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NrittaLasya a fresco events property. About NrittaLasya An extravagant corporate dance show happening on the 14 th of December at Phoenix Market city,

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1 NrittaLasya a fresco events property

2 About NrittaLasya An extravagant corporate dance show happening on the 14 th of December at Phoenix Market city, where the participating corporate teams will battle it out on the dance floor for the dance trophy. A cultural event, which is expected to revive the dancing spirits of the corporate guys and give them a chance to put on their dancing shoes and dance their hearts out,will be witnessed by the elite crowd of the city along with the management and employees of the participating companies. The event will also be witnessed by famous names in the dance/film/fashion industries.

3 About the organizers. Fresco Events started by an enthusiastic, creative engineering graduate and a dedicated marketing professional to cater to the needs of the vast event industry in an innovative way. We have been in business(non-corporate) for more than two years tending to the elite class of the city. A company which has seen ups and downs, after completely evaluating its strengths and capabilities is taking steps into the corporate sector this August onwards by launching this maiden IP. A team that is filled with enthusiastic, creative people always bubbling with varied ideas and concepts whose world revolves around making events the most successful and memorable and all the promotions and activations a bang on activity.

4 Why sponsor this show.? Reach out to the residents of the entire city by associating with the most happening dance festival in town. Best in class 360 degree promotion plan. Hand picked HnI people attending the event. Best for brands targeting the corporate employees for their products/services. A one of its kind event happening in Bangalore that is going to garner the most attention in the corporate sector. More than 65% of the budget is being spent on branding and promotional activities.

5 Visitor Profile Employees of big corporate companies. Top management & HR heads of corporate houses. Dance enthusiasts. Elite crowd of Bangalore(business men, families, CEO’s, CMO’s, other influential individuals and their families). Famous names from Dance, Film & Fashion industry. Top Management of associated brands.

6 Graphical Representation of footfall with approximate numbers.

7 We would be reaching out to more than 25,000 individuals both corporate and individuals initially when we kick start the project. Ground activities at the venue during the 2 days of the event. We would be reaching out to a lakh people in the city through local media(newspapers, radio, etc). As the event is planned in a mall, we are expecting a few thousands of people to witness the show. Reach

8 Approx. 350 participants + 50 performers = close to 400 participants. The number of audience expected to witness the same is estimated to the tune of a few thousands. The estimated budget is 45 lakhs for the entire event. We will be contacting 100 to 120 corporate houses of which at least 60 are expected to participate. We have already tied up with a city based dance company and close to 50 performers(kids & teams) are to entertain the crowd with the mesmerizing acts between the competition performances. Close to 40 corporate teams are expected to participate in the event which will have on an average of 5-7 dancers per team. Target

9 Sponsor Profile Construction Houses Fashion retailer & E-retailers Fashion brands Beauty brands Beverage & food brands Hospitality brands Automobile Brands Electronic brands(phones, tabs, laptops) Online branding partners FMCG Brands Fitness brands Telecom brands Travel brands

10 Tech park activities Outdoor Radio Social Media Teasers/flyers Newspaper ad Mailers P.R Activities Promotion Plan

11 Promotion Plan Explained The multi-layered media activity shall encompass a 360 degree aspect of communication with an appropriate blend of the following: Print: A planned advertising campaign in leading National Dailies shall be utilized to create awareness. Corporate tie ups: Tie ups with participating corporate’s with written permission from their management’s to promote the event by setting up kiosks and holding activities. Radio: We are partnering with a radio station for on air Promotion and Studio shift on the day of the event.

12 Contd… Outdoor: Hoarding, posters and banners shall be placed at strategic and key locations to create a constant hype amongst the Target Group. Mobile van advertising across city for 15 days prior to the event. Online: Publicity on various prominent portals through Banner space, Mailer’s to their members, Links, Articles, Pop-Ups etc.,will ensure maximum footage/presence amongst the target visitors. PR Activity: High level PR activity through Previews and Reviews in print & electronic media, trade journals, magazines, etc. Direct Marketing Activity: A massive direct mail and email campaign to corporate companies.

13 Contact details: Jermiah Sandeep.M Mobile : +91-9901929136 / +91-7406677990 Email ID : Deepthi Anand Mobile : +91-9916900196 Email ID :

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