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Safety & Security Contractor Induction Property Management.

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1 Safety & Security Contractor Induction Property Management

2 Introduction Roles of Jones Lang LaSalle Essential Processes to Follow Before Work Commences Essential Documents to Submit Before Work Commences Emergency Contact Details House Rules Emergency Handling Evacuation Agenda

3 Introduction Safe & Healthy Environment - Crucial for ALL: Personnel/ Contractors/ Agents Jones Lang LaSalle’s Policies: SUPPORT & MAINTAIN: High standards of environmental sustainability PROVIDE: safe & risk-free working environment ADVISE: expectations on contractor on safety/ security & work practices PROTECT: integrity & safety of all parties Health & Safety is PARAMOUNT: We need your COOPERATION!

4 Roles of Jones Lang LaSalle Daily Operations (Amend if necessary) - Maintenance - Security - Cleaning - Pest Control - Operation No direct contact with the client is allowed without our prior consent

5 Before you commence work, you must make sure you and/or your staff have followed the following processes: All contractors to report to the Property Manager Attend staff induction & sign off Obtain permission for daily access Obtain Building Services Keys from the Building Management Office daily (for work within mechanical rooms) Obtain approval for work likely to affect fire system Inspect & tag all electrical tools by licensed electrician Use safety tags ‘Out of Service’ & ‘Danger’ for all isolations/ disconnections Essential Processes to Follow Before Work Commences

6 Before you commence work, you must make sure you have submitted the following documents (wherever applicable): Company License & Workers’ Licenses (if none before) Valid Public Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance Certificates Site specific OH & S Management Plan Hot Works Permit Safe Work Method Statement System Impairment Notice (prior to any isolation where necessary) Written Approval for Confined Space Work Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) After Hours Contact List Essential Documents to Submit Before Work Commences

7 Emergency Contact Details *PREPARE FOR EMERGENCIES: Enter contact details into your MOBILE NOW! Name of Property Manager Property Manager’s Mobile No. Building Management Office Tel. No. Building Management Office Fax. No. Building Management Office Email

8 Safety No work on live electrical system except for testing and commissioning and with safe work method statement in place Insulate ladders for electrical works All electrical cables are properly secured to prevent trip Guards installed on electrical tools and machinery must be left on whilst in use House Rules

9 Safety Explosives including explosive power tools cannot be used Obtain prior approval from Building Management Office before any petrol or diesel powered equipment is used Obtain hot works permit for works which will generate smoke/ flame, have suitable fire extinguisher in place No structural cutting, coring, drilling, chasing of walls and slabs for conduits/ pipework without the approval from Building Management Office Supply and use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for hot works, confined space works, coring drilling, high level works, etc. House Rules

10 Safety Provide confined space training for works within confined space Follow statutory requirements for works within confined space Place barricade for high work Comply with statutory requirement for scaffolding and works at ladders Maintain safe distances & procedures for radiation hazards Notify security if you/ your staff spotted sharp objects (incl. syringes) Adhere to the hazardous materials requirements Carry first aid kit and familiarize with building first aid facilities House Rules

11 Safety Report damage, accidents, injuries to Property Manager immediately Alert Building Management Office for smoke/ fire Obey safety signs, notices & instructions Prohibit from smoking, drugs & alcohol Ensure your staff know location of emergency equipment Secure loose objects House Rules

12 Environmental Remove building waste materials daily Maintain a clean & tidy state Must not conduct noisy, dusty, smelly works near public accesses during office hours. Use environmentally friendly chemicals/ substances Ensure recommendations of relevant MSDS are followed Supply power ventilation to dissipate odour/ vapour when using substances with acid/ offensive odour

13 House Rules Supervision All works carried out by contractors must be supervised by an approved supervisor Handling & Storage You are responsible for the security, handling and storage of all your materials whilst on site Store goods/ equipment away from handling areas/ passageways Protection of Surfaces You are responsible for protecting all surfaces and finished work from damage during the course of their work. Any damage will be rectified at your cost Work Completion Sign out at the end of each working day or when work is completed

14 In General Dress neat Be courteous at all times Make deliveries through building’s loading dock Restrict loading/ unloading at loading dock for minutes Must not conduct noisy work during working hours Noisy works and works that generate vibration are to be completed by and not start before House Rules

15 Some Reportable Incidents: Fire Pipe burst Suspicious package found Personal injury Damage to property If you/ your staff detect any of the above, you/ your staff should: Alert the Building Management Office at once Cite details of the incident at the best of your knowledge Emergency Handling

16 WHEN: Hearing of the alarm for the building you work at/ announcement of Building Management Office MOVE: Yourself away from the immediate source of threat, e.g. follow the instructions by Fire Wardens or Security SEE: Floor plan for escape direction & route GO: Immediately to the nearest assembly point at / refuge floor, REPORT: At once to the Building Management Office Evacuation

17 Q & A

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