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Ketan Makwana Looking Ahead The future for University & Business Collaboration.

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1 Ketan Makwana | @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK Looking Ahead The future for University & Business Collaboration

2 Ketan Makwana | @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK

3 Our current landscape Established a Skills Gap Focus on innovation to be competitive State of flux institutions want guidance Industry want perfection Fragmented approaches from both sides So much work done in silos – often never seen or heard

4 Ketan Makwana | @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK

5 The problems Unemployment in young people is a global issue 75 million young people around the world are unemployed But these issues can be drilled to a local level These local issues differ in the weight of skills and potential Layers of sceptics now influence attitude Changing landscapes means platforms get out-dated quicker

6 Ketan Makwana | @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK


8 Businesses Need to adopt a more ‘proactive recruitment’ cycle Displace the rigid competencies for roles Be more open sourced with recruiting from different talent pools Foster more transparent and effective communications Build robust mentoring into their organisations

9 Ketan Makwana | @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK Education Deliver more awareness to careers that can be established through the academic training learners are receiving Adopt more tangible skill based experiences into the curriculum Develop Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching practices Look to address business needs through their academic programming

10 Ketan Makwana | @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK What about the learner? Are we really asking our client about their needs? Where do they see are the gaps in their paths?

11 Ketan Makwana | @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK We keep talking about LIFE LONG LEARNING

12 Ketan Makwana | @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK Learners also need to LEARN ABOUT LIFE

13 Ketan Makwana | @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK Enterprise Lab’s mission To enhance employability whilst encouraging enterprise To act as the bridge between institutions and enterprise To facilitate life skills programs within the academic curriculum To inspire enterprise to adopt more intrapreneurial approach Our belief is to work with Micro-businesses to Large Organisations to provide a larger talent pool As an external our focus is to support Institution – Industry - Learner

14 Ketan Makwana | @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK UK perspective Start Up Loans £130m project into supporting start up of businesses with funding & mentoring 25,000 businesses started 33,000 jobs created Small Business Charter 4700 work placements into UK Microbusinesses Developing leaders from within business schools MentorsMe Portal designed to help find a mentor

15 Ketan Makwana | @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK Considerations for a European Standard Build an EU driven platform that endorses mentoring within organisations and institutions Reduce the red tape that surrounds agile firms to get funding to support building bridging models Incentivise Universities to incorporate employment criteria within every year of the academic curriculum Subsidise the cost of employment to engage more smaller businesses to adopt a more proactive recruitment policy

16 Ketan Makwana | @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK My challenge to you Identify 3 things you would like to see change in your organisation List 3 actions for each of these changes Now break those actions into micro-steps you can implement from tomorrow Choose one change Start to work on ways on delivering those changes

17 Ketan Makwana | @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK Together we can work towards prosperity

18 Ketan Makwana | @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK Stay disruptive – Stay Connected! Ketan Makwana +44 (0) 7507 867983 + 44 (0) 203 751 8140 @Ketan_Makwana | @EnterpriseLabUK Linkedin:

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