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AS TO A2 CHOICES Moving On Beyond AS and Beyond QE.

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1 AS TO A2 CHOICES Moving On Beyond AS and Beyond QE

2 Higher Education Fair University of Loughborough Wednesday 20 th March If you think you might progress to HE, then you should be planning to go

3 Higher Education Fair make the day count by researching beforehand work through information in Careers on QE online Careers Convention 24 th April 6.00 – 8.00pm Regent College

4 Planning your A2 year This starts now, and you should be talking to subject staff about your choices talking to your personal tutor about the whole picture

5 Planning your A2 year think over what you learned at Loughborough & elsewhere research employment opportunities consider your Yr 2 programme and try to finalise with your personal tutor

6 Further options in general, your second year is for working in depth. However: All students will choose either an enrichment option or an extension course – something like General Studies, Citizenship, Critical Thinking, the Extended Project, Certificate in Financial Studies – whichever is most appropriate for you. A few of you might study 4 x A2. Access to competitive courses will be helped by adding these qualifications!

7 You’ll be shown a PowerPoint by your personal tutor with all of these explained Year 2 Extension courses Spring 2013

8 4 th Choice Survey We will be asking you to consider what you think you will be studying in Yr 2 so that we and you can start planning. The 4 th Choice Survey will take place in tutorials at the start of April. This does not commit you to these subjects BUT should be a carefully considered response and reflect your likely programme.

9 Summer term April 8 th to May 10 th to : the final 5 weeks of completing courses, revision and exam preparation for most … although some may start exams May 13 th to June 5 th : main exam period, with half term May 27 th – 31 st June 10 th to end of term on July 5 th : A2 classes begin and run for 4 weeks – your attendance at this time is imperative!

10 Module results 7th March – results check QE Online Exams or Exam Twitter for all information – a VERY tight deadline for resit entries!

11 Module results if lower than hoped for …experience shows there is no need to over-react if higher than expected … treat with caution once the celebrations are over

12 Module results In all cases your A2 choices should be based upon more than this!

13 NEXT STEPS - exams Resits – requests need to be sorted quickly! Fees needed to have been paid by 12 noon Wednesday 13 th March Provisional statements of entry out on 28 th Feb. & 1 st March – via personal tutor Entries to exam boards by Thursday 21 st March!

14 Get planning! We’ll help you… Lots of events and activities planned. Lots of impartial advice through personal tutor, Connexions and careers – grab these things with both hands!

15 Get planning! Consider………. How many hours per week can I now reasonably afford to commit to my part-time job? Which University? Or what else? What’s my CV/Personal Statement/SFBac log like? What can I do to enhance these?

16 Get planning! Key things to do.. Start University/career research Attend HE Fair Consider relevant additions to Yr2 programme Attend Kickstart events in June

17 Start now! Key things to do… Register for UCAS card (if you haven’t already) Work closely with your personal tutor through all of these!

18 Good luck!

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