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GRAMMAR Comparisons.

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1 GRAMMAR Comparisons

2 coNTENTS Types of comparison Equal comparison
Forming regular Comparatives and Superlatives Some irregular adjectives Practice

3 How many types of comparison?
Superlative Equal comparison Comparative

4 USAGE Equal comparison is used to compare two things to point out whether they have the same quality of some feature. Comparative is used to compare two things‎ to point out the differences between them. Superlative is used to compare more than two things‎.

5 Choose the correct sentences
Equal comparison … + as/so + adj/adv + as + … Examples: John is as tall as Peter. She runs as fast as her brother. NOTES: Choose the correct sentences - He is as young as me. - He is as young as I am. - He is as young as I. - They run as fast as us. - They run as fast as we do. - They run as fast as we.

6 … number of times + as + adj/adv + as + …
Equal comparison … number of times + as + adj/adv + as + … Examples: My house are twice as big as yours. Mary can type five times as fast as Susan.

7 Superlative Comparative Comparative Superlative Adj + er Adj + est
One-syllable adjectives Adj + er cheap  cheaper Adj + est quick  quickest Two-syllable adjectives ending in -y y  i easy  easier easy  easiest Other adjectives with two or more syllables more/less + Adj More expensive the most/least + Adj The most expensive Superlative

8 Some exceptions good better best bad / ill worse worst little (amount)
less least little (size) smaller smallest much / many more most far (place + time) further furthest far (place) farther farthest late (time) later latest late (order) latter last Fore former First/foremost In inner Innermost Out outter outtermost Up upper Uppermost beneath nether nethermost old (people and things) older oldest old (people) elder eldest

9 Practice Practice index Exercise 3 Exercise 1 Exercise 4 Exercise 2

10 Thank you

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