger size. Note- Fully AC dome & food coupons are available

12 Kota Fair About us Royal Panache Entertainment Is a professional event management company working since 2010 with immense experience and expertise. We can overcome all the concern you may have in planning and organizing any function or event. Entrust all your concerns to Royal Panache Entertainment while we plan and organize your dream most creative high-end weddings, corporate events, conference, Shows & exhibitions, private parties, theme parties, entertainment bookings or any other occasion that requires a professional touch to ensure things go just the way you plan. Personal care and planning to the minutest detail is our forte. It takes considerable time to plan quality events that fit within budgets. We believe in a very high level of creativity, which touches the very heart & soul of the people & builds long term relations. We work with all kinds of budgets, or in some cases, virtually no budget at all. We have the advantages of being able to be very cost effective by keeping overheads low, whilst being able to organize events of any size from small birthday parties, through to large scale festival production and corporate conferences. Website : Contects , ,

13 Royal panache entertainment

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