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BULLETIN W/C 30 th June 2014. Dear Brock student I am writing to all students who are returning to Brock for their second year or to start on a new course.

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1 BULLETIN W/C 30 th June 2014

2 Dear Brock student I am writing to all students who are returning to Brock for their second year or to start on a new course. At this crucial point in your journey to higher education, apprenticeships or employment, this week is focused on your progression and future next steps. As you return to Brock as second year students, you become important role models for our new intake demonstrating positive attitudes and behaviours expected of our Brock community. At the beginning of your first year at Brock, you signed your Learner Pledge which focuses on Respect, Responsibility and Commitment. We are reflecting on these important qualities this week and we would like you to consider what this means for you as you move forward into your future studies here at Brock. Brock is first and foremost a place to learn, and working in and outside of your lessons is really important to help you achieve your goals. I know you will use your time wisely in the final two weeks to make the very best preparation for the new academic year. I wish you a very good summer break and look forward to seeing you in September. Di Roberts CBE Principal

3 New Students Day On Tuesday 1 st July there will be no timetabled lessons for any current students. If you have any queries on this please speak to your normal subject staff. Friday 4 th July Lessons will be ending after period 3 this Friday and the buses will leave college at 1.00pm.

4 INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOLS Brock will be running 2 summer school programmes this summer from 20 th July until 8 th of August; this will be the last day on campus for the second school as they leave to visit London on the 10 th. We will welcome students from two different parts of China, Chengdu and Haining. The first group is from our partner school in Chengdu, Jiaxiang Foreign Languages School, and we will be hosting 21 of their students for 2 weeks on a Cultural Programme including ESOL classes, a trip to Hengistbury Head, Film sessions, Art sessions and trips to Cardiff and Legoland. The second group is from a new partner school, Hongda Education Group, and we will be welcoming 40 of their students and staff also for 2 weeks. The Hongda group has chosen a programme that includes trips to Bath, Windsor Castle, Legoland, Oxford and Cambridge. The International Department is looking for young and adult volunteers to help with the running of the summer schools. This could include interaction with the Chinese students and administrative support. If you would like to get involved, like more information or know somebody that would be interested, please email

5 TELL US WHAT YOU THOUGHT …. Any constructive feedback, either critical or positive, will help us to improve next year Please go on to: e.Brock Progression Day Leave feedback PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE 4 th JULY 2014 – thank you

6 BrockShop Opening Hours The BrockShop will have extended hours this week in order for you to bring back your locker keys. You can hand them back in at the Brock Shop during the hours of: 09.30 – 12.00 & 13.30 – 15.30 on Monday 30 th June & Thursday 3 rd July. You will be refunded £5 once the key has been returned. If you do not return your locker by the above date, you will be charged £25 to change the lock. The key will need to be returned even if you are returning next year.

7 ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES Are you looking for a new subject to study next year? AS Environmental studies is an interesting multidisciplinary science that gives you the opportunity to build on your science GCSE studies. Students are most successful if studying another A level science. If the subject grabs your interest, then provided you have C grades in GCSE English Language and GCSE Maths you may be eligible for the AS qualification FIND OUT MORE: Progress manager Environmental studies Lecturer: Jane Morris E mail:

8 If you have been absent for any Biology lessons this half term (including for exams), please come to the Biology office to collect the pink microbiology booklet topic 4.4. Then log on to (you can click on the link on my.brock) and go to A2 Biology, Microbiology 4.4. Use the power-points (under ‘lessons’) and the animations to help you catch up on the important A2 material you have missed. Any problems with this - ask at the Biology office.

9 Then consider taking A’ Level Communication and Culture. This subject can be taken as a stand-alone AS or double boxed doing both years in one. Have you ever questioned why your appearance differs to others? A Level Communication and Culture will enable you to explore this question as you consider how culture affects the way we dress and adorn our bodies. Have you ever wondered how our culture affects who we are? In this subject, you’ll be able to reflect on your identity in contemporary culture and consider the cultural pressures that have led you to be who you are. If you have ever pondered the meanings behind music lyrics, advertisements or graffiti, then this inter-disciplinary subject is perfect for you. In A Level Communication and Culture, we utilise a range of perspectives drawn from Sociology, Media Studies, Film Studies, English Language and Psychology to learn about all these issues and more. Please email Alison Ford at or speak to your Progress

10 Don’t forget that you can now apply for Financial Support for September 2014 if you are intending to continue your study. If you were eligible for funding this year, you must reapply to be assessed for Sept 2014. You can download a form from eBrock or the College Website.

11 For further information about upcoming events To find out about more events happening, please go to the student homepage and look under News and Events. Such as: New! Apprenticeship Opportunities Follow these links: My.Brock E.Brock

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