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The Millennium Centre presents ‘Your Next Steps’

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2 The Millennium Centre presents ‘Your Next Steps’

3 Options Post 18 Higher Education Employment Taking a Year Out Further Education / Training

4 Fact File You are now in week 23 of Year 12 There are only 37 school days of academic study until you go on study leave for AS exams There are approx 61 school days of academic study until we break up for the summer holidays The deadline for your UCAS application form to be with UCAS is approx 207 days from today

5 Some Key Dates ; Year 12 28 th February– Next Steps launch 1 st March - Higher Education Evening@ LCS with Nottingham University 8 th March -AS Module results published 14 th March- INSET 19 th March- Spring reviews (All week ) 27 th March –Year In Industry Presentation 28 th March -Higher Education Fair at Derby University 29 th March - Year 12 Parents’ Evening

6 Some Key Dates Year 12 cont….. 31 st March to 16 th April- Easter Holidays 17 th April- GAP Year talk 24 th April-INSET-Moderation 7 th May - Bank Holiday Friday 11 th May- Exams & exam leave (Provisional) Exams Start Tuesday 12 th May 19 th June – NEXT STEPS preparation day 13 th July- Year 12 break up for Summer

7 Some Key Dates; Year 13 1 st September 2012 – January 15 th 2013 - Complete and submit UCAS form 15th October 2012 - Deadline for Oxbridge and Medicine/Dentistry/Vet Science September 2012 – April 2013 – Universities will either: reject or offer March/April 2013 UCAS Extra begins

8 Some Key Dates cont…… April/May 2013 – You decide on 2 final offers: firm and insurance Last week of May 2013-Year 13 Leavers’ Day / Leavers’ Ball August 2013 - ‘A’ Level results. Confirmation of place or clearing September 2013 - University courses commence

9 Help is at hand on your journey to success Tutors Heads of Centre Parents Subject teachers Other students (current Year 13’s and peers in Year 12) Connexions advisers Main reference books Websites Prospectuses Visits (Open Days) Computer Databases Other publications

10 What about you? Have you an idea of what you wish to do post 18? Have you researched the entry routes? What qualifications / skills are required? Are you expected to have gained relevant work experience? Have you a wide range of interests and hobbies?

11 Here’s what one university looked for and how they graded applicants TopicTotal Score Reasons for choosing course/20 Work experience/10 General knowledge/10 Interests/hobbies/sport/10 Determination/Conscientiousness/10 Communication Skills/10 Team work/10 Intellectual potential/20 A score of 77 was required to get an interview

12 How would you measure up? Reasons for choosing course/20 How well have you researched the content? Why do you believe the course is right for you? Do your skills and qualities match what they want? Intellectual potential/20 They will look at GCSE and AS grades as well as UCAS predicted A2 grades. Do be optimistic but also realistic.

13 How would you measure up? Work Experience/10 Does it need to be directly related to the course? What is the minimum number of weeks? What skills did it develop for you? Communication Skills/10 Any work or work experience will develop these skills. Any voluntary work will develop these skills. Have you worked with people of different ages? Have you had to deal with difficult situations?

14 How would you measure up? General knowledge/10 Interests/hobbies/sport/10 Determination/Conscientiousness/10 Team work/10 What would you score?

15 Where do you go from here? Research – courses and universities UCAS website – Stamford Test Heap – ‘Degree Course Offers’ Talk to tutor, parents, teachers, friends Find out what other people have done, develop links with other students. People like to talk about themselves. Arrange work experience

16 Where do you go from here? Think about your choice of enrichment activities Read newspapers, follow current affairs Find useful websites and save them to favourites Show an interest in a range of issues General Studies?!

17 Where do you go from here? You need to develop your own X factor so you stand out from the crowd. Plenty of opportunities are there for the taking both in the Centre and out there in your community Read the notice boards regularly and check your school E- mail account – don’t be the one who misses out! Don’t just expect things to happen to you ……. but start to make those things happen for you.

18 My action plan Before my tutor review I will …………………………….. Before my exams I will …………………………………… Before the summer holiday I will ……………………….. During the summer holiday I will ………………………..

19 Link Tutor Groups Mr D’Elia 12 JAR & 12 SJS Mr Archer 12 GAP & 12 LJB Mrs Archer 12 SM & 12 WY Mr Henshaw 12 MN & 12 GC

20 Other responsibilities of Heads of Centre Mr D’Elia; Medicine, Medical Related Degrees, Veterinary Science, Dentistry & Pharmacy Mr Archer; Oxbridge Mr Henshaw; Employment, Apprenticeships & GAP year Mrs Archer; Law

21 Advantage Nottinghamshire Thursday 1 st March 7.00-8.00pm in main hall at LCS Presentation on gaining admission into research led universities Presented by Amy Goodall and Katie Bonner

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